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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


On Twitter Donald Trump Warns Russia To Get Ready For Missile Launch Into Syria

Okay, ready? Let's go! Once again, as already and factually documented, Trump has indicted himself regarding the exact same things he railed on Obama over. One, he 'telegraphed' that we'd be pulling out of Syria which was never gonna happen, and, is why all this commotion is happening NOW. Two, he CLEARLY told them to, "Get ready Russia...!!" Folks, Trump has actually drawn TWO RED LINES. The first one was when he said, "There will be a big price to pay!" That's some serious telegraphing in anyone's eye's! "There will be a big price to pay. Get ready Russia!!" So, what's next? "Missiles are ENROUTE, Russia, and they're nice, new and smart just like I said!!!" But, wait, what no one seems to be discussing yet is what Trump tweeted 40 minutes afterwards. Right here:

Look at how QUICKLY he changed his tune. I mean, he went as far as wanting to put the brakes on the arms race, folks. What??!! Isn't this the same d@m thing that the Democrats wanted to do...STOP all the weapons brandishing and big bad talk? Sure, it is! We've been trying to tell this fool to slow his row before he has to eat his big toe. Here's what helped to change his mind:

-“If there is a strike by the Americans, then… the missiles will be downed and the source of the missiles targeted,” Zasypkin said.-

Key words here are 'source of the missiles TARGETED.' Even if it's the same 'limited-type' strike that Trump did last year, Russia plans tit back this time. This means that they'd strike the carrier from which the missiles were actually launched from which means they's be striking our soldiers DIRECTLY. I just came here last night and stressed how serious all this really was because my sources told me it was really brewing up and fast...on both ends. Let me say this, though. I do honestly feel that we need to do SOMETHING for several reasons. Assad did this same thing last year but, obviously, it did no good...those people were gassed again. What now? Putin has made his move...and he's serious. I absolutely DESPISE Putin and was glad to see Trump FINALLY take appropriate aim at Russia. To his credit, good for Trump.

It's no secret how I feel about Putin and what has been up to lately, especially the chemical attack in Britain and, most of all, impeding our mission in Afghanistan. Still, though, this is a very, very sensitive situation which could result in unrepairable foreign relations on many levels. This is why Obama pulled back on his 'red line'...the negatives FAR OUTWEIGHED the positives. What do we do now? This was technically a stand-off, folks, and Trump has seemingly stepped out of the circle and left Putin waiting. *Think about the pure optics of this, in Putin's eyes, as Putin was invited by Trump to come here, folks. Think about the fact that Kim Jong Un is sitting back and watching all this...studying Trump closely. None of this is all. Kim Jong Un now knows that all of Trump's 'there will be fire and fury' was all just a bunch of bluster. If John Bolton has his way, though, there will be collateral damage but at what moral and financial cost? What's the CBA on such a strike which would surely have to be sustained over time? We dropped (59) Tomahawks over there last time at a cost of around $94M. Right now, with the advent of that huge by large tax cut and no revenue circulating, this could drive us down even further than what the economy was when Obama took office.

This is serious and it needs to be discussed with the same seriousness.

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