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Monday, April 23, 2018


End of Trump presidency now looms

That story was a laugher.
Wish in one hand as they say. Roflmao.
lol lol.
Raw Garbage.
That rag isnt worth the time to read. All lies
"Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
~Isaiah 5:20

Anyone with one brain cell can see this Nazi loser about to get the boot...Only his half wit moronic zombie followers can't see it.
amber, they can see it and they can actually see it just as well as we do. Nothing shakes them because it's it Trump and they fall into unwavering loyalty...they refuse to hold him accountable for anything OPENLY. The real problem is that this illness goes well beyond Trump because if they'll support all the wrong, lies, adulteries, screwing good people-workers out their money, suing those who cannot afford to fight him financially, him mocking disabled people, supporting Putin who is no different than Kim Jong Un, and the list goes on and on and on, then they have no morals and deserve Trump. Trump is a textbook traitor and he has them all reeled in with thinking he's the best thing since they breath him in DEEPLY.

As I previously said about Trump and Putin-Russia, he's pathological LIAR and it's all surfacing every single day while he's STILL calling the probe a witch hunt...WHILE HE LIED ABOUT ALL THINGS RUSSIA. Common sense tells this same 'anyone' you mentioned that if a person has been caught over, and over, and over LYING about the SAME ISSUE(S), then the person investigating is gonna continue digging. Duh!! Now, here we go again with yet even more confirmed lies. Trump said he never spent the night in Moscow during the time around the pageant and it's an orange-haired lie. Bald-faced lie wasn't good enough here. His flight records from 2013 were subpoenaed which illustrate a very definitive TIMELINE and confirm he stayed there. Why lie when there's a paper trail for EVERYTHING? Just dumb. Here's something that's very telling which they're ALL tap dancing around: Sessions threatened to resign if Trump fires Rosenstein, which means he's going after Mueller. That's major and signals that Sessions clearly understands the magnitude of what's going on and wants no part of it.

*Cohen is about to have some very, very, serious decisions to make in terms of his Trump loyalty versus his freedom and family. He will lose every penny he has trying to remain loyal, in LIEU OF THE TRUTH, and defend some indefensible charges.Don't get me wrong, loyalty is great but, when it comes to protecting lies and wrong-doing it's not loyalty...according to the Most High. Trump golfed during Mrs. Bush's funeral but, it wasn't because he chose not to go. They didn't want him there. The sitting president was asked to stay away. Let it sink in.

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