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Saturday, March 24, 2018


While these folk marched for their lives others marched for their guns

This is a very good article because it illustrates just how much gravity, clout, and command that all these kids actually possess. I'm going to start this with a very telling message which had to come from our next generation of voters....a message of REAL HOPE between the oppositions.

-"I came to open dialogue," Ciabottonia said, adding that calling for a ban on bump stocks was reactionary. "I like talking to people I disagree with so I can get a broader range of views. I'd say there's a lot of misinformation and I came to talk to people."
Bolduc said he actually didn't have strong political views until 2015, when he said he "started to see how people are misinformed."-

The first young man said he came to 'open dialogue'...he wanted to talk WITH those he disagrees with. What a night and day difference from what we have now. He's also dead on about the bumpstock, too, because Trump should've DONE THAT IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE LAS VEGAS MASSACRE. He may not want them banned but, he's on point. The second young man said he was basically compelled with how people are misinformed. Get this, they're both talking to CNN which is the same CNN the person they support simply hates. There's your misinformation, folks, because if this young man honestly felt that CNN was full of it and untrustworthy, he wouldn't have given the interview...plain and simple. Granted, things did heat up a bit with some typical name calling from the marchers but, it was controlled.

I'll tell you what, though, nobody from the marchers side drove a car from the other side of town so they could mow down them some counter protesters! Yeah, THAT. Ask yourself this question: Why did it take all these kids, about 800,000 of them (!), for the pro-no regulations folks to come out with their counter protest message? I mean, they have the whole NRA on their side and speaking for them, right? After all, these are just a bunch of liberal kids that don't what they''re doing right? Most of them were 'crisis actors' (what??!!) in the most recent school shootings, right? Folks, this how those on the far right think about these kids and the incidents they were victims of. Sad, ain't it.

You know, these people act like everyone wants to just take ALL GUNS off the table when nothing is further from the simple truth. There's just an issue with the 'types' of guns that seem to be used in the bulk of these 'sacrifices.' There were some very, very intelligent student speakers-activists at ALL of these rallies today...and they are SERIOUS...and they are the NEWEST VOTERS. *There are those on the right that have and still are mocking these kids for their youthfulness in politics...not knowing what they're doing or talking about. The rest of the world, though, begs to strongly differ. They actually made history.

Why do Democrats think that marching is the answer to everything? When did anybody ever hear of Republicans out marching? The whole thing is preposterous. The left wants people to believe that somehow that thousands of kids out marching and "taking a stand" on guns is going to stop mass shootings. LOL! Total hogwash! These kids know nothing about guns, but all of a sudden, they're heralded by CNN as gun experts? Exactly how does that work? These kids are essentially demanding that legal gun owners be punished for crimes that have been committed by criminals. They've been told that the NRA is the root of all evil and must be abolished. And if anyone dares to disagree with "the chiiildren", then that person is excoriated as being complicit in the problem and is denounced for "wanting children to be killed". What kind of insanity is this? These kids are being put up front and center stage by design. Anybody with half a brain can see they are being used as pawns by the Democrats. As usual, Democrats appeal to inflamed emotions to advance the leftist agenda. The old Democrat adage of never letting a good crisis go to waste kicks into high gear! The latest shooting at the school in Florida had been signaled in advance by multiple red flags. It could have easily been prevented if local officials in Broward County had not failed on so many levels to do what needed to have been done. They failed to take action that likely would have prevented the shooting. But, of course, none of that matters to Democrats. Noooo, they resort to blame-shifting. Making a lot of noise, dropping F bombs on TV and pointing to the NRA and legal gun owners. They could care less about the 2nd Amendment. Most of them never even heard of the 2nd Amendment. Those that have heard about, say the right of a citizen to own a legal firearm if not more important than their personal safety. What kind of stupid argument is that? Legal gun owners are not the problem. These kids have another thing coming if they believe that making a lot of noise and showing up is mass to march at the behest of the Democrats is going to magically wipe the stain of evil from the hearts of individuals that are intent on hurting and killing innocent people. By this time, it should not come as a shock, even to snowflakes, that criminals and nutcases are notorious for disobeying laws. They don't care about how many new gun laws are passed. Laws are already in place. Imposing additional obstacles to legal gun ownership is only going to exacerbate the problem. As usual, Democrats get everything backasswards.
Prohibit cell phones and cars from the youth, on avg. 9 young people die every day because of that lethal combination.
Folks, let's delve back in history bit before 60 Minutes comes on...wink wink. We need to hear just what one of the ladies that our Tramp-Major Adulterer in Chief was literally 'RAW Doggin''with and then going right back to his wife...and sleeping with her. Let that sink in real, real good LADIES. Bill may have done his dirt but, it seriously pales way in comparison to what's going on here as stated by even certain Republicans. Anyhow, I'm going to share a link to an article which discusses how a 'specific faction' of protesters decided to march in an effort to bring attention to their worthy cause.

Excerpts of interest with the second describing just WHO these marchers were and WHY:

-D.C. Chief of Police Pelham D. Glassford was driving south through New Jersey the night of May 21, 1932. Suddenly, a sight appeared in his headlights that he later described as “a bedraggled group of seventy-five or one hundred men and women marching cheerily along, singing and waving at the passing traffic.” One man carried an American flag and another a banner that read, “Bonus or a Job.”-

-*Glassford, who had been the youngest brigadier general in the Army in World War I, understood almost immediately who these wayfarers were. For two weeks or so, newspapers across the nation had begun carrying accounts of marchers bound for the nation’s capital. The demonstrators were part of a growing delegation of veterans and their families heading to Washington to collect payment of the “bonus,” promised eight years before, in 1924, to soldiers who had served in the Great War. (That year, wrangling over the federal budget had ordained that this compensation be deferred until 1945.) Now in 1932, the men, who called themselves the Bonus Army, were dubbing the deferred payment the “Tombstone Bonus,” because, they said, many of them would be dead by the time the government paid it. Glassford drove on to Washington.-

-Bonus Army was the name for an assemblage of some 43,000 marchers—17,000 U.S. World War I veterans, their families, and affiliated groups—who gathered in Washington, D.C. in the summer of 1932 to demand cash-payment redemption of their service certificates.-
Bonus Army - Wikipedia

Listen, people from all walks of life from all situations have resolved to assembling and marching to adequately bring attention the cause at hand FOR DECADES...and it works. Tramp supporters take issue with anyone marching except the ones that showed up in Charlottesville and watched one of the marchers leave for his car and came back to plow over over folks that were doing nothing to him. You can best believe, folks, that if this were 800,000+ kids marching with AR 15's hangin' off their backs with Nazi flags and calling everyone else libtards and ni**ers, you wouldn't hear a peep.

Billy Bob was raping women left and right and getting the old trailer hitch spit-shined and polished under the desk in the Oval Office, but that somehow pales in comparison to what Trump may have been doing 12 years before he became President? Aren't you wackadoodle dims just amazing? Yes, you are! I also recall that when Slick Wille was engaged in such misdeeds, if was all brushed aside and minimized. The dims all made the case that was his "personal" business. But now since he Russian 'Colluuusion' investigation fizzled out, Trump's alleged indiscretions from 12 years ago become the crime of the century. Once again the dims prove that if not for double-standards, they would have no standards at all.
det. short bus copy/pastes another heaping stinking pile of excrement, det. short bus says it is commentary, but it is nothing more than a copy/pasted attempt at forming some type of libtarded argument. It is disjointed, irrelevant, and is an insight to the twisted thought process that resulted from the shallow life experience of det. short bus........ an angry America-hating rascist.
For all the good it does (none), Detective Short-Bus would be better off to just go outside and yell at the sky with his like-minded pals than posting this disjointed/irrelevant nonsense. Lil'dummy is the only one that reads it and eggs him on for more folksy style libtard 'commentary'.
LL, you lost those two dunces after the first paragraph. They like to complain and don't know what the article is about. They just like being AZZ HOLES. SAD
How would you know, lil'retard? You can't even read an entire paragraph. But you do quite well sucking up to unhinged left-wing lunatic losers. So desperately seeking that acceptance and approbation you never found. Pathetic.
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FREELOADER you would be somebody if you had my credentials, but since you don't and never could attain it, be happy and thankful for what you have. Don't hate sonny. You don't have my knowledge and life experiences.
Your credentials qualify you as certified libtard crackpot. That's all. I wouldn't be crowing about it if I were you.
FREELOADER I got my credentials the old fashioned way, I EARNED THEM.
Well, dang! Why didn't you say so before? Who'da ever thunk it? You had to WORK at becoming a crackpot? Aren't you special? I thought being a crackpot came naturally to you. Allow me to be the first to extend my congratulations for your hard work that earned you the dubious credentials of having attained the level of a certified crackpot. The accolades are all yours.
FREELOADER, now whom did you say was TROLLING? Plucking hypocrite.
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Lil'retard, my mind never blanks out. I'm always on point. My comments are coherent and relevant. You have nothing but chicken broth sloshing around around up there in ancient cranium of yours. Even the mush melted down to liquid. Therefore, the best you can do is you latch on to one one word and keep saying the same thing for the next 500 posts. Your posts are all boring and reflect a juvenile mentality.
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