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Saturday, March 10, 2018


Trump Suggest Death Penalty For Drug Dealers

I noticed the audience fell silent during that portion of his speech.
He is right, a drug dealer can be responsible for killing thousand and only get a short term in jail.
Second the motion JAP !
HYPOCRITES....In that case, all the drug companies making billions and responsible for the pain medication death tolls should be killed too...pfffttt!!
Amberjack, you seem to be having trouble following the conversation. Which is not about pharmaceutical companies. Try to pay attention.
amber, you'd be absolutely correct because this is exactly what the whole 'opioid crisis' is about. The major difference here, though, is that the doctors and complicit others are doing it legally while yet way over prescribing these drugs...purposely. Right now, there's $6B allocated over the next two years to combat the issue, 'and we'll see what happens.' In terms of what he said in his dog whistle and credit stealing speech, this has already been interpreted as a 'continued. war on blacks...again. Why? Statistics clearly show that blacks are already arrested and/or jailed at a rate of about three times that of a white for the same drug infraction(s). Also, blacks nationwide have been sentenced longer for the same drug infraction(s) and arrest rate which means whether it's their first, second, or third infraction and same basic background, they get it with no grease. I'm not sure he even knows of these stats but, according to his taking credit for black employment which Obama's policies are actually responsible for, he's clueless as usual. Trump hasn't done a single black-specific thing for blacks except point one or two out at his bull$hit rallies.

Oh, but here's the punch line which I bet you thought I forgot about. If we're gonna correct the record and adhere to the verified stats while also briefing Trump on them, then it means he'd be arresting and juicing up whites mostly because whites do actually move drugs more than blacks...FACT. Oh, the facts, the facts, the facts...which is why I noticed the crowd actually became subdued at that time. The greater portion of those people probably knew what the real statistics were as evidenced by the looks on their faces the whole time. What an ignoramus, and he had the sheer audacity to call Maxine Waters 'low IQ.' So, now, all this crap about Rick Saccone...he's gonna lose because even the Republicans are down on him. The guy's seat that he wants, Tim Murphy, had to resign because:

-The seat was held by former Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA), who resigned in October amid revelations that he had pressured a woman with whom he was having an extramarital affair to have an abortion.-

Oh, but the Republicans are ALL so pro life! Wonder why Trump failed to mention what a great job Tim Murphy had done? Let's go, Connor Lamb, we've already recently taken YET ANOTHER a seat in Kentucky!!! Finally, Trump showed just how insecure he really is with his baseless attack on someone that already disclosed they aren't going to run in 2020 and hasn't said a word about Trump...Oprah. Just more red meat. *I think Kim Jong Un and Trump will work on a hotel deal after Kim finishes stroking Trump's ego, his orange hair, and shaking his hand in front of the whole world.
Here we go again! Typical democrat, taking advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to stir the pot, fan the flames and try to turn everything last thing Trump says or does into a racial matter. Trump be rayciss!!, LOL!! By the way, Trump was 100% correct, even though he holding back and being polite when he described Maxine Waters as being "low IQ". That is quite an understatement. The fact of the matter is that Mad Maxine "Murky Waters" is an idiot, an unhinged raving lunatic, a completely clueless doddering old hag with a terrifying mug, without doubt qualifying as the single dumbest/most ignorant/ugliest female politician on the face of the planet. She is a total disgrace and utter embarrassment to herself and the nation. How anybody can be that stupid is beyond my comprehension. She is the poster child for stupid. Proof is in the pudding every time she opens her mouth and the spittle flies forth into the pudding. She needs to stay just home and stop scaring people to death every time she goes out and gets in front of a camera to say more stupid things. I hear that the glass breaks every time Mad Maxine looks in the mirror. But LL has the hots for Mad Maxine and approves of her vile racist rhetoric and insane beliefs. You dimwitted simpletons have already drank too much of the progtard Kool-Aid. You are no longer relevant in the post-Obongo era, and don't stand a chance of reversing the tremendous strides forward that Trump has already accomplished in the 1st year. Just sit back down and be quiet.
kalo, you seem to be in a never ending state of IDIOCY....I know that they aren't talking about Big pharma...BUT I AM a clue for a change dumbass
Duh! I know you were, moron. That's why I directed you back in the right direction, as your comments were irrelevant. I know from professional experience that its hard for you dope-heads to stay focused on the task at hand. I also know you want to protect your street level drug dealers/suppliers at all costs, but you may have to come to grips with the fact that the Justice Department may begin enforcing federal marijuana laws out there on the Left Coast. People in main-stream America are getting tired of the BS going on out there. They may have to lock up your radical left-wing Governor and loud-mouthed obstructionist sanctuary city mayors to get this done, and I hope they do! The sooner the better! So again, sit back down and be quiet unless you have something sensible to add to the conversation.
I totally agree with Trump.
Trump liked the story about the President of the Phillipines? Lol
Mad weak stance on this issue. Like look away and forget type shi. We all know that won’t work. The Cartels are laughing. And you should be too. After so many years of states after states abolishing the death penalty you all are going to act like this is a discussion. When pedophiles and murderers can’t even get charged with the death penalty. Ridiculous!
Kalo is fine with legal drug companies killing people, but not street dealers. CONSERVATISM is a MENTAL DISORDER...
LOL, all of a sudden Amerjack finds religion when it comes to illegal drugs. How convenient.
By the way, Amberjack, I know you think you're being cute, but you need to try to be more creative. STOP stealing Dr. MICHAEL SAVAGE's trademark line, to-wit: LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER which is the title of the authoritative book he authored on the subject in the year 2005. I notice every time I mention that line, regular as clockwork, you love to jump in the conversation and throw it back at me by slightly altering the line with a different word to fit your perverse agenda. Your line is close to the the original, but is a counterfeit. You think you're being so clever, but it's actually very lame Amberjack. Very childish as a matter of fact. But that's what libtards do! Spin, obfuscate and try to blur the lines between right and wrong, true and false, good and evil, reality and fairy tales, so on and so forth. And then have the audacity to accuse the opposition of precisely the same misdeeds they (the Libtards) are guilty of or have committed themselves- eg. false narrative of "Russian Colluuusion", gleefully hurling accusations of "raaaycism", "biiigotry", "intooolerance" etc. You left-wing loony tunes wack-jobs are a sick, sick, bunch! But, the good news is Dr. Savage has the cure! Read the book. If you can't afford it, ask me nicely and I'll send you a complimentary copy. Not giving up my hardcover copy! But of course you're too scared to read it anyway. Too far above your level of comprehension. More than 90% of this one post likely spun off the the top of your head into outer space.
Soledad, I don't think the drug cartels laugh so much when their people get caught trafficking in such countries as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand where the carrying out of the death penalty is a surety after being convicted of such offenses.
Kalo, wtf are you talking about?...Do you reread what you write before hitting the post comment button?

You are a certified moron. I'm simply saying if you kill drug dealers, why stop at the street thugs?....There are plenty of problems legal pills causes with many people. I lived with one who turned out to be an evil man, and I had to move out. He was unlike what he used to be years ago.

Stop sniffing glue you dumb motherf*cker!!!!!!
There's a HUGE difference you retard! Street level drug dealers are engaging in illegal activities prohibited state and Federal law. CEOs of duly licensed pharmaceutical companies are engaging in LEGAL commerce in complete compliance with the state and federal statutes. You can't just go yanking a CEO out of his office and have him sentenced him to death because Amberjack thinks its a good idea. According to your left coast logic, upper level management personnel and anybody involved in the manufacturing process would also be guilty by association and should also be sentenced to death. Are you really that dense? Is there any part of my reply that requires further elucidation to get it through your thick skull ? Nothing like a triggered libtard to make my day! Thanks! LOL
Well, what I meant to say is that the real suppliers make so much of that stuff, and make so much money on top of it, yeah they get upset at losses, but they are capable of more than making up for it. And there’s more than enough backstabbing in that ‘trade’ where it’s rather obvious that life does not matter to these people. Going after low level dealers will never solve the problem, is really what I meant. People didn’t seem to care when crack was all over the place in black neighborhoods. But they seem to care now with heroin and opioids all over white neighborhoods. It’s just the blame game. And like the cartels do Trump will still be making his money, which is really all the low level dealers are trying to do as well. So a solution should be found, but this isn’t the one.
And furthermore, what’s to stop someone from pointing fingers at someone they happen to have a persoygrudge against. It happenes in the Phillipines. Wrongly accused people getting sentenced to death? Or people taking the law into their own hands? Slippery slope. Speaking of justice for the supposed killing of people with actually killing people. It sounds hypocritical and you know it does too.
Soledad- To bring it back down to reality here, I don't think anybody is seriously proposing that all drug dealers receive a death sentence upon conviction. Not even President Trump. There's no need for such dire alarm from the left over every single word that proceeds out of the President's mouth. They know that, but they like to play the game anyway. It all boils down to the fact that the left hates Trump and resents their chosen candidate being the loser. Imposition of the death penalty for convicted drug dealers MIGHT be appropriate under the most exigent and egregious of circumstances (cartel kingpins, employing henchmen/enforcers that carry out murders, enforced collections, etc) I don't think those countries I mentioned above (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines) have too much of a drug problem because of their ultra strict laws, but I don't ever see such laws coming to pass in the USA, except possibly as they may relate to certain isolated cases under circumstances alluded to above. And nobody but Amberjack thinks that CEOs and employees of pharmaceutical companies should be yanked out of their offices or off the production lines and summarily executed for going to work and engaging in legitimate pharmaceutical commerce to satisfy supply and demand for a product required by hospitals, doctors and pharmacies. So unless it becomes a crime for these companies to manufacture opiate-based painkillers, there's not a lot that can be done about it from a legal standpoint. The CDC has already issued more stringent guidelines for doctors prescribing said medications. Amberjack would probably advocate that doctors be executed as well on grounds of vicarious liability (if he knew what that was).
Look personally. Drugs are overrated. There’s not enough studies to prove anything. It always boggled my mind why people would willingly do heroin and things like that. There’s a big difference between recreation and total dependence. Heroin addicts have to go to prison in order to stop. And even then it’s not like they want to. They have to fight with themselves to not do it everyday. Drug addiction is a problem. People need to feel like they matter and they can change for the better. All I’m saying is obviously this is not real, but in my opinion it’s not helping either. That’s all.
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