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Saturday, March 17, 2018


Trump Lawyer's: It's Time To End Mueller Probe

Oh no! That will never do. They've got to get Trump! Even it it takes until his last day in office, Lol
It's going to be a STORMY year for Fuhrer Trumpsky. The tide is coming in. The majority of Americans are sick of his childish antics. SAD
Try that and see the turmoil emerge. That would totally admit guilt, and also be obstruction of justice....Oh please try it...please....please shoot yourself in the foot...
Well, hell yeah, they wanna end the Mueller probe! He's closing in on Tramp every single day with a new interview, flipped witness, and subpoenaed documents. Notice how they ALL seem to want to end it NOW that Mueller is getting into the FINANCES part. Folks, that MONEY TRAIL is a M'FER and Mueller is a top notch MONEY BLOOD HOUND. Just reflect back on ENRON. He's also gonna figure out whether Tramp paid Thunder Stormy Daniels with campaign finance funds. I don't care what ANYBODY says, there's a definitive reason why Tramp is so [email protected] gung-ho on keeping this ONE LADY so hush-hush. Think about it. There are at least half a dozen other females that have accused Tramp of sexual misconduct in some form and all he did was called them liars, threatened to sue them, and said it was fake news...that's it. However, Tramp and his lawyer are going to the end of the earth to KEEP THIS ONE LADY QUIET. We already know that he committed adultery, AGAIN, with her based on the time line, he paid $130K to keep her quiet for what ever reason (that's some super expensive poon-tang), there's an unsigned non-disclosure although there's a verbal agreement I'm sure, and there's a MAJOR underlying reason OUTSIDE of the above-mentioned facts that Tramp wants this SILENCED. She has a great lawyer and they'll get around the hush-hush obstacles. *Every body that's reading this knows full well that if this was Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Paul Pelosi Sr., or ANY OTHER DEMOCRAT, all the Republicans along with their 30%=/- base would be LIVID over this!!!!! Folks, this is why they're hypocrites. What they should really be doing is compelling THEIR PRESIDENT to step up to the plate, LIKE A REAL MAN, and STATE HIS CASE BEFORE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE since she's quite the liar and SO insignificant. Ahem....

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, has a long flat lined curved beak, AND WOBBLES LIKE HELL, IT'S A [email protected] DUCK!!!!

Same thing I keep telling ya'll. Keep hope alive! The noose is tightening day by day! Any day now could be the day Mueller gets Trump! And if Macaroni Man can't get Trump, Mad Maxine "Murky Waters" will certainly get him! And if Mad Maxine can't get Trump, Stooormy Daniels will surely finish him off, figuratively speaking, of course, LOL
Thank God hilldebeast isn't FWHBPOTUS!
Amen to that!
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