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Friday, March 23, 2018


Should We Build the Wall? We Asked Trump Supporters

I'm gonna morally and fiscally responsibly take the 'build bridges not walls' approach. Yeah, I know that the common reasoning behind the term is to build a path for our commonalities but, folks, there really are LOTS of bridges that need LOTS of attention...and NOW. We can start with the most recent and tragic failure of bridge construction in Florida. Somehow, that whole deal makes absolutely no sense to me. Anyway, here's a link outlining the states which actually need that $25B which Tramp is asking for to address their STRUCTURALLY DEFICIENT BRIDGES. You can best believe that if Tramp was citing the information in the link below as reason for needing that money, and had it already set up to be dispersed appropriately, the Dem's would sign off on EVERY CENT. As it stands, though, Tramp is of course still pushing what got him the nomination...a wall. But, what has changed completely though is who's gonna pay for it. Man, he got his peeps all riled up with how Mexico's gonna pay for it but, when he was actually on the stage right next to the Mexican president, HE CHOKED!!!

Not a mention of Mexico paying for the wall. Oh, but when he arrived back to the states for his rally, "And Mexico IS gonna pay for the wall, they just don't know it yet!!" Yeah, my black @ss!!!See, people get way to excited over stuff like this and they haven't even't explored the CBA...Cost-Benefit Analysis. The video above is interesting, full of emotion, and generally good in sentiments but these good folks simply aren't facing the reality which is that TECHNOLOGY outside of a concrete wall will fair 100% BETTER. Furthermore, the REAL TRUTH about immigrants is that it's not those which are cited as 'coming over illegally' but, it's those which HAVE OVERSTAYED THEIR VISAS that is the real problem...FACT. This issue deserves some REAL FACT-DISCUSSING TOWN HALLS.
*Off topic but on point' time again. Folks, don't be fooled with how they're touting this funding for the wall everywhere, okay. Listen, I'm all for securing our border but, let's do it SENSIBLY AND FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE. That said, Tramp was ONLY given about $1.5B for his prize possession and ONLY $38M can be tactifully spent. Right here:

-Congress is expected to approve just shy of $1.6 billion for border security, of which only $38 million can be spent on “border barrier planning and design.”-

In other words, get going with all the NEW SECURITY TECHNOLOGY and forget about all those bags of CONCRETE!! Win for the Dems!!!!
Alllllrighty, then! Just took a break from listening in on The Ingraham Angle after having already assessed the latest on Tramp's wall stumble. Like I already said, which even Laura actually piggy backed on...almost verbatim:

forget about all those bags of CONCRETE!! Win for the Dems!!!! FORWARD!!!

What the hell, man, I'm feeling pretty good right now! Have a looksie at what the Army Corps have to say about the contractor hired by DHS, AND, the amount of wall CONSIDERED:

Major Excerpts:

-OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Federal officials are saying little about how they chose a Nebraska startup to build an $11 million section of border wall in California, including whether they knew of the company's connections to a construction firm flagged in a government audit for "many potential fraud indicators."-

-"It seems DHS has awarded a contract to a brand new company with questionable connections and without the proper prior performance," Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson said in a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. "In the rush to build President (Donald) Trump's wall, a portion of it may be built by a company with a history of mismanaging and wasting taxpayer funds."-

In other words, they don't care anything about WHO works on the d@mned wall, just get SOMEBODY on it so Tramp can cater to his oblivious cry babies. What an embarrassment.
Hey, lookie at what I found is included with the spending bill.

Major Excerpt:

-The spending bill bars the use of federal funds for “enter[ing] into new contracts with, or new agreements for Federal assistance to, the Russian Federation,” and allocates $250 million to the Countering Russian Influence Fund—a 150 percent increase from last year. Additionally, it authorizes significant new sanctions against Russia over its actions in eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Their origin, though, remains a mystery. While lawmakers were unsure who exactly inserted those measures into the 2,232-page spending bill, they said it represented a broad point of agreement among Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill in a policy area where Trump himself has, in their view, struggled.-

GOOD JOB for whomever had a BACK BONE to stand up to Putin-Oligarchs!!!!! Now, we're getting somewhere.

Yeah, maaan we getting somewhere now! LOL
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