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Thursday, March 15, 2018


Robert Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization for Russia Probe

Macaroni Man's subpoena for the Trump Organization was NOT issued for the purpose of furthering the facetious "Russian Colluuusion" probe. That hoax fell fell apart already. A long time ago. And everybody knows it. Macaroni Man is now looking for some clever way to ruin Trump financially through his tax returns. I wouldn't be surprised if Macaroni Man has his beady little eyes on Trump's 916 million dollar tax deduction from 1995. The Dims will fabricate some flimsy reason why the deduction was illegal and try to reinstate the liability, along with 23 years accumulated penalty assessments at compound interest rates. The Dims want Trump out at all costs, and Macaroni Man, being facetiously endowed by Providence with "impeccable credentials of honesty and integrity",(LOL) will happily oblige them.
Now, we're getting somewhere. The money trail for Tramp's actions and inactions lead directly to Putin-Russia...GUARANTEED. Tramp hid money at Deutsche Bank which was charged $630M in penalties for laundering $10B in RUSSIAN MONEY. Folks, THIS is the reason why Tramp said a while back that Mueller probing his finances would be a 'red line.' Also, there's preliminary speculation and investigation of Russian funds having went through the NRA to bump Trump. Don't believe the right wing denier hype, Mueller already knows and will get it right. The ENRON gang thought THEY could slip by Mueller and those prosecutors back then. Ain't gonna happen. Folks, we have all this going and we NOW know that Russia has successfully breached our POWER PLANTS. Yes, you read that right. Russia has the ability to turn the lights off.

Guess who could care less? Uh know the deal O'Neal. Folks, do your DILIGENCE. There are people purposely trying to mislead and misinform you on some very, very serious issues regarding our country, democracy, and national security. This is no joke as you'll all see in due time. It's almost unreal....
Getting somewhere, idiot, this story is nearly a year old, they just reran it to smear and distract.
You and all the entire Obama voters let him slide for all the crimes he and Holder committed, because they were Black, never said one word!!!
Detective Tater Tot was right! I got a notice in the mail yesterday from Putin's Office in Moscow informing that effective April 1st, my Georgia Power bill would be assessed a monthly surcharge of $75 (4319.06 Rubles). Failure to pay the 1st time results in an additional 25% penalty the next month. Failure to pay the next time results in lights out! That's right folks! Furthermore, starting in May, payments are no longer to be sent to Atlanta, but directly to the Moscow office of MOSENERGOSBYT. I called Georgia Power to complain but their hands are tied. They confirm that it was all the result of Trump's collusion with Russia, not only in the 2016 election, but also in the carefully orchestrated ensuing bid for Putin to take over American utilities providers. Called Moscow to complain, but they pretended like they didn't know English! Next step is to let Maxine Waters know about this BS. LOL
It's about time!!...Get this loser out of the WH NOW!
Any day now Amberjack. The plan is coming together. Today could be the day! LOL
For the astute only, and those who don't forget or casually disregard FACTS, let us consider this. The Republicans, led by none other than Trey 'Howdy' Gowdy, took 2 1/2 years while spending $7.8M to THOROUGHLY investigate Hillary and Benghazi. When it was all said and done, they had nothing more than all the hype, lies, slander, vitriol of Hillary, and misinformation-misleads than what they began with. In contrast, Mueller has guilty pleas and solid cooperation of easily flipped 'bad dudes' which happened LESS than a year in. Hell, Mueller turned up the heat in all the right places and folks began melting into compliance...'cause they now know what they're REALLY up against.

What I find so intriguing and 'playa' from Mueller's corner is that he already knows what's up for the most part and these interviews are merely to see who's gonna lie on and for who. Trey Gowdy stepped away from his party and the investigation because he sees the 'writing on the wall' as Tramp said about Rex.This investigation will go WELL beyond the mid-terms and, by then, Dems will be at the steering wheel again. I think you all know how this will end.
Detective Tater Tot breaks it down short bus style for astute dimwits!
We'll get the last laugh, I can guarantee that amber.
amber, I'm feeding the trolls a very healthy diet. #Cyberfistbump!
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