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Monday, March 19, 2018


Robert Mueller Has Been Botching Investigations Since The Anthrax Attacks

Yeah, yeah, we know...attack the guy that's on Tramp's morally, financially, and ethically corrupt @ss. This playbook is so old and weathered, folks. It was the same [email protected] thang they did to Comey. So long as he was looking to be on the Democrats' and Hillary's trail, man, they bumped fists, high fived, grabbed @ss, and you name it. Ohhhh, but when the tables turned due to all that intelligence from our allies and national security about Russia rolled in, and everybody locked in on Trump & Co., all their eyes teared up along with snotty @ss noses. May as well just call out most of the House GOP because they all know that the WHOLE TRUMP DYNASTY is about to face the music.
Apparently he's botched another one as he's still not delivered on the "Get Trump" directive of the Washington establishment fixtures. But he's still working hard and looking for that "colluuusion". Tomorrow could be the day! Dims say he's got to go "wherever the evidence takes him". Except that there's no evidence. Other than the evidence that leads directly to Cankles and Obammy. But they don't want to talk about that, of course!
Exactly LL...Just like I wrote a couple of days ago. They praise their own until they have no use for them, and when it goes against their agenda, they call them every name in the book. Hypocrisy is their middle name. What's so sad is that their denial has been trapping them into a corner, and making them look more stupid and retarded with each passing day....

This nightmare will be over soon, I know it.

The 8-year nightmare ended at 12:00 noon on Friday, 20/JAN/2017.
As long as you are making garbage comments KKK...this place will always be a nightmare.
Just stating the obvious facts. Sorry you're having such a hard time coping. I guess you'll be a total basket case by the time Trump finishes up his 2nd term in JAN/2025, Lol
Attacking Mueller will not help the Fuhrer. Mueller's repetition and integrity has never been in questioned, Trumpsky's is. Trying to investigate the investigator is asinine and without merit. If Trumpsky is innocent as he alleges, it will show that at the end of the investigation.
Right, Lil'dummy, I know, I know. I've heard it all before. Macaroni Man's integrity has "never been questioned", LOL! But that's your story and you're sticking to it! Macaroni Man assembles and impanels a team of high-power, influential and highly partisan Democrat biased lawyers to investigate Trump's alleged "colluuusion" with the nefarious Russians! Most of these lawyers are Democrat campaign donors that donated money to Clinton and Obongo. They want revenge and are out for blood. So essentially Donald Trump is being persecuted by the butt-hurt Hillary Clinton/Obongo Fan Club. But not to worry! Lay aside all concerns and trust the Democrats! The Dims, after all, are SO honest and trustworthy! They assure us that our concerns are unfounded and without merit. How shocking to think that a Democrat would ever lie! After all, Macaroni Man comes recommended by none other than the illustrious James Comey! MM's credentials are impeccable and his integrity is unassailable. His character is beyond reproach. Nobody can touch Macaroni Man! He is a paragon of virtue and a veritable cornerstone of justice. The investigation is being conducted in a "totally impartial" manner without regard to partisan politics. MM "must go where the facts take him". LOL, what a joke! How stupid do you people think Team Trump must be? Macaroni Man's team of top notch Democrat lawyers is about as impartial as den of pit vipers on a hapless mouse that was thrown in their midst! They are of the same anti-Trump mindset as FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were discovered to be. This facetious investigation had no basis for starting in the place. After 14 months there is still not a shred of evidence to support any allegation of "Russian Colluuusion" involving Donald Trump. There never will be any evidence unless they manufacture it just like they did with fake "Russian dossier". The facts do show beyond any doubt that Cankles and Obammy were colluding with the Russians to derail the Trump campaign for her benefit. The plan didn't work out so well for her. But, needless to say, as far as Democrats are concerned, the truth is irrelevant and facts are inconsequential. Macaroni Man has one and only one objective. The directive was to GET TRUMP. That's all. MM has failed to produce the desired results. He did not "get Trump". Therefore, he botched another facetious investigation. Fire Mueller already and be done with it. Who cares what pencil-neck Shifty Adam Shiftless or Maxine Murky Waters has to say about it? Let the aggrieved Democrats all go outside and scream at the sky in unison! Everything will be better then. I promise.
This is not a debate man-child. Trolling is not a dialogue. Besides, I don't care to correspond with your kind. SAD
As usual, dims resort to insults and condescending comments when they have no intelligent response to compelling facts. You made a patently false statement that Mueller's integrity had never been questioned. It has been questioned "big league' as I explained for slow learners in Post # 8. In case you missed it, the commission should have never been impaneled in the first place as there was no underlying offense to investigate. After 14 months they are still trying (without success) to find some dirt on Trump, or otherwise cook up some phony charges in accordance with the "Get Trump" directive. Meanwhile, the media continues to ignore the blatantly illegal and shocking collusion with the Russians that occurred between Obongo and Cankles for the purpose of preemptively derailing the Trump campaign. Crooked Hillary made effective use of the Projection Lying Technique. Wherein she accused her opponent of the very same offenses that she herself was guilty of. Even though she still lost, she discovered the technique works fairly well if you keep on repeating the big lie in front of a national audience via such networks as CNN and MSLSD. The lie propagates across the country and low IQ voters start buying into it and pointing the finger at Trump. Dimwits reason that if Hillary said it, it must be true! The protests and denials of the innocent party (Trump) became blunted and disregarded by the media. They want Trump gone just as much as Hillary and Obongo want him gone. Incredibly, here we are 14 months later and this nonsense still continues. Why Sessions won't get off his duff and do something about the real collusion remains unknown.
Likewise, I don't care to correspond with low IQ bottom feeders such as yourself, but I will correct you EVERY TIME when you make false/slanderous statements about the President.
Glad we were able to arrive at an understanding on that, Lil'retard.
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