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Saturday, March 24, 2018


Obama Tweets: Michele and I are so inspired by the young people marching

Brightbarf is up to its race baiting tactics. Let the hate begin. SAD
If Breitbart feels the need to publish something as insignificant as what Obammy or Moochelle are "tweeting", they should do so with just words, no pictures. People get sick having to see the mugs of those leftist freakazoids. Most people can't stand the sight of those two hateful/divisive and despicable upstart Anti-American revolutionaries. Turns the stomach and invokes unpleasant feelings. We don't need to be reminded of the nightmare! If the Obammys say something is "good" or "inspiring", you automatically know that its a lie and that the opposite is true. That's all. Simple as that.
Another unsolicited response from KKKAL aka Freddy the FREELOADER.
And your race-baiting comment was solicited?
PeePee is THE one who always brings up the race card.
Rebitcheye I hope you feel the same when ORANGE MAN is the subject of discussion.
Speedy, you're absolutely correct and ANYONE with common sense while reflecting back on Obama'a attempts knows this. Let's just analyze a couple of things here. First of all, just how the author even framed his opening statement is completely and intentionally misleading with the following excerpt:

- Former President Barack Obama tweeted a message to the anti-Second Amendment activists marching all around the country,-

Speedy, there were COUNTLESS...SCORES of young people clearly stating that they're not against the 2nd Amendment, man. These people are concerned about such easy access to the very weapons used in nearly every massacre, high capacity magazines, and those whom are deemed mentally ill STILL able to obtain a gun. The ONLY place you'll see where anyone talks the word 'ban' is within the context on 'assault weapons' and 'bumpstock' which converts a semi into fully auto. This isn't anti-2nd Amendment, it's trying to minimize the availability of specific things which cause lots of fatalities in very short order. In this next excerpt, this author basically shot himself in the head by trying to assert that Obama-Dems didn't care about gun control when they 'ran the board.'

-During Obama’s first term in office, Democrats held the House and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. The former president and the Democrats could have passed any legislation they wanted. They did nothing about guns.-

They were trying to get Republicans to the table so they could talk things over and have them 'on board' with trying to effectively and COLLECTIVELY address the gun issue. Still, Republicans opposed every single thing that Obama uttered even if it was simply good for the country in general...they refused to even TALK. Further more, which is actually THE most important thing here, Obama both knows the law, its sensitivity around the 2nd Amendment, and those who support the 2nd Amendment...which is pretty much EVERYONE.


#17 tells it all:

-June 12, 2016
On June 16, days after the massacre in Orlando, Obama visited the city to pay his respects alongside Vice President Joe Biden. “Those who were killed and injured here were gunned down by a single killer with a powerful assault weapon,” Obama said. “The motives of this killer may have been different than the mass shooters in Aurora or Newtown, but the instruments of death were so similar. And now, another 49 innocent people are dead. Another 53 are injured. Some are still fighting for their lives. Some will have wounds that will last a lifetime. We can't anticipate or catch every single deranged person that may wish to do harm to his neighbors … but we can do something about the amount of damage that they do. Unfortunately, our politics have conspired to make it as easy as possible for a terrorist or just a disturbed individual like those in Aurora and Newtown to buy extraordinarily powerful weapons – and they can do so legally.”-

AP Photo

He ended his comments with 'and they can do so LEGALLY.' No Republican gives this man the credit he's do for stuff like that, though. All the gun sellers-manufacturers KNEW that Obama was going by the book and Republicans exploited Obama and USED him to SELL MORE GUNS AMID FEAR THAT HE WAS GOING TO BAN ALL GUNS when they already knew Obama FOLLOWED LAW. Yeah, Speed, it's so easy for not-so-Breitbart to rail against Obama NOW when Tramp recently ROLLED BACK Obama policy which prevented mentally ill folks from buying these same assault rifles. Then, Tramp had the sheer never to come out calling for mentally ill policy surrounding gun purchases. Unreal, buddy...and his voters are STUPEFIED.
stupid loser aka. detective short bus and his lil*shiddy poopy face side kick, copy pasting and drivel posting idiots, defending the trannie and its cork soaking bitch, STFU dipsh1ts.
Yes, folks, THIS is what the truth does as you all know by now. Time and time again, and then AGAIN, we come here to simply post our views supported with facts and reason only to be continually attacked by those opposite of us. It never fails, these people don't want ANYONE posting except for them and those that think and post like them. *For quite some time now, I've personally and intentionally refrained from engaging or firing back both directly and indirectly at ALL of these can check. They they come here and see me having posted addressing the article, those contained in the article, and things relevant to the article and STILL find it necessary to attack MY COMMENTARY as opposed to discussing why they supposedly clicked on the blog entry in question.

I use to go back and forth with this people, saying really nasty things and name-calling a very long time ago but, at some point WE MUST BE THE GROWN UPS IN THE ROOM WHICH WE KNOW WE REALLY ARE. The very last time that I even came close to engaging my haters around here, I told ALL OF THEM SPECIFICALLY that I did not hate any of them but simply strongly disagreed with their positions and personal sentiments. That was it for me, I made my peace and washed my hands of it. Well, you can see that it did absolutely no good because THEY HAVEN'T CHANGED ONE BIT. Folks, these are the same people that punch a defenseless person being escorted out of a Trump rally by police with their hands behind their back. They just don't care because they just hate everyone so much I'm so glad the new generation of Conservative voters are way more mature than what's around now. Thank God.
Kal035 well said. Unpleasant feelings is exactly right. Hateful and despicable describes those two leftist Anti-American lunatics. Good post. Absolutely no surprise the trolls showed up.
Thanks. I had no doubt they would show up and start with the usual BS.
Freeloader and LETHARGIC, what a pair of bozos and flea bags.
So says the mush-brained retard that didn't graduate from High School and never once made relevant or even semi-intelligent comment.
It's so sad that you are the only FRELOADER that believes that myth. I hope it makes you fell better about yourself.:<
Lil'retard, you are the most despised poster on LP. That's a straight up fact for you to crow about!
FREELOADER to be despised by people such as yourself means that I have your attention. You and your crew can no longer hijack the threads to spread your gibberish at will. There is another side of the story that must be told and will be told. So get use to it you bum.
Get lost you miserable crackpot before I report you for harassment.
NO, you get lost freeloader. You have no right to be on here FREE and troll paying members.
Who cares what you think? You little twit. I don't think Todd would see it the same way. Ever since last night, you have been trolling my each and every post. I've been patient, but I've about had it with you. Anybody that frequents the blog pages knows you're nothing more than an annoying troll. that's all you've ever been. And everybody knows it. If you had something intelligent to say, it would be different. But you're an idiot. You understand nothing about politics. Your brilliant contributions are along the lines of "Trump is Pootins bitch", "Pootin been pimping Trump", etc. And when challenged or corrected with facts, all you do is resort to personal attacks and insults. I'm telling you once again, I've about had enough of your BS.
IDIOT, you can leave whenever you get ready, you are on here FREE. I have a 1st Amendment right to comment on whatever. You seek confrontations FREELOADER, I don't. You are an antagonist, that is why no one wants to be bothered with you. At least no one but your troll buddies.
Aren't you the clever one? Snuck back in here and ambushed me after I signed off and went to bed. What kind of cowardly punk are you anyway? Besides a dumb one?
FREELOADER, you are a nobody trying to be somebody. I am here to stay you bum.
Lil'retard, for the sake of clarity, and for the benefit of all following this thread that you hijacked, do I understand correctly that you are equating "Standard Level" membership with "Freeloader" status? Is that right?
You are the one confused about standard level. it is an introductory level used to show you what's available on higher levels if one is willing to pay. It is not used to be a flaming TROLL such as yourself. You are abusing the purpose of standard level FREELOADER.
Standard (free) membership provides a surprisingly full set of features and content, and is great for the occasional lottery player.
(great for the occasional lottery player)...It's self explanatory. You are on here 24/7 TROLLING...
Thanks for clearing that up! I don't know for sure, but I would guess that at least 75% of LP members are Standard Level members. You call standard level members "FREELOADERS". You just insulted and alienated the majority of LP members with that one statement. In your view, Standard Level members all belong in Hillary's "Basket of Deplorables". With the notable exceptions of 2 or 3 of your pals, Of course, they get a pass! Is it any wonder that you are the most despised poster on LP Blogs?
The main problem with post numbers 24 and 25 is that is that you don't make the rules. If Todd tells me I need to upgrade to post, then I will comply. Otherwise, you can STFU. Stop repeating the lie that I am the troll. It is common knowledge that YOU are the troll. I respond to the article links and elaborate in intricate detail. Due to your substandard education, it goes right over the top of your bald head. You call it 'gibberish' every time because you don't want to be bothered with the facts. You've already got your roly-poly size mind made up. From that point forward, all you do is drop insults and make personal attacks. Because you have nothing else. That, lil'retard is what a troll does. Learn the difference.
What I posted for you was the rules stupid. You obvious was in remedial math. I'm sure Todd would provide you with accurate percentages if you are that nosey. Then again , why should it concern you? You're on here for free.
Lil,retard, I didn't post any mathematical equations, but "you obvious was in remedial English", LOL. I refer you back to post #28, line 2, all caps, in case you missed it the first time around.
FREELOADER, you're doing exactly what all bigots do when they have nothing to say. How Sad.
I apparently have a stalker. You really are infatuated with my each and every post. You should get a life.
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