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Monday, March 12, 2018


Hillary Clinton: White Women Voted for Trump Because Their Husbands Told Them To

Every week Cankles comes up with half a dozen new excuses why she lost. What else is new?
I wonder what part of "America didn't want you as president" does she not understand.
When is this woman going to give up? Jeeeez I have never seen anybody with so many sour grapes.
She isn't a sour grape, this Charlatan is a dried raisin. Typical Lizard, anti everything.

Then she must have voted for Trump, Bill told her to.
Yep, and she's telling the truth. White women couldn't admit it because they were afraid of their husbands, disrupted their family unit, alienating family/friends, and risking divorce.

So many stories just like the one in the link above, just do a simple Google search. Women even admitted that Tramp and his mouth are just filthy and grotesque but, they were still gonna vote for him. People hate the truth. *When your life partner cannot be herself and exercise her right to vote with her own clear conscious, due to fear of you her husband, that's pretty bad. To rule one's marriage/ relationship by fear is Saddam-ish and Kim Jong Un-ish.

It's very fortunate for the rest of us that Detective Tater Tot goes the extra mile to keep up with the latest breaking anti-Trump stories by meticulous examination and careful perusal of the pages of 'xoJane', his favorite online magazine geared towards women and founded by Jane Pratt, founding editor of Sassy and Jane magazines. Whatever you would like to know about the voting habits of white women, Detective Tater Tot has the answer!
LOL , Detective Tater Tot is a legend in his own mind.
Boy if I could get my woman to do what I told her to, I’d swear I must be in heaven. LOL
Yup, all those redneck, tobacco chewing toothless tards yelling MERICA.   ...The world is laughing at us...

Too many Nazi loving people in this country. Ship em all to an island where they can pat each other on the back...pftttt..
What a piece of work this clueless/deluded woman is. She still thinks she should be President! Incredibly, it sounds like the angry hate-filled old harridan is posturing for another presidential run. She made these these wacky remarks overseas while speaking at the "India Today Conclave" in Mumbai (Bombay). For this particular event, she ditched her usual dashing Chairman Mao pantsuit for a traditional Indian kurta designer dress by Payal Khandwala. She rehashed the fairy tale story about how she had been winning in 2016, but the evil Republicans derailed her campaign. She ran through the usual litany of Democrat talking points, but specifically pandering to the Indian audience, felt compelled to add another line to the narrative, to-wit: "Republicans do not wish to see Indian-Americans succeed in America" (implying of course that they are "racists" and only care about white people). But not to worry, she is going to fix all these problems! LOL! It was like the "basket of deplorables" all over again. She hasn't learned a thing. She must be a glutton for punishment if she is actually contemplating going up against Trump again in 2020.
If one person on this earth believes that any white woman is going to vote for someone, because her mate told her too, is a   fool!! I am going out on a limb with this statement. If anyone in the USA believes that sully16 would vote for someone because her mate told her too, like my wife would say to me, in a pigs eye!!!!
America's alliance with India is strengthening. She was there to undercut Pres Trump in any way she could.

BTW, I'm a married white woman and voted for President Trump because he was the best candidate for the job. Hillary was the last choice I vote for any position much less to lead the nation. I don't vote party and I sure as heck don't wear a pink hat and vote gender.
I can vouch for #12 Carbob! I had ever told mine to which way to vote, you can be assured she would have voted for the candidate on the opposite end of the spectrum.
Truth be told we’re way behind in terms of preparing for the future. We’re still #1 no doubt. We bow to no one. Never have never will. But this fight for bringing back manufacturing jobs and things like that are decades past. This is not the first time this fight has been waged. But for some reason Trump got people’s ears. So in that sense, we should not rule out Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for President for 2020. Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?! Oh yeah! Lol I want a bumper sticker
The fact is that Obammy never stopped bowing down and apologizing during the 8 years of the Apology & Appeasement Tour Presidency. The more radical the regime, the further he bowed down and the more profusely he apologized for the shameful history of "American Imperialism".
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