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Thursday, March 22, 2018


Hillary Clinton: Trump Undermined Presidency To Enrich Family

Says the BIGGEST CROOK in politics. Talk about calling the kettle black.

Speaking of which, I just started reading Peter Schweizer's brand new book "Secret Empires How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends." He is the author of the enormously difficult to read book Clinton Cash. He gets to the bottom of the barrel.   This is a book to read if interested dirty underhanded dealings far, far removed from the general public. I have a feeling this is another book I will only be able to read a chapter at a time.
That's rich coming from the most corrupt politician ever that was running a pay-to-play scheme during her time at the State Department. She was too bush funneling money into the Clinton Foundation (and trying to cover her tracks) to be worried about some trivial matter such as Benghazi. After all, what difference does it make?
To this very day, they've been investigating corruption claims within your Clinton Foundation but still have yet to find a grain of truth. This is per both latter and current FBI officials. Still though, Tramp keeps crying, "Foul, it was pay to play! Look at HER with Russia and the Uranium One deal!!!" Both closets were empty, folks, and not even a hanger was in it. Let me reiterate something to the reasonable Conservatives and already knowledgeable Liberals here. If ANYONE knows how Tramp likes to deal, it's Hillary. Gotta remember, they were all big buddies in the not so distant past and it wasn't Tramp that pulled away due to all the unethical practices taking place. The Clintons dropped Tramp to steer clear of all the fallout they knew would soon come. FACT.

This is the reason why Tramp went after them both the way he did, okay, because he already knew how 'some folks' still felt about them (the Clintons) while they were yet in the dark about Tramp's gutter life. FACT. The Clintons have STILL REFRAINED TO THIS DAY from taking personal shots at Tramp, they only critiqued his lack of business ethics and archived failures...that's it. Tramp's record has proven him to be a failure and corrupt. He's in serious debt and his net worth, while around $3B, is actually calculated with nearly $1B in debt assumming it's paid at some point. Jared has serious debt as well as Trump Jr. which is exactly why Hillary is right about Tramp trying to enrich them via his presidency. Hell, Russia rescued them all for the most part, folks...they're esposed to Putin-Russian oligarchs. SERIOUS OLIGARCHS that do not play around when it comes to their $$$$$. This is why Tramp will NEVER speak out against them. *Putin can get to Tramp or anyone in the family AT WILL like he can scratch his own @ss. FACT.

Right now, Tramp is also about to be probed on dealings in India. Oh, not to leave you hanging:

Let's put this into perspective. Ivank Trump, alone, is worth about $300M which is also about where Trump Jr. is. Jared and Ivanka, together, have a net worth of +/- $700M. *However, with her husband Jared's latest deal on that FAILING 666 Fifth Avenue, he's now over $600M in debt ALONE, folks, and Ivanka is right there in it, too. People may not like it when Hillary speaks out like she has here but, the truth still stands all the same. Tramp & Co. are all about Tramp & Co. with every financial policy they roll out. FACT. Numbers NEVER lie.

Nice call-out, Hillary...with proof to boot.

CUCKOO!-CUCKOO! Wow! Still trying to process what I just read in Post # 4. Did I really just read in Post # 4 that Crooked Hillary is really NOT the most corrupt/conniving/devious/incompetent/despicable politician ever? Did somebody actually just paint Crooked Hillary as a veritable upright pillar of virtue, integrity, honor and honesty, and then proceed to depict President Donald Trump, not as a national patriot, but rather as a traitor, a tramp, a failed/unethical businessman who only became President to make another buck? Wow! I guess I had it all backasswards. I must have been 'confruuused"! I honestly didn't know that Hillary was the shining stellar example of true leadership, and that my racist/bigoted "orange daddy" was essentially just a common tramp only out for himself. Those dumb "puuubs" and "cons" led me down the wrong path all these years! Things are looking really "BAAAD" for Trump! I hope he has enough money to pay his light bill this month. I wonder should we all chip in and take up a donation (?) Anyway, thanks for clearing all that up Tater Tot! I really appreciate it. You obviously did your homework and are connected to all the right sources for the inside scoop.

Aren't Democrats just amazing? Yes, they are! LOL!
Okay, I'm gonna do my 'off topic and on point' as it's very relevant in light of the latest developments. So, we knew HR McMaster's day was coming but, his condemnation of Russian meddling, the chemical attack, and Russian aggression in Syria is what actually expedited it like it was. Things were relatively cool UNTIL Russia was front and center. McMaster even cooled down the NoKo nuke commotion but, advised against a blind, open ended meeting with KJU. So much for that, huh. Well, here's the current situation in our foreign affairs which isn't so much brand new as I touched on it a couple of months ago but, it's more serious now. Russia has made it abundantly clear that they will continue their 'obstruction of peace' campaign in Afghanistan.

Folks, Russia is AGAINST our troops and Iran is also complicit there, okay. Russia means no good, has a deep anti-West ulterior and hateful motive, and is puppeteering Tramp to remain silent regarding all their efforts.
LL, it is a waste of time trying to explain something to a sycophant. They are zealots that lack higher order thinking skills and suffer from emotional problems. They are bigoted in their thinking and lack socialization skills when dealing with people of color. It's very hard for them to accept the fact that people of color are successful educated Americans. They wish they were in Dixie, even though It's Gone With The Wind. pun intended.
It's always about trump from birth til now, and moving forward. He's an attention whore who is full of himself. He couldn't give a rat's ass about anybody except his small circle of rich corrupt losers like himself and his zombie followers.
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