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Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Hillary Clinton: I Won The Places Moving Forward Trump Won The Places Looking Backwards

I just saw this on the news. This whining bs MUST have to do with money. She lost the Presidency AND the chance to continue to rip off taxpayers and do all her sneaky, underhanded deals. She dislikes men, women and gawd knows who or what else. My question is WHY is she in India? She is NOT a politician anymore or at this moment and chirping for the world to see how bitter she still is.
She might be trying to push sales of her stupid book, but she was definitely pandering big league to the Indian audience while wearing a traditional Indian dress (after losing the Chairman Mao pantsuit) It almost sounded as if she were posturing for another presidential run, telling the audience that Trump and the Republicans didn't want women to have jobs, that they were racists and didn't want American-Indians to succeed in America, so on and so forth. But not to worry since she is going to solve all those problems! LOL
I guess she forgot to mention that it's the Jerry Springer crowd that voted Democrat.
Now she seems to be characterizing Trump voters as a bunch of dumb barefoot country hayseed beer-bellied rednecks who all said, hold my beer and watch this when we voted.

We Trump voters were in the flyover states that Obamanomics didn't help one bit, that's all. She didn't really bother campaigning in any of them so she got from us what she gave us .... zip.
Okay, Hillary, I must say that if you're gonna reflect on anything positive regarding your 2016 bid, just stick to having won the popular vote by over 3 million votes. This, in and of itself, still speaks volumes even at the expense of an electoral college defeat. Also, you know full well that folks are gonna rail on you over your slipping twice in India on those really steep stairs. They'll laugh UNTIL either their own mom, grandma, or otherwise slips and falls. At any rate, get ready for it.

Time for my 'off topic on point joint' dealing with Rex, Trump, McMaster, and Russia. So, 'suddenly' Rex is out and without even a decent heads up ( he tweeted?),although, Tramp said the writing was on the wall. Hell, how much more should Rex have honestly expected after Comey had to learn of his firing via a crawler on the television screen! How professional on both accounts, heh? Poor John McEntee was fired, also, because he suggested Rex should stay as Tramp gave NO REASON for his unexpected and ultra sudden ousting. First of all, it wasn't solely about Iran because even Mc Master expressed concern to Tramp over saving the nuclear deal...FACT. Well, McMaster wasn't fired. Right here:

Sure, Trump and Rex bumped heads over that and other things but, they still worked it out. Even when Tillerson allegedly called Trump a moron, it was all good...and he never denied it when asked directly. Truth is, Tramp and Rex did talk and Rex was to serve until Tramp got other things in place and Rex would exit appropriately with dignity. Not. This tacky move is a DIRECT result of Rex's position and public commentary over the Putin nerve agent attack on British soil...PERIOD. Tramp did not intend to address this, and, did not want to. Folks, Prime Minister May came out TWO DAYS AGO with evidence and proof it was Putin-Russia while Tramp is JUST NOW jumping into the proof posse...AFTER Rex's comments? Yep:

Folks, even our own U.S. Diplomats have been drugged-poisoned by Putin and his operatives which I've disclosed here before a while back.

Again, Tramp never uttered a single word, people, and Putin also denied it just like he did numerous others. This agent, Novichok, is astronomically expensive, AND UNOBTAINABLE, like the other poisons he used...and are specific to Russia. This investigation just took a new course especially with House Republicans having way prematurely closed their 'uninvestigation.' I'll tell you what, though, Tom Rooney knows exactly what happened and he's gonna talk. Once again, Kim Jong Un and Putin are in on this 'fake nuke rebuke' TOGETHER.

Tramp is about as clueless as a woodpecker in a steel factory...on every front I tell ya. More later.
Oh spare us
Det.Short Bus "Lucky Loser" on the case!
Detective Short Bus is about as clueless as a Bull Hog with Ninnies.

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