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Friday, March 9, 2018


Bay Area coffee shop won't serve police for customer safety

I get what's going here and the bottom line is that this business owner reserves the right to NOT SERVE whomever they want just as so many Republican business owners exercised their right to NOT SERVE GAYS. Yeah, see how that works? What goes around comes right back around. What's interesting is that the cop which was refused service is Latino which tells me that he just might be part of a sting and the coffee shop doesn't trust him. People talk and some of those customers may either know or have seem that cop involved in others things contrary to their own safety. It goes both ways, folks. The only issue I foresee as being a problem is that if a crime takes place at that shop and they need police enforcement, the cops cannot refuse to show up but they can surely take their time getting there in response. Can't we all just get along?

Okay, once again, it's time to finally address yet another conspiracy from the right feather brains...I mean right wing. Enter Fast and Furious and the first cut was d@mned good as I love bad@ss old cars...that phuckin' blown Dodge Charger at the end was off tha' chain, son!! Anyhow, that's not the same Fast and Furious I'm gonna touch on although the movie's name is actually taken from the general sentiment of the government operation. I will inject excerpts of the facts after each misconstrued statement. (1) So, Obama and Holder STARTED Fast and Furious (gun running) BEGINNING when Obama took office correct? Sorry, but that's incorrect.

("Gunwalking", or "letting guns walk", was a tactic of the Arizona Field Office of the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), which ran a series of sting operations[2][3] between 2006[4] and 2011[2][5] in the Tucson and Phoenix area where the ATF "purposely allowed licensed firearms dealers to sell weapons to illegal straw buyers, hoping to track the guns to Mexican drug cartel leaders and arrest them".[6] These operations were done under the umbrella of Project Gunrunner, a project intended to stem the flow of firearms into Mexico by interdicting straw purchasers and gun traffickers within the United States.[7] The Jacob Chambers Case began in October 2009 and eventually became known in February 2010 as "Operation Fast and Furious" after agents discovered Chambers and the other suspects under investigation belonged to a car club.[1])

In that that paragraph, you click on 'Project Gun Runner' which clearly shows exactly when the general gun sting operation BEGAN which was in 2005. Folks, Obama wasn't in office in 2005 and was yet three years away from even being BRIEFED on such an operation as president, okay. Fast and Furious was originally called 'The Jacob Chambers Case.' (2) So, Trump's DOJ (Jeff Sessions) originally ordered the probe into Fast and Furious? Incorrect.

(On February 28, Attorney General Eric Holder requested that the Department of Justice's Inspector General begin an investigation of Fast and Furious.[77]). In other words, please investigate myself and President Obama regarding Fast and Furious, Project Gun Runner, and THE FIRST gun running project which began in 2005 Operation Wide Receiver...which was under President Bush and his DOJ. The Attorney General, during that time, turned a blind eye to it and Holder wasn't even properly briefed on the actual tactics of the operation and hence, couldn't brief Obama on just what was going on. For all they knew, everyone was trying to run a legit sting on the Mexican Cartel in order to stop the illegal sales of guns which were being used to kill EVERYONE with no regard at all.

(The Justice Department's Criminal Division head Lanny Breuer, an Obama administration presidential appointee, was cited for not alerting his bosses in 2010 to the flaws of Operation Wide Receiver.[123] Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jason Weinstein, who was responsible for authorizing a portion of the wiretap applications in Operation Fast and Furious and faulted in the report for not identifying the gunwalking tactics, resigned on the day of the report.[124])

The AG here AUTHORIZED WIRE TAPS ON OBAMA regarding Fast and Furious and found NOTHING on Obama or Holder, folks. Bruer was called out for NOT telling Obama and Holder about the ILLEGAL TACTICS of 'OWR.' EVERYONE on the right feather wants to talk about Fast and Furious while IGNORING 'OPERATION WIDE RECEIVER' which was the ROOT of all this...the thing was already in place and fully active while Obama was yet being sworn in. Folks, do your proper diligence and just read over the facts and pay particular attention to the TIMELINES. It's easy to try and fault Obama but, the truth is that, people actually were trying to protect Bush and, subsequently, HAD to keep things from Obama and Holder in order to do that. When Obama and Holder had fully learned of what was going on, in detail, they began taking names and actions but it still looked really bad on them. The whole thing was a hot mess! Check out this article from 2011 about a gun shop and its' owner which is very important:

-Gun store owner had misgivings about ATF sting-

Major Excerpt here:

(Reporting from Glendale and Rio Rico, Ariz. — In the fall of 2009, ATF agents installed a secret phone line and hidden cameras in a ceiling panel and wall at Andre Howard's Lone Wolf gun store. They gave him one basic instruction: Sell guns to every illegal purchaser who walks through the door.

For 15 months, Howard did as he was told. To customers with phony IDs or wads of cash he normally would have turned away, he sold pistols, rifles and semiautomatics. He was assured by the ATF that they would follow the guns, and that the surveillance would lead the agents to the violent Mexican drug cartels on the Southwest border.)

Where the hell was the NRA on all of THIS? Huh? This man, Andre Howard, was ordered to sell guns to EVERY SINGLE ILLEGAL BUYER WITH WADS OF CASH. BIG MONEY FOR THE NRA is where they were!!! *This guy didn't even own a gun, and, neither even belonged to the NRA...he just complied thinking he was helping to catch cartel bad dudes. Not. This man was also later SUED for the murder of Brian Terry, a border agent, AFTER HAVING BEEN ORDERED TO SELL THOSE SAME GUNS. Think about that, folks. Think I'm lying? Here ya go:

-Those implicated in the lawsuit, as summarized by CBS News, included:

• Bill Newell, then-Special Agent in Charge of ATF's Phoenix office where Fast and Furious was based.

• George Gillett, then-Assistant Special Agent in Charge of ATF in Phoenix.

• David Voth, then-leader of the ATF group that executed Fast and Furious.

• Hope MacAllister, the lead ATF group agent on the case.

• Tonya English, an ATF agent in the group.

• William McMahon, the ATF supervisor in charge of field operations at the time.

• Emory Hurley, the lead prosecutor for the Department of Justice on the case working for the U.S. Attorney's office in Phoenix.

• Andre Howard, owner of Lone Wolf Trading Company gun shop, which was cooperating with ATF agents in Fast and Furious and sold at least two of the rifles later believed trafficked to Mexican drug cartels and used in the murder of Agent Terry.

Lone Wolf Trading Company, according to the plaintiffs, “knowingly and willingly” sold illegal firearms to straw buyers for the Mexican drug cartels “from which a substantial profit was generated.” However, Howard claims he acted under orders from agents at the Bureau of Alcoh
Continued from last paragraph:

ol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), who persuaded him to cooperate by approving gun sales to suspicious buyers.-

So goes the story and Jeff Sessions will never mention when the whole gun operation actually started but, Meuller knows which is why Obama and Holder will never be cited. Let me now close by tying all that BS into our current political climate, guns, and gun control. Here's what Rep. Louie Gohmert, our crooked Texas Republican, then said about the whole gun ordeal and Eric Holder's actions/comments:

-“Well I think coming from him, that’s really important to note, coming from a man who’s over a department that forced the sale of guns to people that would bring about the death of people like Brian Terry, and there should be national outrage about Mexicans — our neighbors — 200 or more that have been killed by the guns that his department have forcibly — forced to be sold,” Gohmert affirmed.-

**Republicans raised so much hell when a Democrat is president and negative (fatal) happen involving guns and protection agents i.e. police officers, border agents, and Benghazi, okay. Oh, but when it comes to a Republican president, AR-15's, bump stocks, banana clips, and SCORES OF INNOCENT CHILDREN AND ADULTS MASSACRED BY ALL THOSE SAME THINGS, REPUBLICANS TUCK THEIR TALES AND THE NRA RUNS TO KEEP THESE SAME GUNS IN CIRCULATION.

The corruption is just sickening and people are 'FED' up...especially the kids like those in Florida. You think they aren't aware of all this BS? You'd be wrong...dead wrong. No pun intended.
The all-pervasive fetid reek of excrement and malodorous flatulence being emitted from the long-winded, meaningless, self-serving, Liberal claptrap copied/pasted/splattered above in the preceding paragraphs is nauseating and a bit overwhelming to bear. But we must persevere and endeavor to discover what it is the leftist obstructionist wants to spin and cover up. This is the way modern day 'enlightened' progtards operate- utilizing allegedly advanced techniques of obfuscation, lies and deceit to advance their devious Anti-American agenda. Some dimwit voters fall for it. Most educated voters do not fall for it. In this particular case, if we take a deep breath, and open the window to let in some fresh air and lay aside all the superfluous BS to specifically and purposefully examine the story of the "Hasta Muerte" Coffee Shop, the obvious conclusion and resulting implications are crystal clear. Nothing at all to be surprised or shocked about. For anybody that was paying attention, this joint is after all located Oakland, Commiefornia! Just another glaring example of more typical liberal left-wing street vermin types that liked it better and now long for the days when anarchy was the norm during the reign of Obongo, King of Obamastan. The hood-rats called the shots and spit on the police back in those days. And Obongo lavished them with praise and invited them to attend to hip-hop parties as distinguished guests of honor at the White House. But I digress. Back to the point. Given the reputation of that dump, what manner of self-respecting police Sergeant would seriously be dumb enough to patronize a Coffee Shop that goes by the name of "Hasta Muerte"(Until Death)? That should be the first clue not to step foot inside and mingle with the hood rats. He should know better. Especially in uniform while on-duty! How would an officer know whether or not the MS-13 barista that no doubt despises the police took a notion to mix in a special lethal ingredient with his cup of coffee to go? If I was dying of thirst, I wouldn't accept a thimbleful of water from that dump, much less a cup of coffee! That joint is more than likely run by or closely affiliated with MS-13 gang members anyway. The dingbat libtard Mayor of Oakland, CA. undoubtedly gets free coffee from this fine establishment in return for her letting the MS-13 gang members know when to expect ICE to be in town. She will soon convene an awards ceremony to recognize and praise the illegals the stood up to the evil Police by refusing to serve them. They will become honorary citizens unless Jeff Sessions actually does his job first and gets her indicted on felony charges of obstructing and endangering Federal Law Enforcement Officers. There was video of another very respectable and law-abiding Hispanic shop owner on that same street telling it like it was in regard to the band of criminals operating in defiance of law and order at "Hasta Muerte" Coffee Shop. "Folks", let me ask if there can seriously be any question or any doubt about why Donald Trump was elected to be a 2-term POTUS? I don't think so. DUH!
It’s interesting in the sense that the Police to me are not taking offense or being defensive or antagonistic, but instead attempting at discussing this stance or opinion, which is what I would expect; as my views on most police officers are they are very normal people who are very open to discussion. Brutality aside of course. But also my opinion is that this is wrong on so many levels. I mean we have all learned about segregation in history, and it seems now that people just don’t care or think that they can make up their own laws or rules. They stated they’re not serving officers. This officer did nothing wrong to not be served. So, in my opinion it’s wrong. But hopefully some dialogue and understanding can come from this.
Thank-you! Of course it's wrong. But in the case of this particular establishment, it is really of no consequence. The police aren't going to belabor the point too much. As mentioned above, most self-respecting officers wouldn't want to be associated with being patrons of places like this that are obviously being run by low-life street vermin types. The police will keep an eye out for illegal activities and take measures to shut down the joint when it starts getting out of hand. It would be different if this had been some large national chain of a legitimate nature such as Starbucks (for example) that started arbitrarily denying service to police officers to fit the owner's liberal political agenda. Pursuant to such a scenario, an indignant national outcry would be expected to follow, along with strong push-back from police officers, police unions and police benevolent associations.
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