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Monday, December 31, 2018


Joe Scarborough: Donald Trump On Track To Be Worst President In Modern Times

Lololololol. Obama has him beat by light years.
Just more Presidential harassment.
Modern times? Try ever. I might add also, dumb as a box of rocks.
It's next to impossible to equate presidential harassment(stated by the FUHRER) to INCOMPETENCE.
Only in the deranged leftist mind is Trump the worst president, especially after the empty suit man-child we had for eight years.
If Joe Scarborough thinks he has all the answers to all the problems in the world, then why doesn't he run for president?

Only a retarded moron who doesn't have a freaking clue with keep supporting this Nazi in power after everything that's happened. It just boggles the mind that there are countless millions of morons walking the streets. Countless morons operating heavy machinery, flying planes, and not tripping over their own ego.
Listen, folks...that is intelligent folks. Quit going back and forth with these people who are simply saving face in the face of embarrassment! Jobs failure on multiple levels, beginning with CARRIER, and also due directly to an idiotic tariffs idea, he completely obliterated all the stock market gains that OBAMA worked up over time, he was punked by both Putin in Helsinki and Mexico's president in Mexico when it came to the border wall, and, still no 'Mexico will pay' BS from him in over a month now, his GOP signature tax cut plan is actually going south now with the economy pumping its brakes every day, MBS of Saudi has punked him due to money laundering, and President Erdogan of Turkey can pretty much do what ever the hell he wants because Trump Towers Instanbul is there and Trump can't risk it.

*Here's a FACT: All the ousted Trump folks have way more respect for Obama than they do Trump...and this includes Michael Flynn who was fired by Obama! Regarding post #5, yep, George Bush sure did screw thing up in his eight year tenure...with a sickness! That said, I'll still take Bush over this Trump jive on which y'all thrive. [email protected] Let's have a looksie at what's up with our farmers as of lately.

All verified information here and the following excerpts are what's so killing about it ALL...with the 2nd one being the icing on the cake:

(1)-Last week, the Agriculture Department announced a second round of direct payments from the $9.5 billion dollars earmarked for farmers most affected by the president’s ongoing trade war with China. But as the partial government shutdown stretches on, those payments will be put on hold.-

(2*)- The nearly 49,000 farmers who have applied for the aid have cautioned the funding isn’t enough to offset the damage done by Trump’s trade war. After the tariffs against China went into effect, prices for products like soybeans dropped to a 10-year low.-

In other words, Trump has completely phucked them and their families over...good fashion! Yeah, let's talk man-child...PLEASE.
Joe Scarborough renowned scholar in U.S. Presidential history - Not!

I can list many bad presidents. Starting with Obama, Carter, Nixon, Clinton...etc but Trump, so far, would not even be in the top half of the list. Scarborough is a Troll and an Inflamer but he is certainly NOT a recognized authority on presidential history. He doesn't even have a Phd (Presidential History Doctorate) Don't waste your time getting inflamed or excited over anything Scarborough has to say as he just says it to incite and inflame.
It worked with you. LOL
Only a dumbazz partisan hack would think ThinkProgress is a good source. The only shred of truth on that page was their begging for contributions since they've been labeled as liars by advertisers. (they call it "controversial political content" but that's the code word for fake news.) Only one link on that page actually led to verifiable statistics, and even then the political bias shown through, distorting the numbers.   The swamp is deep and extends outside the Beltway.

I would have taken Bush, even with his thirst for war, for another eight yrs. over the Kenyan usurper and divider-in-chief. Yes, it was your "boy" that really drove a wedge in this nation.
Uh stock market anyone? Trump takes credit when it’s good then points the finger when it’s bad. He blamed last month on a ‘glitch’. Can you say senility? But you puppy dogs lap it up like crazy don’t you. I’d rather listen to Greenspan thank you very much. And perhaps some Iron Maiden too.
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