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Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Joe Biden: I Think Anybody Can Beat Trump In 2020

If Ol' Gropin' Joe and Sanders are the best the Dems can offer up, it will be a lot smoother sailing for Trump. The Dems would do much better to run Beto and Ocasio-Cortez, both much younger and even dumber than Biden or Sanders, but that's what the Dems seem to value...ignorant socialists w/out much real world experience, much less in politics.

At least Biden and Sanders have pretty much been career politicians and increased their wealth doing so, but Soyboy O'Rourke and the vapid O-C will try to line their pockets as fast as possible.   

Wonder how they'll label themselves? "Beto and the Barista" is kinda catchy, sounds like some second-rate rom-com or cop buddy police procedural that's canceled after one season.
There's a good chance Trump will be out of office before 2020 anyways...lock him up!!!!!!
Yep, I'm with you 110% on this one, amber. I just can't help but to now borrow that 'smooth sailing' terminology used by our friend here. Trump's 'crooked' @ss is smooth sailing right directly into a Category 6 hurricane, and, we all know that the world has never experienced one on that level...which should tell us something. In the real world of accurate polling, Biden, Sanders, and Beto all crush Trump with even some conservatives giving the nod to a Democrat over Trump and I don't say that with bias. All Trump has done since taking office is roll back anything by Obama that he could and screw up all things numbers regarding the good economy he inherited.

Jobs? Let's talk about jobs. Trump's first and most prominent jobs costing deal was...Carrier. He went there, promised to save those jobs by handing out major tax breaks thinking that would stimulate things when, in fact, it made things worse. Those jobs still left, people were still laid off, they are all pissed at Trump and said that he clearly lied to them and 'blew smoke up our @sses.' Furthermore, that state is still on the hook for all those taxes...$7M worth. To this very day, Trump has nothing, nada to say about his failed deal at Carrier. It only get's worse from there as we all know how wonderful his tariffs strategy worked out at the expense of additional companies laying off and/or leaving. The farmers, even with that bailout, are still hurting miserably and have no idea what they'll do next year as exports are still way down even as China made soybean purchases recently. Sure, we do need trade reform but, this just isn't the way to go about doing it according to even a percentage of conservative leaning farmers. I'm sure glad that when Obama had to bail out the automotive industry, it wasn't because HE caused them to go under. This crisis is all authored by Trump, and an under reported crisis it really is as 84 farms have filed for bankruptcy...and counting.

Listen, Trump knows as much about business and running this country as a termite does about eating through steel, okay. He killed his own casino business by 'his mismanagement, debt and pillaging.' That came straight out of one of his investor's mouth, folks. Go look up the word pillaging while you're at it. When you're done there, delve into how he's been thieving the American People, his own donors, folks, by again mismanaging...PILLAGING his own Trump Foundation which is now defunct. Trump has been the REAL crooked, sheisty, and shifty SOB all these years and tried to level the general political disdain for Hillary as her being the crook...and the [email protected] bought it. In fairness, here's the latest I could find on the Clinton Foundation's ongoing probe which has yet to even be cited:

Hell, if Bill and Hillary are found to be misdealing and/or self dealing then, hang them out to dry, too. We're talking about funds donated by people to help other people and not for the foundation recipients to help THEMSELVES like Trump. You'll NEVER see the Trumpers around here post on how Trump should be held accountable for his illegalities...NEVER. What's worse is that they're looking at how he's legitimately chest deep in quick sand just like we are...and they ignore it. No worries, we'll hopefully fix it all in 2020 permitting Mueller's timeliness. I'd so love to see Trump in front of Judge Emmett Sullivan just like Flynn was. Man, did he ever crush Judge Pirro, Rush, Hannity, and Fox News with all their utter FBI railroaded Flynn BS!! No, Flynn is a big boy knowing the rule of law!! Thank you, Judge Emmett!!!!

"....and I don't say that with bias."

Add "lying S.O.B. " to your resume.   We already know you're a partisan hack sc*mbag.

".... the good economy he inherited." LMAO You're not only a fool, but a deluded one in denial.

Can you EVER stay on point? Apparently not.
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