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Thursday, December 20, 2018


Jim MattIs resigns as defense secretary

People running are running for their lives LOL getaway is far as I can from this Trump meltdown! LMAO!
He'll serve 2,020 years in prison lol
Looks like someone is hitting the drugs a little hard again.
Lol or tanked up as usual, an incoherent drunk.

Trump said not a word to a single General in neither Syria nor Afghanistan regarding pulling out. Mattis tried his best to tell Trump it's the worst decision he could make as president but, he did it anyway. What Trump did leaves out country open to be 'tested' by those watching our government is chaos...because it's dysfunctional. Trump said Russia wasn't happy about us leaving Syria, despite the fake news but, Putin was actually grinning when he responded to Trump's move about leaving Syria. Putin said the United States has also been in Afghanistan for seven-teen years while saying it's gonna pull out. Well, a couple of hours after Putin said that, Trump announced troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. Let it sink in. We have a serious national security crisis intentionally authored by the sitting president to create several distractions due to all the fallout from previous damaging developments i.e. the Trump Foundation and new indictments linking Trump to conspiracy along with two of his closest hombres...and his kids.

*Mattis was, of course, man enough to HAND DELIVER his resignation letter to Trump, FACE TO FACE, explaining exactly why. Not a word from Trump with his sorry, dumb, incompetent @ss who likes to fire his own people via twitter, through others, or let them find out via a crawler on television like Comey did. In all honesty, Mattis should've hung around and made his case for continuing to serve the American People along with the veterans over there...and stating why it's TRUMP that should be RESIGNING. No worries, Gen. Mattis, we'll get there soon.
I'm starting to suspect that CNN crybaby and soyboy Don Lemon has been on here for some time posing and posting as the ignominious Detective Shortbus.
Well, I now own Detective Shortbus so address me directly you little wet pu**y. Because you and all your dumb@ss friends are such pu**ies, Trump is clearly phuckin' all of you on every front...daily. He represents all of you, and, the whole world now is in confirmation that Trump is a thief, liar, swindler, major con artist, and the worst mistake this country has ever made.
Lucky... despite everything that's going on, these retard losers are still supporting this moron and office. It reveals a lot about their character, dumbasses!
Incoherent drunk or not, that still doesn't change the fact that you're president, your president not mine is a dumbass sixth-grade mentality loser and so are his followers.
Your.... that's speech to text for you it sucks
Ambereete, he's got more intelligence in his jock strap, than you and all the rest of the tribal mouths combined. Your mentality is that of what you call others, and believe me, it shows.
Rogers, Mattis, Kelly, all fired by oblalalalalala. all are leaving their positions as did Sessions.
Can we have these men as witnesses for Military Tribunals while holding Cabinet positions?
The Q deniers all are finding cover for Hillary, but I am guessing Oblallalalalalala a bigger fish.
We hear much about Hildabeasts wrong doings, but never.oblallalalalala ....... and we know there there!


Yeah right, he's got as much intelligence as a skunks a*****e
LOL, Detective Shortbus triggered! I love it! The sound of exploding liberal heads is music to my years. Trump 2020! Delicate snowflakes, aggrieved soy-boys, dumb democrats and evil leftists better get used to it already.
Sic 'em, KAL!
Brett McGurk just resigned too. There’s pretty much not anybody who would say anything bad about Mattis. This is embarrassing. Like he can just be replaced. Anyways, have fun talking incoherent nonsense everybody.
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