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Friday, November 30, 2018


The Founders Never Imagined a Crook Like Trump

I guarantee you they're doing somersaults in their graves.
If they're doing somersaults now, they must have spun like whirling dervishes during Obama's two terms.
@ Mike - like a gyro attached to a high speed drill. Sammiches anyone?

I don't think so. In fact I know so. The founding fathers wouldn't expect a loser like Trump to act like he does and say what he does. This orange sphincter is unlike any other president in history. He's a f***ing joke!

And surely as I say this, this moron will be out of office before his term is up.
Oh, there have been plenty of times in the past when politics were as contentious if not more so than they are now, but they didn't have 24 hour news or the Internet to inflame the populace as they do now.

I know one thing for sure; they would have weeped for the current state of this country, what with all our "foreign entanglements" and most especially in seeing our free press that was once fair in their reporting but now have had their souls bought and paid for by their leftist masters.   They would also have been shocked by the displays of perversity and hedonism not only in TV and movies, but on the streets of our cities.

Thankfully, they also had the foresight to give us the 2nd Amendment in order to take down those who would destroy this country from within. You leftists have let your violent rhetoric become violent reality, so you can expect that, if you don't tone it down, there will come a time when that violent reality is reversed upon you.
Our Founding Fathers thought outside the box and were willing to buck the system just like POTUS Trump is doing. I feel they would be proud that he is trying to restore the constitution, the separation of powers and put government back in control of the people like they intended it to be. Our Founding Fathers were revolutionaries who risk everything to form this great nation so we'd be free.

The left doesn't like POTUS because he's unwilling to surrender US sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats who consider themselves kings and want the world to be one under socialism/communism. All the while the unelected bureaucrats will continue their opulent lifestyles just as they always have with the rest of us plebes paying for it. Face facts we mean nothing to them other than being a herd of sheeple.
Tone it down? f*** off and die....bring in on bitches!!!!!

No rest until this baboon in office is taken down!
Let me amend my last comment towards Mike. I should have never said that horrible thing. I hope you live a long and prosperous life.

says amberjackoff farsical funky macque monkey face meth head.
Hi Jarasan...i'm not a meth head. I had to admit that I did try it once in 1988 and Arizona, Tonopah Arizona. It was good but I could easily see it the time that not having it all the time was a bad thing. So that day I just continue using it. How was 1988 next paragraph

Next! I have to go through all these cases I could judge next!
Meant to write discontinue use of it.....NEXT!
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