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Monday, November 12, 2018


Maxine Waters: GOP Is Scared of a 'Strong, Black Woman' Like Me in Leadership


They've got good reason to be scared; it's not because she's a "strong black woman" -snicker- but because it's always best to be wary of someone who is bat-crap crazy.
This means nothing coming from a bonafide bigot like you BIGOTINTEXAS.
Your inane criticisms mean nothing to me, pedophile.
BLACK WOMEN could care less what a smelly hillbilly from Texas has to say. You are the one with the racist problem chump.
You're the racist S.O.B. around here. I don't care what black women, black men or people of any colors who are socialist c*nts like you think about me.

You just keep on riding in the back of the Dem bus, idiot. That's where they want you.
You know Lil PeePee. The racist thing is kinda old. You are one of those kind that calls anyone a racist because they don't agree with you. I have worked with several black persons, and I can say they were professional, intelligent people. I have the utmost respect for them. In fact, one of the smartest people I ever met who is black trained me when I started my current job 9 years ago. He's a guy I'm happy to call a friend. He doesn't go around calling everybody racist because someone has a different opinion.
Why don't you just grow up?
Don't you mean "LMBAO"?
REPISSEYE, you invited yourself into an A & B conversation, so C your punk azz out. If you don't like the way I respond, don't read it chump.
lil*returdburglar, dammit you got one correct, SHE IS A BIGOT! And if you say she is a woman then SHE IS A BLACK WOMAN BIGOT just as you wrote in comment #2. Thanks for that!
No, BIGOTINTEXAS that is what you want it to say. SAD.
JARAs**t, you're just a nobody trying to be somebody. Trailer park values are not moral. You are low class and you smell. Take a bath you pedophile.
Ok PeePee.
Don't go away mad, just go away. Or be mad, whatever. LOL.
lil*returdburglar fetid, freakish, frivolous, and fossilized fuque face.....get off the grape flavored Thunderbird.
REPISSEYE, there is nothing that you can say that would make me angry. I have dealt with your kind for decades and always came out a winner. Bring it on BIGOT.
JARAs**t, are you on drugs? Are you drunk? OH I forgot, you were a special ed. child. Now you are just a plain retard and prevert.
Speedy...this blog reeks like a moldy trailet in a trailer park and odors of stale beer and stinky old whores....get out quick before you catch something....whit racist trash...nothing more....
amberjackoff farsical fuque face that smell is from your upper lip, you and your lil* bitch are projecting again.
Shut up pervert.
Pervert? Projecting again, I see.
Truth hurts, huh BIGOTINTEXAS? Inbreed
Racist old c*nt . I bet it irks you to have to clean up kid's vomit all day.
BIGOTINTEXASS it's OK to be jealous as long you are not consumed with it 24/7. Be thankful for what you have, not with what others have.
You make no sense, dumbazz. You chuggin' the purple drank again?
BIGOTINTEXASS, you are a failure in life. Your accomplishments are few, and you are a loser. So why don't drive yourself to the nearest housing project and park. It will be over for you quick.
don't you
Stalker sleazy
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