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Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Notorious Boston Mobster Whitey Bolger Transferred To New Prison Fatally Wounded

Whitey Bolger was a Gangster and Murderer. He lived by the sword, so he died by the sword.
Unless you’re in your 80’s and still living, it’s a shame that people even try to act like they know or remember who this man was. He’s way before most people’s time who are alive today. I guess some convicts get a rep for beating an 89 year old man to death. Life sure is tough. Gimme a break. He never should’ve been news. Why because of a Johnny Depp movie. Yeah right.
There have been several movies and TV series thinly disguised as being about Bolger. The series "Blacklist" was inspired by Bolger's life and a recent episode of "Ray Donovan" had a character (played by James Woods) loosely based upon him. But no, most people these days wouldn't know who he was, but that's because most people don't pay any attention to current events (when they happen). His trial and conviction were in 2013, so it wasn't all that long ago.

BTW, Bolger's brother William was a long-time prominent Democrat state senator from Massachusetts. He was forced out of his position as President of the U. of Mass. b/c the authorities thought the brothers had been in contact and William Bulger was lying about there being no communication.
Thing is anyone who happens to follow Whitey, well they must have a like for horrible stories. That man was a particularly bad person. He would do anything for money. He was gay, he was a rat, he murdered women. Look I’m not from Boston ok, but nobody’s gonna miss him. The movies and tv stories could never show the real side of that man. And honestly I would never watch them. There’s no need to glorify what he did with his life. In fact, if I’m not mistaken the person or persons who are responsible are the ones who will end up being glorified if you know what I mean. A lot of people are happy about this. Probably even the CIA, lol.
That’s all wiki and news stuff. Doesn’t mean you were there or know anybody that was. Pleasant dreams tonight Boston.
What do you mean "follow Whitey"? Was he on Facebook? Listen, you mental midget, he was in the news not that long ago in a very publicized trial and some of us have an attention span longer than that of a roach and our memories aren't burned out by NYC smog and 40 oz. malt liquor.

"is all wiki and news stuff" Good grief, you really are dumb as a stump, aren't you? Is that a Puerto Rican thing or did you inherit your stupidity from your daddy?
You’re such a hibaro. I’m surprised you know even how to write your name. Or read. You focus on one word, and try to twist it into something I have no idea what you’re ever saying expcept that you’re a fat slow dumb moron. Boy you’ve been watching so much news you’ve turned into a vegetable. By the way you stink and you’re rotten. You should be tossed. Whatever hick boy. Good luck with the oil business and the cattle. Her jaw to you idiot. Go talk to a horse. I hear that’s what you hicks like to do. Besides kissing your sister or your grandmother..
He was on the run for some time. You know follow. Duh you stupid idiot. I’ve known about him for decades.
Before the internet tried to make dumb hicks like you sound intelligent or like you have a life. I guess it failed. Oh well. Life goes on.
You've known about him for decades, huh? I guess that means you like "horrible stories". Gotcha!

I was intelligent long before the Internet came into people's homes. Sounds like you're jealous of me for being so much smarter than you. That's YOUR more ways than one.

Whatever you say, lonely girl.   You sound just like the other leftist 'tards in here, p*ssy.
I will confess I had never seen nor heard the word "hibaro". It took about five seconds to educate myself.

"Jíbaro is the word used in Puerto Rico to refer to the country people, the people who farm the land in a traditional way."

Wow, not much of an insult. Maybe you have such disdain for your own people that you mean it to be more of one than what it sounds like. That's just sad.

Also, why would you make three posts in a row to say absolutely nothing but inane insults? I can just see you so mad you're spitting on the monitor and cursing in Spanish, desperately trying to come up with something halfway smart to say.

Have at it, pendejo. Come back at me with your best shot. I won't read it, but it will probably make you feel better to have the last word. Heaven knows you desperately need SOME sort of validation for your inane opinions, so that will be it.

You're welcome.
No wonder you’re alone. Who in their right mind would ever listen to you. Or even want to be around you. Me me me me me that’s all you say. You sound so desperate to sound like you’re somebody it’s really really sad. Mike, boy your mother sure fooled you with that name. She should’ve named you turd that fell out of my ass and I left stinking on the street. Yeah anybody with ties to boston knows about him. But you keep thinking you got anything.
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