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Monday, October 29, 2018


United Nations: Trump Must Allow Migrant Caravan Into USA

It's the only human thing to do, to let them in and process them. I'm not a believer in the conventional god of the Christian faith or any other, but if I played along with the game and said yes to Christian faith is right and God really does exist and so does Jesus, what would Jesus do? Would he turn them away or take them in? Most of the Republicans are religious Christians yet they do everything in their power to look like they aren't LOL. Just like God does. He goes out of his way to make it look like he doesn't exist. That's kind of crazy isn't it?
Oh I almost forgot, I've seen videos on YouTube with Jackie Mason making me laugh about the subject of how Jews, certain Jews, make believe they are Jewish so they don't have to go through the stigma. It's a crazy world I live in right now, I grew up in the seventies in New York City and I tell you, this is weirder than that, and that's all I have to say about this. LOL no chocolates involved in this story
Ever hear that old proverb "Charity begins at home"? It's not a Proverb from the Bible, but that doesn't give it any less validity. Even if you wanted to substitute "Love" for "Charity", the meaning stays the same: look out for your own family first.

That said, here's a confirmation of that philosophy that IS from the Bible:

"But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel."

1 Timothy 5:8 (KJV)

I don't see how anyone could deny our massive problems here and I absolutely refuse to have someone tell me we should put others before our own who are in need. We have homeless beyond enumeration, insane people not being treated, old folks ignored and warehoused until they die, a multitude of criminals roaming the streets and honorable veterans who are suffering and yet we want to take on even MORE problems?

We have laws and procedures that people must follow to enter this country and become a citizen (or even a visitor). You can't see the utter idiocy of letting a mob of people cross our border and dictate to us just what laws they will or won't obey?

If it means so much to you, then I suggest you offer to sponsor one of these "migrants", perhaps take one into your own home. If you refuse to do that, then you're just being contentious and those of us who are your political opposites object to your obvious virtue signalling and attempts to make us out to be hard-hearted and selfish. You're the worst sort of partisan hack there can be.

"A nation without borders is no nation at all."
- Ron Paul

@#4- This is a very profound post. I will remember this forever.
@Mikeintexas, I couldn't have said it better. Using the homes we dwell in as a metaphor, are we supposed to allow someone to barge in our houses, live in them as if they have full ownership, eat the food we work to pay for, take what they want without repaying us for anything they've used? Instead of repaying they send all their spare money back to their families. Liberals also want to give them voting rights so they can vote in more of the same. Somehow this does not balance in reality, except to make an emotional SJW feel good for the moment until they turn their attention to some other 'noble cause' or new gadget.
How is it that a non-believer feels more concerned about people running away from tyranny? I think these things out and about early because I can't come up with an answer to justify them.
Running away from tyranny? Yeah that's it, thousands of cowardly young men running away from their own countries instead of fighting against that tyranny? Give me a break.
What kind of break do you want? Jawbreakers?
Oy vey!
As I said, if you are so concerned, put your money where your mouth is...not MINE.

I don't think they're "running away from tyranny"; I think they DO want "a better life" but it shouldn't come at the expense of those of us who are already here and esp. those American citizens who desperately need help NOW. Besides, I don't like their method of trying to force their way in, don't like their rhetoric, don't like that they are so weak willed they won't try to change things in their own countries...that's not the kind of people we need here.

That's the trouble with you leftists; as long as YOU don't have any skin in the game, you're all for ripping the flesh from whatever source you can. On top of all that, who is giving them the funds to come here, who is feeding them and who told them to come here and who is urging them on? All signs point to Soros, the (literal) patron saint of leftists.
How id it cowardly? I make points of interest hopeful go succeed.
"How id it cowardly? I make points of interest hopeful go succeed."

Honestly, is there some sort of online website that will translate your posts when they're like that?
Mike, that was a great well thought out post, and I commend you for the way you write.
To me, the bottom line is we must care for our own who are in need before just letting people cross our borders as they wish. Where else in the world can a mass of people enter a country illegally? And yet, leftist call out Christians (and there are non-Christians who don't think these migrants should just waltz in) who don't want illegal aliens to flood the US.
Ambergirl, since you are so concerned for them, take them into your home (or your parent's basement where you live).
amberjackoff farsical fuque face is high as a Georgia pine again.
Let this sink in...

All of a sudden, thousands of Guatemalans decided to walk 1,500 miles...!!! Buy a back-pack, arrange food for 12,000 meals everyday for 2 months....Get money for travel expenses, have drinking water for 4,000 people every day x 60 (that's 720,000 meals for the trip), get directions for the best route to take, have extra clothes and sanitary items, have medical care available, prepare for rainy days, get 4,000 sleeping bags...!!!

If they can cover 25 miles every day, it will take them 60 days to cover 1,500 miles.....and they all decided to do this all of a sudden, all at once and they would arrive in the USA just in time for our election. What an amazing event...!!!
Carbob, konane and rcb: thank you for your kind words.

Yep, IS amazing, huh? Of course, the left and the press (one and the same) would have us believe it was a spontaneous event that just snowballed.

We've already had one caravan reach our borders and if we let them intimidate us into letting this one waltz in, just think of how many more there will be.
Tippy your math skills is suspect. Try walking in the desert for 25 miles a day and see how far you will get with very little food and water. I doubt if 5% MAKE IT. IDIOT
Tippy your math skills is suspect. Try walking in the desert for 25 miles a day and see how far you will get with very little food and water. I doubt if 5% MAKE IT. IDIOT
Just because you spout off the same gibberish twice, sleezy the racist, doesn't make it correct.

Did you have a blackout? Thankfully this one was only eight minutes and you didn't swallow your tongue during the seizure. Lay off the crack and the purple drank. You might get by doing one or the other but not both at the same time.

They're being supported by trucks full of food and water paid for by leftists, probably Soros, idiot.

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