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Monday, October 29, 2018


Trump Is The Glue That Binds the Far Right

And The Atlantic is the dark part of bird droppings.
It's scary to think that the 63 million Americans are retarded.
What's really scary is the Democrats who want to nullify the votes of 63 million Americans by whatever means possible, even illegal ones. The people who voted for Trump aren't retarded, but those who voted for Hillary Clinton are least aiding and abetting those who ARE committing crimes in their name.
Trumpsky is an embarrassment to most Americans and world leaders. He is the glue that holds the low informed, bigots, racists, skin heads, Nationalists, and Nazi party together. He make promises to them that he has no intentions of middle class tax cuts, health care that cover pre-existence conditions, no cuts to Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid. SUCKERS!
"Trumpsky is an embarrassment to most Americans and world leaders."

Not even close. Trump has ushered in a wave of change, REAL and GOOD change, not like the last president who promised us 'hope and change". People around the world are starting to wake up and see how they've been hoodwinked by the leftists.

"....the low informed, bigots, racists, skin heads, Nationalists, and Nazi party together. "

Like welfare queens, ANTIFA, BLM, the mobs on the left? Granted, I've never seen too many Dem. skinheads, but usually that type on the left have their faces and heads covered, the cowards. I won't label you leftists with "skinheads" or "Nationalists", though, but the rest applies to the left. I'm a Nationalist and proud of it. Too bad YOU don't love your country as much as those of us on the right do.

You don't have a crystal ball and you don't know what he plans on doing. If those of your ilk would quit being obstructionists, we could repair the damage we suffered the previous 8 yrs. before Trump got into office (and to be fair, quite a few yrs. prior to that, but those 8 yrs. were the worst of them all) He's accomplished quite a bit in spite of the leftists trying to block him at every turn.

No, the true suckers are those of you who continually and faithfully fellate those who have such disdain for you, all the while professing they love you and have your best interests at heart.   Fools, the lot of you. Tell me, do you spit or swallow?

BIGOTINTEXAS no man is an island. You are too blind with selfishness and bigotry to comprehend what Trump is doing to this country. He has ushered in hate from the Hitler era. Trunpsky's agenda is taken straight out of the Hitler's play book. One has to be educated in order to see through all the BS and Lies.
"Selfishness and bigotry"? I thought I had educated you multiple times on projection.

"Hitler's play book"? Like I've told you and others, don't be such drama queens. That's not only patently false, it's absurd. The right doesn't even begin to fit that description, but you leftists have already done the equivalent of the Reichstag fire, several times! You don't see mobs of conservatives in the street, committing violence, you don't see conservatives assaulting members of the govt. in restaurants or at their lefties try to intimidate however you can...Good God, ya're not only projecting your own character faults onto me, you're projecting the actual actions of your own political side onto the other!!!

"One has to be educated...." I guess that lets YOU out. Sure. you *might* have a college degree, but that was most likely obtained by rote (or affirmative action) yet they failed to teach you critical thinking. All you have done so far is parrot the leftist lies.

You leftists have done this sort of thing for years and now that you're getting blowback from it, you are alarmed by the reaction?

Yeah, you'd better be scared. It's not the re-birth of Nazism you need to worry about - since that's happening on YOUR side - it's the awakening of righteous might. You and your ilk's time is coming.

Oh, and since you ignored my question, I'm gonna guess you swallow....and wash it down with the Koolaid.

BIGOTINTEXAS you are very dense as well as obtuse. There is no hope for YOUR kind. You are doomed to die in ignorance and poverty.
When you call me dense and obtuse, you are projecting. I am much more learned than you, no doubt about it.

I might very well die in poverty, but at least I will never be as morally bankrupt as you.   There will be no hope for you unless you open your eyes and start being honest with yourself.
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