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Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father

No really??????? Dot-dot..... Wow that's so unbelievable. I can't believe Trump would do such things!
At least he knows who his father is. Another lame leftist attempt to bring him down. That family has been audited since the beginning of time especially in NY real estate, they are hunting for taxes in NY state. And I know all you GD fuquing loser libtarded leftists just love to pay as much as you can in taxes, right?
JARASH!T, you don't know your daddy. He went outside the trailer to smoke some crack and never came back...
Once again with the projection, Sleazebucket! I will have to keep repeating this until you finally understand.

"Unwanted thoughts and feelings can be unconsciously projected onto another who becomes a scapegoat for one's own problems."

Not sure it's "unconsciously" on your part, though. I suspect you're lashing out because of your own wasted life.

I'd be rich to if I didn't pay my contractor's, I didn't pay my taxes, and a whole list of atrocities that I'm not probably aware of. Give it some time, will all come out soon.

You right Wingers will believe anything anybody tells you. Boy do I have a bridge to sell you really cheap.
lil*returdburglar aka godonkmonk projecting its own miserable experience on to others. Yo' daddy was the trailer park crack head goat that left the donkey, and your monkey momma to never return and care for its genetic freakish spawn.
amberjackoff turdburglar the only contractor you've ever had was your weed and heroin dealer.
No just weed, and guess what genius, I pay them. You are such a pathetic piece of human crap, and you don't even realize it.
Good, stay off that hard sh1t.
I've never done heroin, but if I did it's still none of your god f****** business so f*** off b****

Maybe you should stop smoking so much crack! You dumb mother f*****
Yep, jarasan. Just give him a time-out, that's usually enough to calm him down.

I don't have the stomach to check his diaper, you?
That is his sisters job.
I'm not triggered, I'm just letting you know what an a-hole you are, although you probably already know, it's a good reminder, at least 10 times a day you and your other troll friends. Bunch of f******
Bunch of f******

Uh..."fun guys"?
I recall he told Todd he wasn't gonna post anymore.
That didn't last long.
I have an 70 year old friend who smokes pot every day and does not react the way amber does.
CARBO, you take a bunch of drugs each day, which is why you act like a whacked out old fool on the threads. You are irrelevant, but just don't know it.
BIGOTINTEXAS you are using your FREE Status to be a FLAMING TROLL. This is not the purpose for allowing you to be on the LP FREE of charge you bum.
JARASH!T is a disgruntled government employee that has been passed over for promotion numerous times because he's dumb and does mediocre work in his cubicle. Snitching on his co-workers has not helped him. Now, they leave notes on his desk and in the break room calling him a SNITCHB!TCH. SAD
Carbob. Go back to your KKK meeting, and take your other trolls on this side with you please, they're going to be late for the meeting so hurry up. And then after after the meeting you can kiss my ass.
Speedy...its so telling of carbob that he excuses his troll friends who attacked us and it's okay with him. It's a double standard that they all are unaware of, total hypocrites. I make comments in a blog unprovoked to any other person except or reply to the subject at hand and they come out of the woodwork, and then they turn around and blame the finger on me saying I'm an idiot I'm this and that I'm a troublemaker where a troll all that stuff. Meanwhile they give each other a pass doing the same very exact thing. What a bunch of f*****-up nutjobs these a*****es are
What's it to you, Sleazebucket? If you have a problem with Todd offering free memberships, I suggest you take it up with him.   However, having a premium membership doesn't excuse your racism.

"Flaming"? Once again you're projecting...but this time it's not your character faults, but assigning your own homosexual tendencies upon me. I'm secure in my own sexuality, but for goodness sake, you should go ahead and come out of the closet like ambturd did. You'll find honesty - not only with all of us on LP, but with yourself - to be a refreshing change-of-pace.

I know you lash out because you're sexually frustrated and emotionally immature...or maybe it's the other way around, not for sure which.

"Troll"? I guess I'll have to plead guilty to that charge. I can't help it's so easy to toy with the feeble minded.
Quit foolin’ Truesee I know you’re real loyalty
Toothless in Texas is dumb as a rock.
And amburd is a traitorous criminal degenerate and needs to be deported!

MAGA! Get rid of the scum, send them back to where they belong!
BIGOTINTEXAS Make AMERICA GAG Again ---MAGA You better hope it stays free, otherwise you won't be able to pay sucker.
It's football Saturday...see ya Trumpozoids...
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