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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Trump is the world's most unpopular leader

Yep he's very unpopular with globalists and leftists who control the media. Apparently the flyover states residents didn't get the memo.
That's a given. Many American just aren't willing to sell their soul for 40 pieces of silver.


Only the right wing nut jobs still haven't figured it out yet. However, I think they know, but it's so far gone that they have to save face, rather than concede....PATHETIC!
No, what's pathetic is when a border-line retard with a drug-addled mind is unable to comprehend or even speak on the actual issues at hand. As far as I can see, all the libtards know how to do is to holler RACISTS!, BIGOTS!, NAZIS! LOSERS! If that's all I had to offer to the conversation, I think I would just keep it to myself. I wouldn't want to publicly embarrass myself if I was incapable of thinking outside of those parameters.

BTW...smoking pot isn't a hard drug dumbass!...It's legalized in some states already....Maybe you should start smoking may help you grow a brain cell or two...

You must be one of those brainwashed goody two shoes who believes in a magical sky daddy...ahahhahaha...and you have the balls to call me's 2018 and you people still believe in the tooth fairy...what a joke...and then that other idiot Jap claims he flew in a spaceship and talked with the Aliens while on a space tour....MAN!!! people need help....stop wasting my typing time and do yourself a favor and go pray to a ceiling somewhere...the stupidity gets worse with your every entry here....

When you stop being such brainwashed moron...maybe you can compete with my LOGICAL brain...until then...stick to your limited mind and play with some toys or something...!!!....pfffttt
Thanks for proving beyond any shadow of doubt the point I drove home in Post #4. No substance, just mouth. But I do have one question. By your reference to the"Magical Sky Daddy" I presume you are referring there to the doctrine of the Divine Trinity- God The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit? Just checking to make sure I'm not misunderstanding you. Feel free to elaborate further if you would care to further enlighten me on any subject matter pertaining to doctrines of Christianity. I'm a retired career police officer/detective, and have never even once thought about "smoking weed". Therefore, I'm not nearly as smart or as enlightened as you obviously are, LOL! Thanks in advance for any further valuable information you might be able to share on the subject!
amberjackoff is booked for eternity (didn't have to use Trivago or Travelocity) at he11daddy's.... hotel he11, he will check in and never check out.
Oh look, another brainwashed simpleton shows up. Be sure you behave well Jarash1t, because Santa will be watching you for next Christmas...I know for sure you believe he really exists, so...don't lie..

You're so brainwashed, you can't even write the word HELL!!....How the hell can I take you losers seriously, when you believe in fairytales as fact?...I actually feel sorry for ya!
I wonder if Amerjackoff will get any credit for all his "good works" and superior intellect? St. Peter might just open the pearly gates and let Amberjackoff have a quick peek after he makes it known how many NAZI BIGOTS he knocked in the head with his club while out on ANTIFA patrol. Guess it all depends on what kind of mood the "Magical Sky Daddy" is in that day.....
JARAPOS, when was the last time you looked inside a church you blockhead hypocrite. You need to be concerned about where you will spend eternity. KKKAL wants to lecture someone about smoking weed. If you drink you still take drugs dummy. Alcohol is a depressant and many policemen are boozers. As you and JARAPOS reminisced so gleefully on another thread. I don't drink or take drugs, but I have a lot of friends that do. Most are social drinkers, but a few are alcoholics. Either way I don't put them down like you two sanctimonious turds do.
Ho-hum. Birds of a feather flock together.
Lil'dummy, I know you like to stand up for Amberjackoff, but don't let him sell you on the Magical Sky Daddy thing. I don't think even you want to go down that road.
KKKalo and Jarash1t ...what makes you think you have a monopoly on truth. There are thousands of religions and gods, but you know for a fact yours is the correct one. Even the Christian religion has over 3,000 denominations who can't agree with themselves on the correct way to enter heaven.

Each of those religions believes the other is wrong and their version is the right one....please get a clue for a change. They all can't be right.

Can you imagine if the fictitious Adam and Eve actually listened to God's rules and din't eat of the tree of knowledge? They and everyone born after them would never die because after eating the apple, they wouldn't be punished by death, so the population today would be piles of Humans living on top of each other....I could go on for days about the inconsistencies of the Biblical story, but it's a waste of time.

I could make a long laundry list of impossibities that come with believing in such a story, but I'm sure you're not interested because you don't like truth, only customs and cultural adaptations you were brought up with.

In fact, i could easily label you as don't believe in other basically, it just happens to be that you were born in the part of the world that elieves in the Christian religion, but because others who were unfortunate to be born in other countries who don't subscribe to your beliefs are condemned to hell. How convenient.
To actually believe an omnipotent god who knows everything would purposely and knowingly allow different belief systems to exist, and then punish the ones to eternal hell...JUST BECAUSE they, out of no fault of their own doing, happened to be born on the wrong part of the planet, will suffer eternal ation,leads me to believe you haven't done your homework.

You have the right to believe in whatever you want, but if you ever want to have a debate about god, you will lose your shirt, because I've done my homework, and i guarantee you I will win, although you won't admit to it. Been researching this subject for decades, and there are too many holes.

Years ago I had a major debate with a member here, and got in trouble with Todd because that member refused to address the specific issues I brought up, and relied on his usual tactics of attacking my middle eastern background, so i went off on him for doing that. So i know how people react when they don't have the answers, and change the subject when it counts. His name was Ridgerunner..or RDGNR..i think the spelling is wrong.

I may be a pothead and drink, but don't dismiss my intellect. It's so juvenile of people to think people like me don't want to know the truth, especially if it impacts my fate in life. Great philosophers and sages throughout the ages haven't proved god and which one is right, but some shmultz living in the hills had it all figured out????...really?

I do believe in that there could be a part of us that may continue after this life, I just don't put any credence in organized religion for many obvious reasons to me. I say this because I've had a few supernatural experiences in my life that couldn't be explained. But to make claims that a group or a person knows the the secrets of the universe for a fact because it was written in one of many ancient books written by ignorant old men living in the desert as fact, is where I draw the line.

Well dang! Who'da thunk it? Amberjackoff The Theologian!
You've obviously haven't been here as long as I have.

Look, let me tell you a short story. When I was In California in late December before I moved back, I told my 88 year old dad that I didn't hate him. He claimed I didn't love him. So I replied...Dad...I don't hate you, I hate some of what you do. Like blowing his nose in the kitchen sink, not washing his hands after using the bathroom.

The moral of the story is that I really don't hate you or Jarasan. You fill in the rest.

I'm sure you guys mean well.
BTW, I've never attended any ANTIFA events and attacked the cracked me up. I'm off on Mondays and Tuesdays. I'm so tired from work that the thought of joining such a group would be like 728,017th on the list of things to do...ahahhahha

Posting your opinions on the net is more effective. I'd rather use my brain gun, than a real one. God gave us brains to think, rationalize better than any other animal on the planet, a gift of intellect, thoughts, problem solving, the list goes on...all these mental aptitude.....YET...when it comes to religion, we must shut all those attributes off completely. Why? Do people of faith truly believe that's what god wants us to do?....How does that work?
amberjackoff I offered you a new free laptop no strings attached, you were too proud or not trusting to just say OK, I get it, no biggie, but you write angry sh1t and make stupid threats, carry on, I don't hate you either.

lil*shiddy poopy face, fuque you, you are a hateful ignorant brain washed vindictive self righteous piece of sh1t troll, like I've told you before, get on these rickety knees and pray to God you never meet me. I've tried several times to play nice but you're a certified a$$ho1e.

JARAPOS, pluck you and the horse you rode in on. I never tried to be your friend and don't have any desire to be. JARAPOS, you don't want to meet me. That's just behind a computer screen stuff talk. You are and has always been a yellow bellied coward. Pussy!
lil*shiddy poopy face, you are 100% correct, you've never wanted to be anybody's friend, I have offered an olive branch several times in an attempt to civilize the conversation and come to a consensus. Unfortunately because of your deteriorated cerebral functioning, anger issues, lack of diplomacy, humility, sincerity, and never having had normal human interactions you are incapable of a civil discourse & even less at making friends.

The stuff you called and said to Emily last year was shameful and disgusting, lil*poopy you are fuqued up, get counseling.
Emily? Why should I be shameful. I never said anything to Emily until she said something to me. She said some nasty things to me, I in turn let her have it like anyone else. I did the same to ridge. You people think you can say whatever without consequences. I'm not crazy or mean spirited, I'm just a man that don't put up with a lot of BS.
"you people" the classic tell of a racist. You've been trained to feel you are owed something for nothing you never endured. You hold a baseless grudge against anyone your leftist KKK demoncRAT masters indoctrinated into to your head. That indoctrination has been fermenting in that mush brain of yours to become the hating belligerent "you people" racist that you are.
That right, "you people" that think that they are always right; try to tell people what they can think, say, or feel; don't respect different political views; bigoted; prejudice, and downright hypocrites. You people that have run people away from the LP by using bullying tactics. I can go on and on about what you people have done, but it's not's all memorialized in the threads for all to see. So STFU and KMBAP.
Comment #22 just substitute "you people" with "I be them people", and then you are correct. You will never be "right" because leftist dogma is saturated permanently into that old mush brain. Leftists like yourself hate the freedoms America guarantees and want to hand control to your demoncRAT masters with extreme prejudice for the rest of us that love to determine our own destiny. MAGA!
Amen to that. I guess that wraps up this thread!
Since "you people" didn't get it the first time, reread #22. SAD
JARAPOS, Make America Gasp Again!
yeah when Trump wins by a landslide in 2020, Kerri, Biden, and Sanders are the hope of the demoncRAT massas, HAHA.
JARAPOS, you are counting your chickens before the eggs hatch. You have no way of knowing what will happen in 2020. You don't know what will happen in 2018. You don't even know if you will be here in 2020. You have no control over the Universe when your time is up. So your pathetic prediction is moot. If you check the threads you will see that I told ridge the same thing numerous times.
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