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Friday, January 12, 2018


Trump Denies S-hole Comment: Not The Language Used<snip>hole-comment-this-was-not-the-language-used/

I do not care if he did say it. Call a country or areas in a country just what they are.
What did Democrats call Alabama and the Republican voters in Alabama? Yeah that's it.
How about those code words Hillary use to cal Trump voters. Just code for sh!t heads.
Get over it, move on.
Excuses! Excuses! It's easy to get over it when your ancestor's countries is not referred to as Sh1tholes. 75% of my DNA is from countries in Africa. This is not about Hillary, it's about Trump. He said it, not her. I'm thankful for my Sh1thole ancestry. Many people from Sh1thole countries made America what it is today. That was a RACIST statement made by Trump and I for one is not shocked. He has made racist statements for years. It's not acceptable and I won't "Get Over It".
Would you please post a list of the " many people from Sh1thole countries made America what it is today." I did not see any place where he referred to Africa as a,"Sh1thole country."
Carbo you are the last person I want to talk to. You are a part of Trump's base and you see nothing wrong with what TRUMP SAID. So do me a favor bigot and GFY.
The only reason democrats make such a big fuss about their insistence on having open borders immigration policy is their need to import a steady supply of future demon-rat voters. They need a permanent underclass in the country to help them regain power and stay in power. They are not concerned with whether or not the individuals flooding unchecked into the country intend to assimilate or may be terrorists, much less whether or not they even speak English or bring any any beneficial skill or talent into the country. The demon-rats will happily put the arriving new immigrants on permanent welfare in exchange for their future allegiance to the party during elections. They are vehemently opposed to a common sense merit-based system such as that proposed by President Trump. Trump's position on immigration has never wavered ever since he announced candidacy in 2015, but now the demon-rats want to pretend like their dainty little snowflake sensibilities were so severely shocked and offended because Trump may (or may not) have said a bad word that mommy told them not to say, LOL! Trump stopped the sanctimonious and conniving dimwits dead in their tracks yesterday by asking a simple question as to how does it benefit the USA to keep bringing in all these unskilled Third World Banana Republic immigrants . That made way too much sense so now they are having another one of their weekly "Trump is a Racist" conniption fits, LOL!
Speedy, you always open your mouth but never prove anything you say. I can understand why. Since I moved to Columbus, Ga, In all of the places I have lived, foreign countries and the good ole USA. I have never seen so many uneducated Blacks in my life.
lil*poopy has lil*shiddy dna. That other 25% must be extra special shiddy.
Lil'dummy's response to CARBOB in Post #4 is a good illustration of the point I made in Post #5. Lil'dummy made a very questionable and far-fetched statement in Post #2. CARBOB then politely requested that Lil'dummy post supporting documentation for the far-fetched claims he made in the previous post. This caused Lil'dummy's mind to short-circuit and go totally blank. The only thing he could come up with on the spur of the moment was 'GFY'. And that was good enough! Hardly surprising. And sadly, quite typical. The standard Democrat response to any sort of pro-Trump stance or statement is always "EFF Trump". Democrats always have such brilliant answers! Yes they do! And yes they can! LOL! But now all the good Democrats are so profoundly "offended", "aggrieved" and "shocked" because Trump allegedly said the word 'A-hole' in a private meeting. There will be great consternation on CNN and MSLSD for the next several weeks until the occasion of their next Trump hissy fit. Give me a break! I don't care if he said it or not. Trump is getting the job done that he was elected to do. Let the Democrats go scream at the sky again if they are so worked up about it.
JARAPOS, your mammy is a crack head, so you have every race in your DNA, then some pervert.
Everything that Trump is saying resonates with the racists, bigots, and jack boot people in his base, not the real Americans that support him, but not his mentality. CARBO and KKKAL you two belong to the former part of Trump's base. Your racists gibberish is like water on a duck's back. I've heard it all before and been around people that were much worst than you people. You two, are just idiots that enjoy race-baiting. SAD
Ha! I knew it wouldn't be long before you started up with that same old worn out RACIST/BIGOT shtick that you learned back in high school. But now I see "jack-boot" has been added to the leftist verbiage for a slight modification to the usual routine, LOL; so lame, but so predictable! Democrats are the architects and engineers of the trusty ole Race Card, but it doesn't seem to work on Trump as his popularity continues to increase. But wait a minute! Did you finally admit that real Americans support President Trump? Could it be that are you beginning to see the light of day?
lil*shiddy poopy face, you wish you had my diverse, multi cultural, and very beautiful DNA. lil*shiddy poopy face we know you are an intolerant, bigoted racist, with a chip on your troll shoulder the size of Stone Mountain. You loathe & hate Asians, Caucasians, Latinos, Europeans, Middle Eastern people, and especially real Africans. Your brain is one of the the biggest sh1tholes in the universe, a big fuquing black sh1thole in direct competition with Cyngus X1, you can't and never will escape the deep well of your infinite stupidity.
@Kal you are so correct, the left only has the race card, and dummies like lil*shiddy poopy face.
Lil'dummy is all in a tizzy over the very "offeeensive", "raaacist", "haaateful" and "inseeensitive" offhanded alleged remarks about immigration policies of certain African countries attributed to President Trump by Illinois Senator Dick Turban (D), but if you were to introduce Lil'dummy to a Rand McNally globe and give it a few spins, I strongly suspect he wouldn't even be able to find the African continent, much less the individual countries such as Burkina Faso, Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Senegal, etc.

KKKAL, you're just a jack boot ex-corrupt cop from Albany GA.
lil*shiddy poopy face's infinite stupidity is forever.
Well, dang I guess that settles everything then, LOL
You forgot to say hicks after Alabama Jap. Well since nobody knows anything we might as well listen word for word to someone who pretends to know everything.
You all need to go on an episode of Family Feud or something.
Round up all the right wing Nazis and put them on a deserted island. The sh1thole island. You people are so pathetic. Bunch of losers you are...
Ameberjackoff, just in case you missed last year's memo, Team Trump won. Crooked Hillary lost. Read her book and learn all about it. Donald Trump is the President. Your side of dope-smoking transgender misfits and hysterical loony tunes miscreants lost. Go scream at the sky and everything will be okay, LOL
Trump is the most hated man on the planet, not the most feared. In fact, he is laughed at by most leaders and manipulated by others. Yes he is a real hero in his world that your kind will never be part of. Poor SAP!
Go outside for a while and scream up at the sky, Lil'dummy! You'll feel much better afterwards. I promise.
KKKAL, all you will get from Trump is a promise. As far as Trump is concerned you are sub-human if you are not of the Aryan race. Do a little research before you put all your hope and trust in Trump. You might learn something.
All I've seen from Trump is positive and very encouraging RESULTS- this in spite of all the salivating Demoncrap obstructionists lined up to thwart his every move. I did more than "a little" research a long time ago and arrived at the inescapable conclusion that Trump was the designated "man of the hour" to clean up all the mess left behind by tour beloved half-breed Racist Long Legged Mack Daddy/Anointed Messiah that spoke with a forked tongue about all the wonderful things he was doing to transform the USA into a Socialist Paradise controlled by Big Brother. By the way, I read today that African-American unemployment hit a record low in December/2017. But of course, you heard CNN 'Lemon Boy' say that was all Odumbo's doing. Trump had nothing to do with it. LOL! You demon-rats are truly pathetic creatures!
KALO35- I read the same report!! Speedy, answer this question. In the Obama reelection, why did less Blacks vote for him, than his previous election. Could it have been because thousands of Blacks realized what a sorry a$$ President he really was?? Those were some of the real Black Americans. Everyone on this forum knows you are not one of them.
OR, could it have been because a lot of Real Black Americans like Colin Powell voted for him because of the color of his skin and the second time realized that was a bad idea?? Which do you think Speedy? I believe this was the reason for the difference.
CARBO, maybe you did not get it the last time, so let me say it again, GFYB. GOT IT! GOOD! You are a bonafide bigot that lacks any type of rational understanding. Talk to KKKAL. You two have a lot in common, both of you are IDIOTS from the sticks, still living in the fantasy world of the 50's and 60's. It's GONE WITH THE WIND, pun intended.
Speedy, You can not face the truth. Why does the Black unemployment rate be so low since Trump was elected? When another Black man tells you this, you continue to show your ignorance. I am starting to believe you never finished high school.
CARBO, you can't help how you think. You are a product of your up-bringing. It's not easy for you to accept people of color as successful educated Americans. There are more educated Blacks with advanced degrees than ever before in history, so for you and others to continue to hold onto your stereotypes is beyond comprehension.
It's very obvious you can't accept the truth!!
CARBO, your so-called TRUTHS is derived from generations of stereotypes passed down from bigoted people. The fact of the matter is that you are ignorant of people of color. You are prejudice against your family members because you now have people of color in your family. You are a sad individual if you let your hate for people of color reject family members that are now part of your gene pool that you can do nothing about. By ignoring their existence forces people close to you to deny your existence. How sad.
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