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Sunday, January 21, 2018


The Shutdown Is About Who Gets to Be an American

Clearly shows Democrats represent interests of illegal immigrant non-citizens far in excess of interests and welfare of legal US citizens.

DACA comes up for renewal in March. Wrong to use it as a reason for shutdown right now.

Democrats fully own the shutdown by showing what they're all about.
The buck stops with the commander in chief. This is a Trump Shutdown because he lacks the ability to lead, instead he is listening to pointy head Miller, whose ideology is from the star trek generation.
As already explained by Konane, you have your pal "Shutdown Schumer' to thank for this nonsense.
Trump is not a professional.
Although I find it strange how his 'mentality' or way of thinking is spreading into the minds of everyday people. Question, did he ever get that old white businessman guy from the Geico commercial fired? Just wondering. Can you say Crazy?
The blame game won't save you.
This whole fiasco lays in the lap of SCHUMER SHUTDOWN. SCHUMER SHUTDOWN OWNS THIS MESS.
The problem is that hilldebeast isn't Maddam Prezzy..........she was supposed to win or we wouldn't be having these conversations, right? If the beast had won I shudder to think and thank God every day.
The person that caused the SHUTDOWN is Fuhrer Trump. You are able to see his large Orange head peeping out the WH window.
Trump was trying to get some work done in the Oval Office but the annoying sound of a braying donkey outside the WH window kept disturbing him. He looked out the window, but it was just SHUTDOWN SCHUMER out there on the lawn making unnecessary noise and having another conniption fit over DACA.
Fuhrer Trumpsky looked out the window and saw how unpopular he is. He is the first president to have demonstrations when sworn into office, and after he has been there for 1 year. He is probably thankful for this shutdown because one of his past lovers is in the news. This has been a sad year for America. He is letting his good be evil spoken up because of his immoral behavior and pathological lying. It's indefensible and pathetic.
So apparently you haven't heard yet about the enthusiastic and cheering crowds at the rally near Pittsburgh, PA when Trump spoke last week of his very successful agenda. Even hard core leftist Chris Matthews said Trump delivered a “barn burner” speech in which Trump “hit all the high notes—never a flat one”, further characterizing it as an “uplifting, gung-ho” speech “with all the flags flying.” So don't kid yourself, Lil'dummy, even Chris Matthews realizes Trump will be going in strong for a 2nd term in 2020! MAGA!
Schumer's shutdown shows that the Democraps are willing to do things that hurt Americans just to spite Trump. Democraps are truly amazing, aren't they? Yes, they are!
Fuhrer Trump doesn't go outside his base. That is unheard of for a president. His skin is too thin to go outside of his base. He can't take being booed.
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