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Saturday, January 20, 2018


Rob Reiner at Women's March: Trump Tearing Away Fabric of Our Democracy

Herr Reinhard "Rob' Heydrich is a total goofball. He got it all wrong. Trump is rebuilding the fabric of our democracy. Another leftist fruit cake. That's all.
Rob Reiner tore Trump a new AZZHOLE. Trump is a very unpopular president. Now he knows how it feels when you're POTUS. Always playing to your base has negative consequences. The Trump Shutdown is in day 2.
The illegal immigrant shutdown.
The Schumer shutdown.
Rob Reiner, the Meathead.
Once a meathead always a meathead. The new pillar of the demoncRAT party....... anger.......baseless hate to motivate its libtarded minions. It has no vision for the future of America just hating, race baiting, and distracting with misinformation to influence the kool aid drinking idiots of the libtarded left.
Schumer and his meatheads still trying to dazzle the rest of the illiterates with their BS.
It's not easy defending an incompetent and unpopular president for one whole year. Well, get ready for year 2, it's going to be a hoot.
You seemed to have had no problem defending the commie dunderhead Obozo Donkey Ears for 8 years when he was actively engaged in tearing down the country as envisioned by the Founding Fathers, and stetting up his radically redefined vision of America, to-wit: The Islamic Caliphate of Obamastan. Trump is Pro-American in all regards. Therefore his actions require no defense against the unhinged railings of libtards. He has the country back on track and needs to continue full speed ahead .
Obama was not thin-skinned. He maintained the dignity of the office of the President for eight years, as did other presidents before him. Trump has brought LYING, CORRUPTION, BUFFOONERY, and RACIAL HATRED. This is not presidential and will not be tolerated by the vast majority of Americans. He has no morals and considered a joke to many of our hostile leaders. Acting like a child with world leaders is not my idea of a president that wants to unify our nation against possible aggression.
Excuse me, but you are clearly confused. The LYING, CORRUPTION, BUFFOONERY, and RACIAL HATRED you just cited were exclusive characteristics the Obozo regime. Add TREASON, CORRUPTION and DONKEY EARS to the list. The voters decided that a braying donkey to represent the USA was exactly what was NOT needed after 8 disastrous years under Insane Hussein Obozo. Trump stepped up to the plate and reversed course. He is the the polar opposite of what the leftist Obammy represented. The hostile nations are now in a conundrum as they are no longer allowed to call the shots and make demands as they were able to do with the limp-wristed tranny-obsessed Obammy. I can guarantee you there will not be any more international "apology tours" with President Trump in charge. That you can believe.
barry was a thin skinned long legged mac daddy that fuqued up America for 8 years and the mfer is still at it but once he is jail with with cell mate hilledebeast all that will end.
KKKAL, I know it's hard to try to defend the indefensible, I have to give you a C for trying. But for two days now women have been marching against the Orange Head Buffoon in the WH. So get your head out of your AZZ and face reality. Trump is not popular and many are not willing to accept Trump's behavior as normal. There is a protocol that goes with being the POTUS. He has now had a year and he's worst than ever.
We're a Constitutional Representative Republic.

We are not a Democracy. 'Meathead' got it wrong again.
Thanks, Konane!
A bunch of ignorant women wearing pink genitalia hats have been marching and protesting the "The NAZI" in the White House. My word! That is so shocking! The predicament is more dire than I realized. Trump might just up and resign if he finds out the marchers disapprove of the MAGA agenda! LOL
That's right! A bunch of women from all occupations with a common interest. The marchers disapprove with Trump's behavior toward women and people of color. Konane you need to study more history and cut back on all the conspiracy theories you regurgitate on a daily basis. No one with a mind of their own is paying you any attention. You need a hobby. SAD
Lil'dummy, you seem to be paying quite a bit of attention to what Konane has been posting. This is very commendable as there does exist the remote possibility that you may actually learn something!
No you have it wrong. All of Konane's material come from repub wacko conspiracy sites. None of which have any credibility. Have you seen any of the conspiracies being investigated? eh?
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