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Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Don Lemon's Interview With MLK's Nephew Turns Into A Trainwreck

Lemon Boy living up to DT's assessment of being "the dumbest man on TV". I would argue that Lemon Boy is not a man, but I digress.
I would say you are a typical HOMOPHOBIC, hypocrite, and bigot. This is the same way you were when you were a corrupt cop in Albany, GA. Bigots equate success as failure, Only when it involves people of color, how asinine is that? You can't think for yourself, Trump don't like him, so I don't like him. You see KKKAL, you're still at the age where you are not sure of your manhood, that is why people like you are so homophobic. Picking on the weak, doesn't make you strong, it makes you a WUSS.
STFU Lil'dummy, you're nearly as dumb as Lemon Boy. I say nearly as dumb because you have a distinct advantage over Lemon Boy. You have been privileged to have had a front-row seat in my on-line continuing education class for the past couple of years now. Next best thing to Rush Limbaugh. You prolly won't admit it, but I know you can't help but to have learned something along the way. You're a bit slow on the uptake, but repetition is the key to learning. Don't get discouraged! Anyway, enough of your unsolicited psycho-babble, the point is DT's blunt and brutally honest assessment of Lemon Boy was very accurate. CNN Crybaby Don Lemon is the dumbest man/girl/'whatever' on TV!
Like I said, You are a shameful homophobic. I don't have a problem with gay people. My wife and I have a few gay friends and they are more normal than all of you Albany, GA hicks. Creepy T. has been around gay people all his life in the entertainment world. But you like, many other creepy bigots still discriminate against people because of their race, color, sexual orientation, and religion. You have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were a rogue bigoted cop from ALBANY, GA.
But like you,
KKKAL, you are an immigrant on LP. Standard use is for the occasional lottery post player. It was never meant to be used everyday like paying customers. But if you can't afford it, I can understand. Otherwise, I will start to think that you will only hang around as long as it's FREE>:<
Once again, acknowledging the fact that you are bit slow on the uptake, the point is that Lemon Boy is Dumbest Man/Boy/girl/whatever on TV. Try to stay on topic. The article is NOT about gays. The article is about a mentally deficient Fake News Poster Boy for Cannabis News Network. I'm surprised he didn't start crying by the end of the interview with MLK's nephew.You got it this time? Or must we go over it again?
I know what the subject is. I'm just calling you out for your homophobic behavior. It has nothing to do with the subject, but everything to do with your prejudice.
Are you and Lemon Boy 'special' friends?
I feel sorry for you. You're not mature enough be around gay people. Some of your cop friends are gay...they stay in the closet because they know how homophobic you are. Homophobic cops are homicidal.
Don't feel sorry for me. I'm happy to be your worst nightmare. Besides President Trump, Lol
KKKAL, you are a figment of your own imagination. You don't have enough life experiences built up in the universe to be on my level sonny. You've got a lot more living to do to get to where I am intellectually. There are no short cuts. Keep seeking knowledge not nonsense.
LOL, that was a good one! Now you're a regular stand-up comedian! Hone up on those Trump jokes and you might be offered a gig on SNL !
lil*shiddy poopy face you are an unoriginal fraud loser bitch wanna be fuqued up in the pea brain idiot, stfu you godonkmonk. lil*shiddy poopy monkey shining dipsh1t, stfu godonkmonk dummazz.
Huh? SMH:<
Lil'dummy got slapped silly by # 14, LOL
Huh? You too?
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