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Sunday, January 21, 2018


Chris Matthews Warns Giddy Dems: Trump Will Be Extremely Tough To Beat in 2020

Wow! I never would have believed it! He's got more sense than I would have gave him credit it for. He actually said the Democraps can't beat somebody with nobody. He knows the Democraps have nobody!
Kathleen cut the Laphroaig and Cutty Sark off and he is somewhat sober.
Laphroaig and Cutty Sark should not be mentioned in the same sentence.
True that, but Chris is Chris, and his wife knows all his secret stash hiding places in that vast home.
Can't believe the prices of Macallan's these days. Used to get it for $50.
Here is the list for what is probably close in Md. the 12 yo. is now in the $75 range I guess.
6+ pages click next at the bottom. Crazy $55K for a bottle................
I've been waiting for my next solid Cash 4 hit to treat myself to the next bottle of Laphroaig. Looks like it may be a long wait.....Apparently, my virtue of my past purchases, I own a small 1"x1" plot of peat bog on the grounds of the Laphroaig Distillery in Scotland, Lol
Chris has lost his mind....That's like saying Hitler will be in power again..delusional. 35% approval rate?...ahahhahahahhahhaha
Quite to the contrary! Chris "Mr. Tingle Up My Leg" Matthews finally experienced a moment of lucidity. Shocking!
Amber, they are extremely depressed. They can't take it when their Trumpsky is sad. Closed the government down on his 1 year anniversary. Year 2 the real fraud will be revealed.
NEWS FLASH: The fraud will be revealed by the end of next week when the Congressional Memo on Gubbermint FISA abuses is made public. Off to the hoosegow with Obammy and Hillary ! LOL
amberjackoff doesn't get the conversation shift. amberjackoff is on par with Pb (lead) for density...

Anyway, we were at a nice tasting of the Scottish single malts and the hosts showed us how to truly appreciate and understand the complexities of the different distillers, and it was to simply have washed your hands with clean water, rinsed clean of soaps etc.. then take a small splash of the malt and rub it your palms together with it and let your nose do the judging.
I must admit that that I'm partial to some heavy metal, but that Atomic # 82 is a total Obummer......
Haha that's funny. Yeah, I was talking about the 18 year old Macallan; it's over $150! Laphroaig is not really my style, although I do understand that it is to many. Dalwhinnie doublewood Cragganmore 18 single cask more my style. Hehe
I meant to say Balvenie Doublewood! Dalwhinnie's still pretty good though. Haha
amberjackoff is on the idiotic table.

Cragganmore the Dalwhinnie.....Glenfiddich so many singles so little time......
Laphroaig for me conjures up smoky images of the peat bogs and the smell of salt water at the "beautiful hollow by the broad bay" along the east coast of Islay....
News Flash: Nothing will become of MADMAN's conspiracy theories. You are so gullible. He doesn't even give the source. SAD desperate evil people. The only person being investigated is your Fuhrer Trumpsky. LMAO
The source is CONGRESS you nitwit! But, congrats anyway on spelling Fuhrer correctly this time. Get those NAZIS, Lil'dummy! LOL
I spelled it right for you only. Nobody else cared.
But I would beg to differ. We've been discussing subtle nuances of ancient Gaelic language translation to English on the Scottish Island of Islay. Attention to details of spelling is very important on this thread.
Yes, and all of it is BS and unrelated to the topic. eh.
lil*shiddy poopy face, shut the fuque up, idiot. Go back into your hole in the basement. If you knew Chris Matthews or his wife...............this is not off topic, Chris also likes the Chivas and in the old days the Absolute/Grand Marnier.

Shut up fool and enjoy your day off. Give thanks to your fuhrer Trumpsky. LMAO
lil*shiddy poopy face, you never had the brains or humility to accept there are people much better off, more educated, and much more successful than you, having achieved it without one govt. paycheck or help from any one other than themselves. lil* shiddy poopy face you are a leech on the back of society and never did anything notable because you are a loser parasite.
Getting insults from Jarash1t're a raw sewage way you can get me mad by insulting a Human like crawl back to your gutter where you and your cohorts here belong....everyone's a tough guy behind their computer screen, but I can guarantee you Jaracrap doesn't have the balls to say it to my face...he'd end up in the ICU, and I'd be in jail....tough guys on the

I just can't wait when their furor gets the boot in 2020, or hopefully before....will love to be a fly in the room just to see their veins popping out....can't wait till this loser and their skinhead followers all start sh1itting their pants....but until then, keep telling yourselves he's going to win, despite everything that's going on...You'd have to be a blind rat not to know he won't get'd have to be either so delusional, or just retarded...I believe Jarash1t and the others here who support this buffoon are the latter...they have to one in their right mind could see what's happening on a daily basis and continue to make themselves look like utter MORONS on a daily basis touting how great he is...It boggles my mind how many MORONIC PUBS there are on this planet...

It's no wonder this planet is going to sh1t...It's people like the PUBS (RETARDS) who will bring this country down to the gutter....Mindless robots who live in denial, ignorance, and delusions....PATHETIC !!
Did you forget to take your meds today, Amberjack?
Speaking of leeches and parasites......amberjackoff!
lol...I mention RETARDS...and guess who shows up to respond...Case closed!
I predict that amberjackoff will have to be institutionalized after Trump wins again in a 2020 landslide, LOL
Yes, amberjackoff you showed up and you are definitely very retarded.
KKKalo and jarash1t = MORONS!!
amberjackoff are you between hook ups? As I've suggested before, do yourself and your sister a favor get off that sh1t.
"Giddy Dems" are scary. I don't like the look of their eyes.
True colors showing...happens every time. Never fails, just need to give it time. PUBS are sub-Human...Only care about their rich fellows....You two MORONS don't get it and never will....I am seemingly writing this more often. Now that's scary!
Amberjack, you sound so hateful! Why aren't you out doing the Giddy Dance with your allegedly giddy/giggly Dimwit pals?
Fuhrer Trump is the great deal maker. He a made a $130,000 deal with Stormy Daniels. She has been using her 15 minutes of fame in her new shake dance show entitled, Let's Make America Horny Again. SAD
Mein Kampf is their favorite all time book!
Lil'dummy, if you might be able to lay off on the comedy act for half an hour or so, I would suggest you go over to Konane's blog and watch the interview with former US Attorney and Special Counsel Investigator Joseph diGenova to find out what's really going on on behind the scenes with the shocking Democrat scheme to exonerate Cankles and frame up President Trump. DiGenova lays it out nice and clear and in such a manner that even you might be to understand the degree to which you've been hoodwinked by your crooked and conniving Demon-rat leaders.
If they watch and are sober enough to comprehend what DiGenova says their heads would melt like the nazi heads did in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

You poor blockheads. Everyone is not into fiction. Both of you should try reading a good nonfiction novel and broaden your little gullible minds. SAD
But yet you were one of the first dummies to rush out and get your copy of 'Fire and Fury', You couldn't turn the pages fast enough! LOL
I went to school with a pretty famous kid, 'mein kampf' or whatever was his favorite book in school. We all thought he was crazy looking in the past like that. German Irish ancestry. He changed his tune as he got older. Maturity, very important in life. Kind of like a good single malt! Haha I had to make a clean segue, clean like the flavors of your favorite single malt! (: My family comes from the Talisker parts. Scotland forever!
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