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Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Barack Obama's stern warning for Trump

The Wisdom of a fool.!

Only fools doesn't take heed to wise council.
The suit-wearing Sneaky Snake always speaks with a forked tongue. He is a counterfeit-plated deceitful interloper. The truth is not to be found in his silky words. His words and his thinking are antithetical to truth and wisdom. Do not be fooled. If the Sneaky Snake said it or advocates a certain position, you can be certain that it is a lie, a ruse or a ploy to deceive and mislead the gullible. You can take that to the bank.
Obama has more wisdom than this rich fool Trumpy ever will. Trump is a chump!!!!
You and your ilk sure will have a hard time dealing with Trump being President for the next 7 years. It will be great for the rest of us! We'll have some good laughs watching ya'll libbies have your daily conniption fits and yelling at the sky! I'm probably being overly optimistic, but maybe one day you'll be cured of your illness and see the error of your ways.
Do you think he was wise for giving Iran, Nuclear Weapons? Be honest when answering. Don't say he was wise because he is half-black!!
Amen Kalo & CARBOB, etc

We know who OB is has shown through his slick camouflage but what being masterfully hidden "IS" what he IS: his action demonstrate his inner philosophy as a indoctrinated communist and muslim working in behest of the New Wold Order.

The secret intentions are being revealed regularly and the deceitful snake will be exposed for what he truly "IS"

Stay Tuned, much, Much More to come.....
It's definitely curbed Iran's ability to make Nuclear weapons, so yeah, it was a good deal. You people just don't get it and never will.

LMAO @ 2020 Trump win...DELUSIONAL is the only word I can think of right now...ahhahahhahahhahha
LOL, Amberjack thinks Odumbo's furtive transfer of billions of dollars in cash on pallets to the Terrorist Republic of Iran "curbed their ability to make nuclear weapons"! CARBOB, I know you're looking in stunned disbelief at what Amberjack wrote, but, yes, he really is that stupid! The Iranian Ayatollahs and Mullahs are still laughing their azzes off over the "deal" they got from Odumbo and Kerry. None of the prohibitions or sanctions of the "deal" are verifiable or enforceable. No inspectors are allowed on premises to verify compliance. Iran has more nukes than ever you big dummy!
Unfreezing and giving someone their own money is a steal. Amber, it was a good deal. KKKAL, get all his information from FOX and FOOLS news, and talking wacko heads on repub only sites. He listens to them like it's gospel and then regurgitate it on the thread like he thought it up all by himself.   LMAO
Yep, "best deal over", just like Odumpo was the "best President ever", LOL!
Creepy T. already owns the trophy for worst president ever. He might have three more years of investigation...the circle is getting smaller.
Dream on. As the Radical Moose-limb Odumpo was so fond of saying- "That's just not who we are are as a nation" LOL
Exactly speedy...KKkalo is just dumb...simple as's their money dumbass!!!.... these pubs are just pure simpletons...dang!
You two nitwits refuse to stand up for America, but would go to the grave to justify Odumbo's enabling and empowering of a rogue Radical Mooslum Terrorist Regime that would exterminate you two useless dummies in a Tehran minute. Two brain dead leftist geniuses that are willing and even begging to be thrown off the roof-top by or strung up by a crane in downtown Tehran by your wonderful radical Mooslum Cleric heroes and friends with their pockets stuffed full of American cash that are are working themselves into a frenzy while chanting Death to America! Ya'll are good with that. I understand. Typical America-hating Demon-Rats!
Trump is a Nazis sympathizer like his daddy was. He made millions by doing business with the communist.
WTF are you babbling on about now? Trump didn't do any business with Obammy the Communist. But Obammy did plenty of shady business deals with the Iranian Ayatollahs. They think Obammy is the greatest!
Trump's wealth is tied to the communist government that his daddy did business with. Educate yourself, then you won't feel so stupid with your explanation.
I see you must have been watching Bill Maher for the Michael Wolff interview. This is not the means by which one becomes "educated". You were eagerly lapping up the the disgusting and slanderous drivel of the so-called "author", a bonafide left-wing fruit cake! You can see the look his eyes. Wolff is a kook! Stop being so gullible and willfully ignorant as to believe all the garbage put out by these shameless fly-by-night left-wing smut rags that you choose to indulge in. Read a real book such as "Art of the Deal' and get educated. FYI- Trump's father, Fred Trump, took classes in reading blueprints and became a carpenter. By virtue of hard work he became a wildly successful New York real estate developer. Donald followed in his footsteps. Don't be jealous of successful people that made a fortune.
I don't watch what you watch for one. I am an educator, I read books.
Well, that's a start. Read some books about Trump written by a reputable author. Not by a wild-eyed leftist fruit cake!
If I want to read about bankruptcies, immoral behavior, tax evasion, adultery, money laundering, nepotism, obstruction of justice, and narcissus behavior, I'd just read about Trump's first year in office.
If you want to learn something, might I suggest that you read the 2005 bestseller entitled 'Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder' by renowned and critically acclaimed author Michael Savage? You might occasionally still be able to find a hard cover copy on eBay or Amazon

I don't read anything wacko repub writers write. It's all one sided Propaganda.
A nice Bugs Bunny story should be about right for your level of comprehension.
My comprehension is on the Master's level sonny. What about you, eh?
Don't get me started again on your phony Master's Degree. Apparently its not worth the paper its printed on. The dumbest person I ever met in my life had two so-called "MASTER'S DEGREES" And yet couldn't compose a single coherent sentence. But she sure would run her mouth and let you know about her two "MASTER'S DEGREES", LOL, what a joke! A 6th grader could run circles around your thinking (as evidenced by what you post here) CARBOB suspects you didn't even get through High School. I'm beginning to wonder.
Well sonny, My GRE scores(GRADUATE RECORDS EXAM) qualifies me for a Master's and above. I care nothing about what you and sad CARBO believes. Both of you are still stuck on stupid. You have problems with people of color that has progressed far beyond your capability. SAD
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