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Saturday, January 13, 2018


Adult Actress: Trump Chased Me Around The Room In His Tighty Whites

Trump has a new name, CREEPY T. But its OK with some in his base because he speaks for us. It's OK to commit adultery on ALL your wives, BECAUSE YOU THE MAN! How PATHETIC!
It seems nothing horrible this Nazi lover loser can do to make the base shake their heads with disbelief. Saving face at this point has backfired on them because it just makes them look even more like MORONS! But it still doesn't prevent them to keep doing it. I guess they like looking like buffoons.

How much was she paid?
Six Figures.
Definitely made up fake British news for clicks, no! you f'ing bloke mate bitches, it is "tighty whiteys" not tighty whites, a tighty white would be Jeff Bezos a tight white richest f'ing libtard that has under paid employees on food stamps and slaving under the duress of bad working conditions.

Another tighty white would be Billy Bones Klintock that wrote off his tighty whiteys as a business expense.

COCAINE in a failed attempt to offer proof that Trump is innocence of the alleged love connection with MISS Stormy offered a letter that was drafted by Trump's lawyer...all she did was sign it. When they track her down, they will get the truth out of her. Nice try!
Once again the fraud is detected, lil*shiddy poopy face isn't a man, much less a average man that grew up in America. I have been correct all along, lil*shiddy poopy face is not a native born American man/woman/it/age etc., he is an imposter fraud make believe troll fuque. Comment #6 is proof beyond a doubt he doesn't know.......................the American lexicon.
JARAPOS, the question is, Do you know who you are and where you came from, eh.

Here do some reading since you mental midgets were so   fast to post your bullsh&*
I hardly doubt any of your would apologize for the crap your spew?
NAZI loser? Is that what you called him Amberjack? You and lilsleazy disgust me. It should only happen to YOU and your wife and kids.
Those are Amberjack's two favorite words- NAZI LOSER. I don't think he's capable of making a post without working in the words NAZI LOSER. Everybody that voted for Trump is a NAZI LOSER. These trolls are so original, LOL! He used to be stuck on BIGOT, but that has 5 letters, too hard to spell after indulging in Girl Scout Cookies.
LETHARGIC, you are disgusted with yourself because you are a ding-bat, gullible, and is bigoted in your thinking and behavior.
KKKAL, there is not too much more that I can say about you that the LP and WWW people don't already know. They already know you are a bigot ex-crooked cop from Albany, GA that is hated by the many people of color whose civil rights were abused by you. Your rhetoric lets us know just who you are, a racist Georgia hick from the sticks.
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