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Saturday, January 20, 2018


2013 Trump: President Responsible For Shutdown

How ironic!
The dimwits caused the "government shutdown" on account of 800,000 illegal immigrants. Isn't that amazing? Aren't they special? Yes, they are!
That's right! If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. The buck stops with Creepy T.
Trump will prevail despite the obstructionists always having to throw a wrench in the works. Democrats are totally useless creatures. Good for nothing except showing their ignorance.
KKKAL, you need to wake up, turn on your TV and pay attention to what's going on across the country. There are a lot of people that's angry because they see all the hypocrisy coming from the WH. People around the world are looking at the chaos that is created when you have a party in control of all three branches of the government, and don't have a clue about governing.
Schumer Shutdown took his laundry list to meet with President Trump, nothing having to do with DACA. Schumer is such a liar. This guy is almost as bad as Pelosi, totally worthless liars.
I'm acutely aware of what's going on in the country. I NEVER watch the garbage being spewed forth from CNN or MSLSD. Therein lies your problem. FYI- there's no "hypocrisy" from the White House. Trump is a straight shooter. He does what he says he will do. And means what he says. That's why we gave him the job. Every day the leftists are becoming more unhinged and more hysterical. Patriotic Americans are SICK and TIRED of these antics, worn out racist rhetoric and leftist ideology. But, PLEASE let them keep it up! PLEASE let them keep making fools of themselves and going around saying EFF TRUMP! They are so smart! LOL- but little do know they are steadily paving the way to Trumps' 2nd term as President in 2020. MAGA!
"shutdown Schumer" , LOL, I like that! A very fitting moniker for lying Chucky.
This is a Trump Shutdown. He can hide in the WH all he wants. Every shutdown is blamed on the president. Check your facts, not FOX. 1st anniversary for a loser president, That is Making America Hate Again.
What a nitwit thing to say! You think Trump is going to let 'Shutdown Schumer' hold him hostage for some left wing BS he totally opposes? You better think again! Trump is flexible and willing to negotiate, but the dimwits won't budge from their agenda of 'MAFA' (Making America Fail Again). LOL, in one year Trump has already accomplished more than the dunderhead pot-smoking Obozo got done in 8 years. And the main difference is Trump is working to build up the country and restore greatness, not working to destroy the country as the fake Kenyan Imposter/Dictator dedicated himself to doing for 8 long miserable and disastrous years. The good news is that Trump has already reversed a great many of Obozo's failed policies and mandates! MAGA!
Trumpy, the biggest loser on the planet right now...what an effing clown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trump needs to look out his window. He will see thousands of women that think he is dishonest, an adulterer, poor example, liar, incompetent, and a fraud.
And that proves there are thousands of ignorant women, so what? There are, on the other hand, MILLIONS of women that know better, wearing that pink pussy hat makes you f'ing stupid not smart. Seriously those people are the total viewership of MSLSD, CNN, and the NYT/WAPO combined.
Those women are professional and educated. Something you can't relate to.
Really? Professional and educated? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Since when are lemming, indoctrinated, leftist fools professional and educated, you have no basis for your claim, I do, they just show images, they won't play audio because it is proof of how idiotic they are.
AHH, you jealous because your mammy is a crack head and uneducated. LOL
There you go again, repeated idiotic attempt at an insult because I am right again,   lil*shiddy poopy face is hitting on his glass pipe with his pussy hat on. ugh.
JARAPOS got get your mammy a beer so she doesn't have to go on the corner and hustle for one.
When confronted by factual information, befuddled and clueless Democraps have perfected a 4-pronged approach to arguing down intelligent Republican or Conservative opposition:

1) Call your opponent a "rayciss"
2) Call your opponent a "bigot" or a "nazi"
3) Call your opponent a homophobe, xenophobe, islamophobe or a misogynist.
4) if steps 1,2 and 3 fail, start throwing down "yo mammy" comments.

Simple as that! Democraps are so smart! Isn't it amazing? Yes, it is! LOL

JARAPOS started the mama comments. I also has a list of Bigot responses when they have nothing of worth to say. You have used every response on the list. In fact, I will post it again FYI.
have a list
I know you have a list. I just posted it above. Duh! I understand the need for the dimwits to have such a list. Most of ya'll had not the slightest inkling of the meaning of the words listed on line 3 until Billary so cleverly weaved them into the tapestry of her infamous "Basket of Deplorables" speech. Then ya'll jumped on the bandwagon but still can't spell them with a talking points reference list, LOL
KKKAL, you are so ignorant and is a very proud imbecile. SAD:<
I iz a very proud imbecile. Otay!
Let me also add immature. SAD:<
How rich is that? An observation on lack of maturity from a grown azz man that still resorts to "yo mammy" comments while engaged in polemics, LOL
You are immature. I know this is not your first time hearing that word. You probably laugh it off like a big dope. lol
Yeah, I heard it used back it in grade school.
I blame......hmmm....daylight savings time.
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