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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Wiretaps may prove Trump right and that's absolutely terrifying

You know, I haven't been ridiculed about Russian colluuuuuusion in a while, and I'm ready for it NOW more than ever. Let's start with the Master of Misinformation, Rusty Limbo, and his laser focus on Obama being the key operative behind all things wire tap. I'm glad he has his audience blind sided with a Trump-specific wire tap lie because the rest of the civilized world knows that our FBI, CIA, and NSA monitors 'foreign governments' FIRST. If an American is intercepted in those communications, they MUST CEASE MONITORING. They then request a FISA to CONTINUE monitoring just what the hell that American has to discuss with the entity in question. *They learned that key people in Russia were talking with Manafort which is how that second FISA came about. Nobody was 'tapping' Trump BUT, he prolly got caught talking to Manafort who was subsequently under surveillance.

Enter Manafort, who'd been operating as a foreign agent for so long without issue that he was pretty comfy. The Ukraine deal, to lift sanctions on Russia, is what got him reeled in initially but, they stopped. His appointment to the Trump team in the midst of all this is what got that second FISA dropped on him....and they got him dealing with the Kremlin SPECIFICALLY. Based on credible sources, he seemed to be urging Russia to have fun with our process....and continued speaking with Trump well after he was elected. To even remotely think about even considering that Trump and Manafort never discussed the election in regards to Russia's role is recklessly naive.

Leave it up to Rusty, though, and Trump was right about his wires being tapped by Obama. This is the toxic junk food diet he served today...while everyone else just smiles. Yes, sirree Bob, Paulie was talking to some heavy hitters about how things were gonna go down with our process:

On top of all of this, Trump is using all of his supporters' money to pay for all his and his family's Russiagate defense legal fees. Yep, all those red MAGA caps:

It'll get really exciting once we get into the money laundering. Um, you all do know that it was the Mueller team that sent all those guys in the ENRON scandal to those itty bitty prison cells, right?

*No, Mr. President, it's not a witch hunt. It's more like WHICH one(s) to HUNT FIRST.

So it is O'K for the likes of Obama, Jarrett, Clinton, Podesta and all their lackeys to collude with each other and who knows what foreign country to sabotage the election process.
The news media and their followers think all those I mentioned squeaky queen little angels.
Their has been no news coverage at all of their shenanigans.
Besides that there are all these leftist radical groups out protesting and doing all kinds of nasty sh!t to upset the political process.
Just read Obama is getting his thugs out to defend his Obamacare. What Senator would they like to try and assassinate this time?
luquy stupid loser aka: detective shortbus, strikes again! Bruhahahahahahahahahhaha!!!!!!!
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