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Thursday, September 7, 2017


Ultimate Guide for Responding to Friends and a Family Who Still Support Trump

The absolute worse thing one can, 'when in direct interface' with a Trump supporter, is to engage into a mud slinging, insulting, and conjecture-filled exchange. If they come across in that mode, just leave it be. If it's cordial, then ask them to illustrate each of their points with uncontested FACTS via reputable links. Get the raw numbers i.e. dates, amounts, percentages, etc. Let them go FIRST so they can get it all out of their system. Then, when ready to make your case, do the exact same thing which means you're either making your case against him or for Obama's tenure. *They love memes which are circulated via email and are the gospel but, are also very easily disproven.

To really, really understand these people though, I honestly believe that you MUST LISTEN to what they're being FED DAILY. Do your diligence and get some Fox News and listen to Rush, Insanity Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and anyone else like them. It'll help you, I promise, to make your battle much easier. Conversely, most of them cannot, will not, and are afraid to absorb CNN and NBC in any portion...because they know the truth will hit 'em right between the eyes with all the names, dates, places, numbers, and historical relation to what's happening right now. In doing this, you're checking ALL the sources against each other in search of truth, most of the truth, excluded truth, and lies.

Believe you me, they may try and call you a liar or discount your proof but, they get a wake up call when curiosity takes over...and they read what you said. Lastly, be sure to apply appropriate criticism to Obama, Hillary, and Bernie as they have their short comings and this is a sign of maturity. They will never criticize Trump on ANYTHING...WHICH IS WHERE YOU ACTUALLY WIN.

Always good at hijacking a thread.
Yeah, Detective short bus strikes again.
WHAT? Detective Short Bus aka 'Lucky Liar' left Michael Savage, Chris Plante and Mark Dice off the list! An egregious omission that clearly constitutes unacceptable negligence! The lowdown folks is that Lucky Liar is so enamored these days with that dashingly handsome and ever so sensitive CNN goofball 'reporter' Don Lemon that he's having trouble collecting his thoughts and can't concentrate properly any more during his highly acclaimed and eagerly anticipated on-line LP dissertations, LOL. But not to worry folks! Lucky Liar will soon be back on the next thread to dazzle "folks" with more brilliant and enlightened progtard analysis (breaking it down for ignorant Trump supporters in layman's terms of folksy happy horse$hit) on the current state of political affairs in the USA. But first he must review his notes and commit to memory the latest talking points from that HIGHLY reputable and VERY honest cable "news" network that strictly adheres to an unwavering policy of reporting only the "FACTS", LOL, Lucky Liar told another whopper!
Trump has Schumer and Pelosi sitting in the palm of his hand.
Did you ever see Hurricane relief, Debt limit and the continuing resolution fly through Congress so fast?
Trump is running rings around those yokels.

Trump even gave a Democrat Senator a ride in air force one to his rally in North Dakota to be by his side for his tax package proposal. She may abandon the Democrat Party and sign on with Trump in his new Lion Party.
All this proves is that Trump is neither dem or repub and just like he always says is that he is a deal maker. Trump was never a repub. LMAO
By Jove, you may be right JAP69! I admit I was a little worried upon initially hearing about the latest developments involving President Trump working with the most prominent dimwits, to-wit: Slimy Schumer and Pathetic Pelosi, but had not stopped to ponder a different and more positive interpretation of this sudden display of bipartisan cooperation.
"The absolute worse thing one can, 'when in direct interface' with a Trump supporter, is to engage into a mud slinging, insulting, and conjecture-filled exchange."

No, the BEST thing one can do is to not start the mud slinging to begin with.   That's why you get the pushback. Conservatives have been far too polite for far too long and it's a shock to progtards when they get it back in spades.

"Lastly, be sure to apply appropriate criticism to Obama, Hillary, and Bernie as they have their short comings and this is a sign of maturity."

Oh, just what is "appropriate"? "Obama should have come out quicker in favor of gay marriage and silenced those Republican bigots." or "Hillary didn't run the type of campaign she should have against the vast right wing conspiracy." or "Bernie needed to trim his busy eyebrows before the debate."   Yeah, you guys are really hard on them.

A Democrat voter defining maturity? Bwwwwaaaaa!

If we "absorb" CNN, you reckon they'll give us the news before they do anyone else, just as Donna Brazile gave the questions to Hillary prior to the debate? Will NBC tell us the truth or will they trot out Brian Williams to tell us HIS version of it?

You really need to stop using the word "truth" b/c it's obvious you don't understand the strict definition.
"Busy" should read "Bushy".
@Sully, thank you for giving me the chuckles for the rest of the day!!!!!!!!!!! Detective short bus!!!! HaHaHaHaHa!!!!!!!!!!
Mike, what on earth are you talking about? There's a ton of youtube videos out there that clearly show dignified democrat voters exemplifying the very definition of maturity and wisdom, LOL

You make some very good and valid points here.

Detective Short Bus resides and reigns supreme within his imaginary realm of self-proclaimed omniscience and pragmatic insights, but somehow always manages to arrive at erroneous conclusions that are antithetical to truth. Lucky Liar wouldn't recognize the truth if it slapped him in the face. Truth be known, Lucky Liar is not the slightest bit concerned with the truth. All he really knows is what he was taught to believe from an early age. That Republicans are evil and bad, Democrats are noble and good. Democrats have no problem with making patently false statements and slanderous accusations as long as it's done for the purpose of demonizing the evil Republicans that want to starve little children and take away grandma's social security check. Democrats are always good with lying, cheating, stealing, depravity, disorder, lawlessness, etc.

Liberalism is a mental disorder, plain and simple.
Excellent comments, I am enjoying this immensely. lol. What was that Detective Short Bus, OMG love it hahahahahaa aka Liar Loser.
I'm really loving Lildummy's new policy of not feeling compelled to have the last word on every thread! It has not escaped my attention that Loser Liar and Lil'dummy have teamed up behind the scenes in their exclusive Mutual Admiration Club and devised a purportedly brilliant new "strategery" to keep antagonism and divisiveness alive and well on the blog threads. LL first puts on his Detective Short Bus hat and steps up to stir the pot with his usual outrageous commentary. Lil'dummy then steps in from the Amen Corner to agree with and parrot whatever nonsense LL just posted. Then they sit back and ignore the incoming comments from the 'MALCONTENTS", Lol; how lame can you get ?
lol, It was Det. short bus, or Undercover Clown.
On #9 I responded to the article not MALCONTENTS KKKAL. I don't miss you people gibberish at all. Go away all of you.
Thanks for clearing that up, Lil'dummy! I really do appreciate your new policy of not responding to comments from "deplorables"! Awesome! Frees up time for me to devote to more productive matters.
He's getting tired of constantly having his black azz handed to him. He knows he's on the side of evil, he just won't admit it.
Make me, whoreson.
Go away Malcontent.
Bite me, Buckwheat.
Suck me, crackhead.
"The absolute worse thing one can, 'when in direct interface' with a Trump supporter, is to engage into a mud slinging, insulting, and conjecture-filled exchange."

"....just leave it be."

Hypocrite much, buttmunch?
Stick a sock in it, Sambo.
Do the world a favor and kill yourself, scum.
awww! go away MALCONTENT.
Kiss my butt, racist.
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