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Thursday, September 14, 2017


Limbaugh: Trump Caving Narrative Part of Effort by Dems, Media to Drive Wedge Between Trump and...

Yep, here we go, y'all! I saw it coming as soon as someone said the following:

-U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., stunned a San Francisco audience Tuesday when she said that if President Trump "can learn and change," he could “be a good president.”-

Look here, the only thing we've been doing this entire time is taking notes and creating files on Trump's hard drive. However, instead of lying to him just so he can be spiteful towards the Republicans like his people do to us, we simply showed him that we're willing and told him that 'he can do it.' But, we also knew it wouldn't be without backlash from his base which is perfectly understandable which thus presents another issue surrounding Rush Lyingbaugh. I have the totally hypocritical excerpt of him saying at one point how he didn't want to get along with the Democrats at all, he just wanted to beat reaching across the aisle. This was when Obama was in office and the subject of the Republicans working with Obama on very important issues arose.

Oh, but when Trump jumped into the race and started talking about 'making deals' and everyone began calling him a 'deal maker', Rush flipped his script altogether folks. Yeah, he started talking about Trump's 'The Art Of The Deal' and how he was gonna deal with both sides..."TRUMP IS GONNA DEAL, REACH ACROSS THE AISLE, FOLKS, WHICH IS SOMETHING OBAMA NEVER DID OR EVEN THOUGHT OF DOING." All you Lyingbaugh, so-called 'high information', listeners know I'm not lying either. Rush said that. Now, he's trying to reprogram his gullible listeners while also turning on Trump...because the base is very unhappy with Trump right now. Well, Lyingbaugh, what the hell happened to reaching across the aisle like Trump IS doing NOW? Furthermore, Trump didn't cave on anything because there are rules, laws, and provisions in place which he must abide by when it comes to immigrants EMBEDDED into our system and ARE PRODUCTIVE. But, all the Rush's, Insanity Hannity's, and Coulters simply lie out of spite and hatred for immigrants while putting party before people.

All the Democrats are doing is simply dealing with Trump, as much as he'll allow, and getting done what they can FOR THE PEOPLE. Nobody forced his hand, bribed him, or sweet talked him. We tried to tell you all from the get go that Trump's roots are actually Democrat but, you ignored bot hus and that fact. it is. End of story.

Hey, Rush, I had to turn around and come back to drop off something else. How's about you address how Trump called Sessions an idiot for properly recusing himself and then asking him to resign. Yeah, and Sessions said, -"Trump's demeaning tone during the conversation was the most humiliating experience he's undergone in decades of public life"-, the Times reported. Oh, man, you just love to pick and chose such NON-NUTRITIONAL DIETS for you audience, don't you? Why not give them a FULLY BALANCED MEAL so they can GROW UP like the rest of us have a long, long time ago regarding your BS rhetoric. You intentionally leave out all of the vital nutrients when preparing their meals, and, shove nothing but a bunch of FILLERS down their throats which leaves them still STARVING for the next meal....multiply that by the many years you've done this. Yet, they have made you filthy rich while you actually have not a phuckin' thing in common with THEM. I do believe that God has something in store for you.

Hi, Rush, I was in the area and decided to drop off another package for you.

Any idea who's behind this? I mean, it's REAL and not fake news also. Now, it's been said that Bannon order this retaliation due to Trump's cave of DACA which is a feasible conclusion. There are supposedly videos of actual incidents of the red MAGA cap being torched. Can the so called Doctor of Democracy, Mayor of Realville helps us out a bit?
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