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Friday, September 8, 2017


How To Dry Up Hollywood Funding For Democrats

That's silly - becoming a reviewer on Rotten Tomatoes. In the first place, you would have to go see the movie to give it an honest review and that defeats the purpose of keeping those progressive actors from being able to afford such huge donations.

No, just don't go to the movies. The last movie I went to see in a theater was Titanic back in '97 - 20 yrs. ago. It's not just that I don't want to line the pockets of leftists who despise my core beliefs, how I vote or anything else, it's that I don't understand paying so much money for the ticket and then for snacks only to have some teen age girls giggle all the way though the movie or some brat constantly kicking the back of my chair, all the while breathing in the halitosis, B.O. and the farts of hundreds of other movie goers. The floor is nasty, the arm rests and chairs are nasty and nearly all the dialog coming from the theater surround sound is nasty.

Plus, there's nothing very original coming out of Hollywood these days, just a bunch of inane superhero flicks or action movies that appeal to those who are fascinated by car chases and explosions and guns that have endless ammunition, not to mention heroes who can get shot a half dozen times and still rally to save the girl/their child/the diamonds/the world.

Why should I pay good money to an industry that glorifies vice and has such disdain for values? I've roughnecked and been around sailors and I swear, I never heard as much cursing in a month than I have the 90 minutes of movies today.

No, if it's a movie I really want to watch - with some actor who doesn't spout off about how we peons need to reuse toilet paper all the while they're jetting off to Cannes to pick up some meaningless award and then back to their Beverly Hills mansion which has more of a carbon footprint in a month than I would have in a century - (whew, ran out of breath) then I'll just wait until it's at the video store. OR, you can always find it online, legal or not. Ditto for television programs.

No, if I want to donate my money to someone who doesn't have the first clue about politics, likes to play dress up and pretend to be someone else, I'll just give the money to one of my great-nieces. They seem to be more emotionally mature than any actor. If I go to the picture show, I'd only get a crappy movie forgotten in a day or two for my money, but the other would get me a hug from a sweet little girl which I'd remember as long as I live.
Good post. I only go when she forces me or else......

I don't go to theaters, period.
Bravo Mike, real time movie critic at last that makes sense.

Society better start paying cautious attention to what is being shown in the movies, TV, music videos, DVD's to our highly impressionable youth!
Let's just dry up Hollyweird.
The AmericanStinker is a right-wing wacko web site that appeals to people of like mind. SAD:<
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If you have nothing of substance to offer, Sleezy, then you should refrain from participating.
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If you have nothing of substance to offer, Sleezy, then you should refrain from participating.
If you have nothing of substance to offer, Sleezy, then you should refrain from participating.

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