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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Don Lemon: Today We Saw The Real Donald Trump Proving All of His Critics Right

Did you ask the same thing or criticize Obama, when Benghazi happened. No, you were afraid.
Go back to sucking on your Pacifier lemon.




Trump was babbling like a buffoon. I've never or never imagined hearing a President talk or act like that. There's hidden messages in his words. Or at least people will believe that there are. It's a shame.
Maybe all of the Trump naysayers should take a long hard look around and count all the new "HATE" groups, starting during the, "OBAMA" years!!!!!!
The real Donald Trump has been around for years. All the racists are coming home to roost because they now have a president that sympathizes with their cause. It is so grossly obvious by the people he has surrounded himself with. SAD:<
What is really sad is the creation of the many hate groups created while OBAMA was President and none of the Liberals acknowledge those facts. That includes you and the Liberal press.
Stick to the subject antagonist, my comment is about the subject. I don't waste my time with you people any more. Where is your name in my comment? Are you in the president's cabinet? Do you consider yourself a racist? SAD:<
@ amber1-2-3,
   I guess you overlooked that I asked a question, not an admittance, right? As usual your mouth overloaded your liberal hole. If I were you I would seek Medical help soon, because your IBS is moving upward at epic speed. LMAO.'s-an-admission-when-you-compare...your're-as-dense-as-your-cohorts..
Trumps bottom line is dollars. To him everything equates to that. The fact that more than a few CEO's of top companies have left his economic council should say something about how difficult this man is being. One would think that since he cares so much about dollar bills that he would realize that. Honestly I find it hard to believe that the man is a racist. Or Steve Bannon for that matter. But I do believe that it is not a subject that they think about much. And that is why we have a problem. Those statues are old wounds that never should have been left open. You can't change history to make it what it is not. Yes I guess you are right about Benghazi in that respect, but still these people protesting statues and acting like Hitler was a God. Please come on you really can't be serious defending that in any way.
@Amber1-2-3 to me, the only thing dense is you. Bottom Line, He's the President whether you or anyone else likes or dislikes. Deal with it hater.

@Soledad, I'm not defending anyone. Regardless how one perceives the statues is their own business. It's still a part of History. The atrocities that happened then are still happening today. No one is trying change History, it's already there. But defending someone who is trying to erase parts of History by destroying it will not remove a wound, no matter how it's perceived. For instance, Slavery, it happened and their is NOTHING that will take that away, regardless of how people say it was wrong. It will be there forever. Taking away a statue of Confederate Soldiers will not rid the thoughts of those feeble enough to think they can eradicate how it's perceived or otherwise. I Respect your opinion, but President Trump is the farthest thing from being Racist.!!!!....
amber1-2-3, your Ignorance is completely understandable .Did your Boyfriend tell you to UP your standards and resort to name calling? Childish to say the least. But that's expected by a liberal.
Go take your nap, then you can have your coloring books.
I don't know about Donald Trump. I seriously think that he thinks he's playing some sort of psychological game or something which is really on a dangerous level. I've never heard of a personal lawyer making statements for somebody without that someone being ok with it. Comparing George Washington to Robert Lee, well just doesn't make sense. George Washington fought for the United States to stay united , Lee well unfortunely his loyalty for his state caused him to choose the opposite side. At least Lee admitted he was wrong and accepted it, unlike Trump and all these other people on the right. But still I don't like so much how Bannon is becoming a scapegoat. It's unfair to him in my opinion. I don't believe him to be racist. Alcoholic, yes but not racist. Anyway jut my opinion.
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