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Monday, July 31, 2017


Thank You John McCain

John McShame would be better served to cross on over to the den of the conniving Demon-Rats. This article implies that McShame did the country a favor by voting against Repeal and Replace since the Republican plan kept in place most of the burdensome provisions of the already failed Odumbo Care Plan. If the Republican Plan were to eventually be signed into law, it would continue to inexorably carry us further down the road to eventual implementation of the Single Payer System (Socialism), thus playing directly into the hands of the Bernie Sanders socialist types. It's always been my contention that Health Care plans should be subject to the free market economy, not contingent on government controls and subsidies. McShame may have unknowingly done the country a great service by voting against Repeal and Replace, but as the author alludes to, it was almost certainly not done for the right reasons, but rather for short-sighted purposes of self vindication after President Trump hurt his feelings last year. Time will tell.
Thanks John, you put people before politics. Your courage was demonstrated before you cast your vote.
Lil'dummy, the RINO McShame had no courage; he was acting like a petulant child for purposes of self vindication. This article is far too complex and over your head for you to understand that McShame may have actually done the True Republicans a favor in the long run by unwittingly helping to derail the path to Single Payer System by. I strongly suspect you did not even attempt to read the article (as usual) as you missed the author's message by a country mile.
KKKAL, you anti-veteran pu$$y, you wished you could stand in John McCain's shoes. You see KKKAL, veteran's loyalty to each other transcends party affiliation. This is something you can't relate to. This is why you only know how to be an antagonist to anyone that make a comment different than yours. SAD
Lil'dummy, as stated above, this article is far too complex for you to ever hope to be able to comprehend. Therefore, there is no need for you to feel compelled to inject some nonsensical commentary. This has nothing to do with being a veteran, you nitwit! How dense could you possibly be? You should have just skipped over this one. Stop making a fool of yourself with your every post. People already make fun of you every day as it is! Have you no sense of self-respect? You should keep a low profile for a while. Give it rest and try to regain some degree of dignity.
Again, you are trying to use what I have I been saying to you as your own words. But I don't blame you, you only have a high school education.
Please stop posting random disjointed nonsense that has nothing to do with the topic!
Again, as Trump said, Just Stop It!
Or, to use the words of Odumbo as he severely scolded Vladimir Putin: "You cut that out!"
KKKAL, you can never say anything unless it is a spin off of what I just said. I forgot, you didn't go beyond 12th grade. SAD:<
Lil'dummy is totally clueless but he has my transcripts! LOL
John McCain is a true hero.
John McShame is a poser. A loser. A sham. A RINO that needs to cross over to his natural element.
God bless McCain. He and a few others are the only ones that don't have their head in Trump's azz.
LOL. Facetious!
John McCain said no to Trump. More senators need his courage.
McShame will reap his due rewards in due time.
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