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Monday, July 31, 2017


12-Year-Old on Fox: Trump Done More Good in the Past 6 Months Than Obama Has in the Past 8 Years

LOL, even a 12 year old has been sense than the local LP Troll Club! That kid was right on the money!
hahahahaha how true Kal. And here comes the first LP Troll, just as expected. Child abuse my rear.
Kids are smarter than some adults give them credit. Until kids are taught (brainwashed) by adults to see things as the adult does through their filters, most kids can see right through subterfuge and cut right through the bs.
The title itself is ludicrous. If the child is 12, that means he was 4 when Obama took office. A toddler or pre-teen does not have the cognitive ability to make such an assumption. It makes sense to child-like minds only.
Geez, talk about brainwashed? looks as though # 1 has got that sewed up. Child abuse? Look at the whole democratic party, now that's Human abuse.
lil*poopy liar bullsh1tter, you didn't even read the article, or watch the video, it is a girl, not a boy, boy, so STFU and prove to the world you are what you say you are!!!!!!!!!! cognitive ability?? lil*poopy stupid fuque, that young lady @12yo. has more intellect than you could ever dream of having, lil*poopy liar dip sh1t.
I see MADMAN wants to but in now. Well fuk you too butthead,
JARASAN, you are one dumb azzhole. I said I was commenting on the title. I can't help it if I have an analytical mind. BTW, anything from Fox is suspect. The statement is still valid regardless of the sex of the 12 year old stupid.
lil*poopy only reads titles and still a douchebag. show us proof lying fake bitch.
JARASAN, ask someone to do the math for you. You weren't very successful in academics. SAD
Lil'dummy , don't be so stupid. that girl made the correct assessment at 12 years of age.It was never implied that she mad the assessment at 4 years of age. That girl it obviously a lot smarter than you will ever me. You're an old fart and still believe in fairy tales. That girl runs rings around you intellectually.
It is unfortunate that this politically ignorant 12 year old juvenile actually believes in the TRUMP delusion. IT'S NOT TRUE, little girl !!!
Oh no, please not another one coming out of the woodwork!
KKKAL, I keep telling you people that you are not the thought police. You of all people KKKAL...dude you only have a high school education' I don't think that qualifies you to make an asinine assumption about someone's ability. Quit embarrassing yourself. SAD
Lil'dummy, that's very rich coming from you! LOL, the designated LP Laughing Stock, Whipping Boy and Poster Boy for Portrait of Unmitigated Dumbness. You people are so predictable. Always gravitating towards the wacky far left fringe elements, anything detrimental to economic prosperity and national pride, or towards any divisive, vulgar mouthed radical left wing nut-job that is antithetical to concepts of truth, justice, liberty, security; so on so forth.

President Donald Trump is a true American Patriot. He is the strong leader that is required to stabilize and correct the course of the nation at this time. He's not going anywhere anytime soon. So get used to it! You brain-dead demon-rat zombies would prefer the likes of a wimp-ass, apologetic, traitorous, transgender, Anti-American terrorist-enabling Muslim sympathizer such as was painfully endured for 8 long torturous years in your beloved Insane Hussein Osama.

As stated above, this 12 year old juvenile is far more intelligent, level-headed, circumspect and insightful than your senile old self could ever aspire to be.
KKKAL, please stop. You are sounding more like the Rush/Hannity disciples. You would think it was grand if a 12 year old JACK-AZZ(donkey) could talk.
amberjack, look at you calling names, dipsh1t moron can't even get a fuquing keyboard, look in that mirror thingy you will see the real moron.
The real bird brain has just spoken JJJARASAN.
lil*poopy the most stupid fuque face of all, still on Win8,.... upgrade that sh1t and prove to all who you say you are, liar libturd living in it's mama's basement making up sh1t on the troll.
Wow! When did Lil'dummy upgrade from Vista?
IDOITS! Never have anything meaning to say. That is why you two EINSTEINS stay off the subject. SAD

"12-Year-Old on Fox: Trump Done More Good in the Past 6 Months"
IDIOTS! Never have anything meaningful to say. That is why you two EINSTEINS stay off the subject. SAD

"12-Year-Old on Fox: Trump Done More Good in the Past 6 Months"
lil*poopy you dumb fuque.
JARASAN, you did not go past high school and you're calling me dumb, AMAZING!
Apparently Lil'dummy is the only one on LP that went past High School, Lol
Being employed in the Dekalb County School System as a senior level custodian, Lil'dummy stole an administrator's password and gained illegal access to everyone's high school and college transcripts. He knows if you're a college graduate or not! LOL
KKKAL, you will say anything to steer people away from talking about Trumpsky, but it ain't working genius. LMAO
Lil'dummy, how many years of college does it take to land one of those much coveted high paying custodian jobs in the DeKalb County School System?
I saw the film of the twelve year old talking as her dad moved his lips to every word. It's really sad when parents use their children this way. Years later, she will regret she ever said that about Trumpsky.
STFU Lil'dummy. Years later, that girl will write the best-seller book on how and why the Demon-Rats finally became extinct and disappeared from the competitive arena of US politics after 8 glorious years of President Donald Trump.
Parents should never manipulate their child's thinking.
Why not? Does the child from an early age not need guidance in which is right path to follow? Or should the child just be allowed to go his/her own way without parental guidance? Take a look at yourself! Apparently you had no responsible guidance and look where you ended up! As an internet troll, always trying to start up up chaos and confusion. Lil'dummy, even at your age, you could learn a lot from this 12 year old girl.
Children grow up to be many times a carbon copy of their parents. It's important to instill in them morals and a good self-concept.
I'm shocked you said something that actually made sense! You feeling OK?
It very important for 12 year olds to become independent thinkers. Kids need to be kids and not little adults.
lil*poopy you dumb fuque.
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