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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


What is Barack Obama Doing Now?

Probably wishing he was president, so he can fix what Trump has screwed up.
Prolly hiring a whole lot of lawyers to help him keep Jeff Sessions from sending him off to prison now that the entire false demon-rat narrative starts to unravel.
Making a list of Countries that don't have extradition treaties with us.
President Obama is sitting back watching Trump make mistake after mistake because he refuses to accept council from people that know what they are doing. Trump is being tested from all sides because of his isolationist rhetoric. That stance will never work in today's world crises. Your enemies will constantly do things to test your patience, as with North Korea, Syria, Iran, and of course Russia.

No, Lil'dummy; as usual, you have it backwards. America is once again respected in the international arena due to President Trump's strong leadership. He has shown that there will be consequences for reckless behavior. President Trump is not about appeasement and apology tours as was Odumbo. President Trump, unlike Odumbo, looks out for the best interest of the USA. He does not send BILLIONS of dollars in cash loaded on pallets to terrorist nations. Nor does he turn former allies into enemies and does not allow enemy countries to dictate US policy. Get it right, Lil'dummy!
sully16 is closer to the truth than the two trolls. They don't believe he never did anything wrong nor his administration. They will subpoena him and Lynch. I am hoping Lynch is first and spills the beans. He has already hidden a lot in his presidential papers.
Trolls? So If i respond it's a troll, but if the right wing nut jobs here respond it's just a response right? Get over it already. HYPOCRISY MUCH?

Bunch of fuking idiots !
Sully is probably right on the money. Odumbo was so cozy and generous with the Iranians, I'm pretty sure they would let him stay over there in the Islamic Terrorist Republic of Iran. They might even make him into the Chief Ayatollah!
Right on Kal, he gave them all that money so they could buy the Uranium from Russia, the same uranium Hillary sold to the Russians. They now have enough for 10 nukes, ya know our name is on a couple of them, they will send some our way, will the trolls realize the people they worship just may be the ones who get us killed?
They are willfully ignorant or just maybe they can't wait for it to happen.
No, KKKAL, and the rest of you bigots. My comment is about the subject. If any of you bozos want to make it personal, bring it on. I don't debate AZZ HOLES that are closed mined and low-informed. Trump is POTUS now, so that is who I will focus my attention on. Using diversion tactics doesn't solve jack. It just takes your mind off the fuk up that's in the white house now.
Ummm, excuse me but I believe our comments were relevant to the subject as well. About Insane Hussein O'dumbo.
Well, KKKAL, I don't see any of you thin-skinned repubs in my comment. It's impossible for you trolls to accept other points of view. The bigotry is always present in your comments. It's in your DNA --DO NOT AGREE with comments different than mine.
Wrong again, Lil'dummy! I just agreed with you a few minutes ago on another page. About Nancy Pelosi. Read it and then post back here with a retraction of the erroneous statement about not agreeing with you.
KKKAL, My comment is for this thread. Pay attention.
I was paying attention, Lil'dummy. You made a generalized statement about my DNA that would apply to all threads across the board. Waiting now for the retraction to follow.
KKKAL, you're more stupid than I thought if you're waiting on a retraction from me about another thread. SAD:<
lil*poopy STFU, barry is guilty of collusion, sedition, illegal communications, smoking crack, and obstruction of justice.
JARASAN, shut your pervert mouth. Go crawl back into your cave coward or go do another post no one is paying attention to. LMAO
Would you care for a plate of blackened amberjack, lil'dummy?
lil*dummy you LMAO?? Lovin' My Amberjack Often surprise there try it blackened, crispy, and crunchy dummy.
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