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Saturday, June 24, 2017


Time for Democrats to admit ObamaCare fails Americans

THAT will never happen, they are more intent of blaming others like our resident trolls, brain dead.
It's time to admit that TRUMPCARE is a FARCE and will do more harm than good. Everyone but the low-informed and uneducated knows this.
Hmmm I notice YOU know this......
And you call yourself an ex-teacher? LMAO good one.

LETHARGIC, let me try to explain someone to you on an elementary level, I'm a retired teacher, not ex-teacher. I still hold a teaching certificate that is current and has been asked to return many times, but my answer is always no, 31 years is enough. Jealous, SAD:<
"I has been asked to return many times" wtf? Please tell me you never taught English as you struggle with it on your every post. But if you did, it would go a long ways to help explain a lot of the kids with woefully deficient to practically nonexistent writing and grammatical skills that we get down here from Decatur/ DeKalb County to attend one of the ASU campuses.
Lejardumb fits you so perfectly.
Look who showed up just when I wrote lejardumb, his pimp, kalo
KKKAL, BIGOT TACTICS, don't work with me. When you have nothing to say, you look for spelling and grammatical errors and attack education. This coming from a lowly crooked cop. You have to do better than that you bald-head immature little man. SAD:<
This is because it hasn't failed but, simply needs work as the poll of 900 people just reflected. All the protests over the ACA around the globe weren't just liberals, folks...the majority was conservatives as evidenced by all those republican senators refusing to face their own constituents abroad. What we have here is conservatives ready to come out against Obamacare but, not willing to confront their own conservative counterparts that are actually partaking in Obamacare benefits.

Conservatives use the main argument of cost regarding Obamacare, right? What ever happened to the pride and assurance of getting what you pay for? I mean, anyone with common sense knows that healthcare offered at about $1/day, as Rand Paul suggested, isn't even going to cover a freakin' bee sting. In the end, though, it's better to have 20+ million people with insurance than to strip it from them. Numbers matter....and so does health. You only get one bill of health.
Nothing works for LilSleazy but hating, having the last word, and copying President Trumps tweets while trashing him. Who really cares what you are Sleazy but you are an EX teacher albeit a lousy one at that.

As for Amberjack he is a liberal confused little fat man who cant decide what he/she is.
LETHARGIC, you can't compete with me. In fact, you are the dumbest one on the threads. You have no class and no grace. You're just one of the repub IDIOT trolls. SAD:<
Compete with the likes of you? LMFAO, an EX lousy, run of the mill teacher, boundless, woman hating, rank and file racist I ever ran across. Where are your abbreviations now. Go ahead and post and prove to everyone how vile and vulgar you really are.

Trash President Trump and then copy his ending tweets, SAD:<. You got anything new and original Mr. Teach?

You are not as bad as people say, you are much, much worse.
LETHARGIC, you know what's coming when you pluck with me. I take no prisoners. I can do this as long as you want to. SAB
Lilsleazy you can go pluck yourself you inbred racist. Throw all the insults you want and waste your life away at your computer appears you have nothing in your life better.
Racist lejardumb calling speedy a racist..ahaha ahahhaha ahahahhahahha

I agree speedy, Lejardumb is dumbest out of all of them here. Stop, you're embarrassing your fascist friends here.
Amerjack you are clueless. Son, give up while you think you are ahead.
I don't care who you are, but if you're reading this I still don't care.
Amber, they can't help themselves. LETHAGIC was ignorant yesterday, today, and forever more. SAD:<
But I am in your head you nutcase ex teacher who is clueless.
Still copying President Trumps ending originality. You need innovation to keep students interested, what happened to you Sleazy? You must have taught hatred because that is all you ever post on LP, it is in your heart. Hatred and racism.
LETHARGIC, what I post you don't have the aptitude to comprehend. Your mental ability is that of a fifth grader or lower. SAD:<
I'm going to play my numbers, but I'll be back.
Who gives a gnat's butt what you do. Don't come back.
Lol @ Lejardumb saying he is in his head, but he keeps responding back. Speedy is right, your are an idiot who doesn't even see your own hypocrisy. You must be the "token" pub here huh?...they felt sorry for ya and let you in..awwww
LETHARGIC your dumb azz cares. That is why you keep coming back. Here LETHARGIC, here b-1tch. LMAO
You are one vulgar pos, make you feel big? Little man syndrome? You with the mouth must be the protector of the little confused one. You two are a pair.

HEEEERE LETHARGIC, heeeeeeeeereeee you stank dog. ruff ruff ruff
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