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Saturday, June 24, 2017


UPDATE: President Trump's Lies The Definitive List

Page Not Found
Fake News. No wonder why the page can't be found.!
fake links.
Just like our resident trolls.
Who's the troll now stupid. SAD:<
How did you mistake that one dumbazz?   SAD :< cant come up with anything original, have to copy the President on every post of yours. And you call yourself an ex teacher? lmao.
lil*dummy go back in to your hole and STFU.
JARASAN/LETHARGIC, I don't know which one of you people are the dumbest. A pervert and a freak, what a combination. SAD:<
lil*dummy aka lil*shiddy aka lil*poopy the self proclaimed teacher:

from prior post:

lil*poopy, all you could have been was a lousy public school teacher. All you ever achieved was a degree in teaching? I wouldn't carry that sign around as much as you do. Teaching is an honorable profession, but you dishonor the profession. You've never had anything to teach here at LP, from that, it appears all you ever did was repeat stuff out of a text book, you were a puppet propagandist for teacher unions run out of the NEA. All you do is repeat sh1t, you've never learned or created anything, all you ever did was read out of text books and as of late, repeat demoncRAT talking points.   You are a boring fuque, your students hated you, and we hate you, you talk way too much about yourself, they could have just read the books, they didn't need you and we don't need you. You don't even know why you keep double/triple posting, you are an impatient dimwit.   Typical bad drummer, just bang bang bang maybe a different result? Yeah, I thought so, you f'ing godonk. (godonk= spawn of goat and donkey)

JARASAN, you're not original. You're so dumb you're reposting a comment you already made. JARASAN, anyone can be a file clerk in a cubicle, but I know for a fact anyone can't be a teacher and last for 31 years. SAD Puppy:<
Sad LilSleazy, all he posts is how great he is, blah, blah, blah horses**t. After 31 years you would think an EX teacher learns civility. Not LilSleazy.
LETHARGIC, I treat people with class different, since you have none, I could care less about you. So KMAT
lil*poopy anything I write is worth repeating. Since it is such a good synopsis of your pathetic baseless arrogance, it is appropriate at anytime.
Lil'dummy, given your pathetic and appalling attempt to emulate enunciation of lejardin in the local lingo of Decatur, I suspect you never took French lessons in high school. I will get you started today.

Q: How do you say Lil'dummy in French? A: Le Petit'crétin
Oh impressive LilSleazy, back to abbreviations.

Here, as an EX teacher you should already know this:    It is better to let someone think you are an idiot than open your mouth and prove it as you do so well.
Good advice! There is no doubt after you open your mouth to prove that you are an idiot.
I must agree with jarasan, the post was worth repeating as it is perhaps the best synopsis ever posted of Lil'dummy's dubiously impressive resume and corresponding lack of qualifications.
JARASAN, repeats his posts because he lacks the intellect to do any better. He lacks creativity and drive to better himself. He's happy being a pervert and a jerk. LETHARGIC is just a dumb broad, While KKKAL is a sorry dishonest cop with a complex.
Isn't it about time to be winding down the Saturday afternoon Lil'dummy marathon? Can't you go watch cartoons or something?
LilSleazy there you go again racist, woman hating loser who supposedly was a teacher? Only in his dreams. Where's your abbreviation like STFUB? Besides old and worn out like yourself.   

You're about as useful as a bucket without a bottom.
KKKAL, You and LETHARGIC came to me. I don't give a pluck about either one of you. But if you say something to me harsh, you will get a response.
Lilsleazy you obviously have mistaken us for someone who cares about you.

I'm not being rude, you're just insignificant.
LETHARGIC, you are a glutton for punishment. I'm happy to oblige you. SB
I'm going to play my numbers, but I'll be back.
Post away your bs and abbreviations, who really cares sleazy? No one but you. I am only here to take a break from being outside unlike you who waits with baited breath for someone to respond to you.
I am in your head, you cant stand not having the last word so I keep you here and tie up your time.   IDIOT.
Correct speedy, Lejardumb loves a beating. A pub masochist...ahaha ahaha ahaWhat a dumb sh1t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LETHARGIC, you are the fool. You're here and will continue to be here because you are lonely. I have you trained like a dog. It's hard for you leave your computer moron. SAD:<
Guess again genius. You two, Dumb and Dumber need to take a break together. Cya CHUMPS.
amberjack and lil*poopy are the loser bitches on this site, they are the founding morons of Morons United and the Bowel Movement. Been confirmed moronic years ago for lil*poopy and just recently amberjack, good job you goofy a$$ douche bags!
JARASAN, do us all a favor and go look at porn with your freaky friends. After all, you do this every weekend. You have been waiting all week to leave your cubicle and paperwork. Pervert
lil*poopy I guess your creativity is pretty much stuck on porn and perversion, you need some new material, you've never been good the creativity stuff, and once again you prove my point. Now go ahead and get the last comment on #32 and prove once again your trollish behaviors.
JARASAN, you are a pervert. Perversion is in most of your comments. You're under the illusion that if you talk about it to others they will go away. NOT! We will just tell you about your nasty immature azz. SAD:<
Wow, 32 previous comments on a fake link page, Lol; maybe some kind of record but essentially boils down to a lil'dummy Saturday marathon proving session in willful ignorance. Lil'dummy wins again!
KKKAL, you have a lot of growing up to do. Playing the spoiled brat does not work anymore. Everyone will not agree with what you say. Closed minded people are a threat to society. They hinder growth.
Like I said, Lil'dummy wins again, what the problem now?
lil*poopy I have trained like a circus dog....................bang you did it again 100% of the time I tell you to post and what post number and you do it, just like a dog errrr... trained troll. Now do it in #37.
JARASAN, you can't even copy me right. ruff ruff . KKKAL you are just an obtuse corrupt cop with issues.
JARASAN, I don't blame you for coming to Truesee's blog since your asinine post has been ignored ALL DAY. SAD:<
To the contrary, Jarasan has very good, informative and entertaining blog content. You need to be worried about your own lame material as it is clearly devoid of any interest whatsoever other than an occasional acknowledgement from your own little amen corner consisting of two or three members max.
Lol @ jarash1t having informative and entertaining blog content. It's full of right wing crappola ...Give me a break. Jaracrap is a racist bigot fascist MORON brainwashed like you and the other few here who don't have brains to think for themselves. LOSERS!!!
Lol, speaking of Lil'dummy's Amen Corner and one pops up out of the woodwork! Put on your black mask and go throw rocks at police and commit random acts of vandalism to prove what a genius you are Freaky Amberina!
Amber, JARASAN and kkkal are both full of it. There is nothing informative about posting a link of bias material. KKKAL is the biggest hypocrite on the blog. He is also a poser.
Freaky Amberina, is it possible for you construct a sentence without using the word "Fascist"? You should have lived in Germany under Adolph Hitler's regime since you are so obsessed with the word, but yet obviously have not the slightest clue as to what it actually means.
lil*poopy you did it again you are so obidient now post something in#44.
lil*poopy you did it again you are so obidient now post something in#45 whatever as a troll bitch you gotta get the last word.
Right on Lil'dummy, I'm a hypocrite and and poser since even though I might appear to be an ardent Trump supporter for the advancement of national pride, borders, language and culture, I'm actually a closet demon-rat socialist that secretly voted for Hillary. Another brilliant analysis, Lil'dummy! LOL
KKKAL, you are not qualified to be thread police. You don't possess the skills necessary to tell someone what they should and should not post. Worry about your gibberish and asinine posts that you make.
Excuse me Lil'dummy, but you're the one that said I was a "hypocrite and a poser". Please expound on that ludicrous statement or cite some evidence that would support your case.
JARASAN, that's right! I'm making you think of something to say. I know it is hard for your dum azz to do. SAD:<
KKKAL, I don't owe you an explanation for jack. You just can't think of anything to say. I'm not going to help you. SAD:<
Okay, so therefore its okay for you to just go spouting off random, disjointed, irrelevant and patently false statements that make no sense. Business as usual for the sad little man trapped inside his cage, running round and round, never stopping and never finding peace of mind.
KKKAL, I know it's hard to get use to giving orders and no one pays you any attention. Now all you do is think about all the bribes and false reports you made on innocent people of color. Now that's pathetic and SAD:<
Go to bed lil'dummy. Enough is enough.
I'm not sleepy, I can always sleep later.
Kalo wrote.."Freaky Amberina, is it possible for you construct a sentence without using the word "Fascist"?"

To answer your question Kalo about the word Fascist, NO, I can't. Fascist is the key word despite the variance. It's always relevant.
That's what I thought and proves beyond any shadow of doubt that your ilk is irrelevant. Go put on your black mask and throw rocks at police cars to prove how relevant you are, run along now Freaky Amberina.
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