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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Limbaugh: Democratic Party 'Has Become the Largest Hate Group in This Country'

And Rush Bimbo has become the fattest druggie radio host.
Rush hit the nail on the head with that one! 100% correct. Confirmed around here every day by the regular village idiots.
So Kalo, when you respond with your hate rhetoric it's not hate, it's only a response right? You're such a hypocrite loser ! You and your dumbass cronies too.
Please call Rush tomorrow and explain to him what a misinformed fat druggie radio host he is, Lol
Rush Limbaugh is correct again, he is correct 100% of the time. I just enjoy so very much how he tweaks the libturds. And the great news is....... it looks like the stupid ignorant left blew up another $30 million on a jack ass pajama boy in Georgia!!!!!!!!!

YAY! Karen Handel!!!!!! I could be early but it looks real good news for America once again, another libturd crushed by the good guys of America.
The good guys won in SC also!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!
Yippee, Congrats Karen Handel! All that liberal California money didn't do squat for the opponent, lol.

Amberjack whine much you little Wimpass?
Yup lejardumb, I whine just as much as you and your dumbass loser friends here do .Now go back to sticking your nose up their butts.
Winners win, losers whine.
Awfulsoff was one weaselly looking useless demon-rat! Reminded me of Anthony Wiener, Lol
Awfulsoff was just another pajama boy, chai drinking, leftist pawn that was used by the left and it lost big league. The truth is demoncRATS have all been exposed as empty pajamas and can't win no matter how MUCH they spend.........the media tried to make it look like he could win and that even brought more republicans to the polls, the money and hype back fired on them, 2018 is going to wipe out the democrats if they don't stop this unconstitutional attack on the executive branch big league!
So-called demon-rat 'referendum' on Trump was a wasted effort. Demon-rats will continue to lose big league! (bigly ?) Lol
The referendum is a made up demoncRAT bullsh1t, here is your referendum, "the good American peoples are on to the demoncRAT bullsh1t" the demoncRAT are 0-5 on the referendum tactical lie.

YAY Georgia South Carolina!!!!!!!!!!

demoncRATS LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Stirewalt is a GD mealy mouth just like that GD fuque face from UVA Sabato, these guys pi$$ voters like me off big league. They are wrong every time why are they still commenting. STFU Stirewalt.

Calm down people. This was just a repub replacing another repub in a majority repub district. This district was repub for more than forty years and she only won by 13,000. Trump had nothing to do with her win. She won more votes than Trump in her district. Price won this district by 20 pts. Do the math if you can.
oh boy, here we go already with the lying spin doctors, LOL
Go to your cave go to sleep a loser again lil'dummy.
All troglodytes return to your caves!
lil'dummy refer to her as Congresswoman Handel.
JARASAN, you and KKKAL are the ignorant ones. Handel is not in my district, so why should I care? Morons.
Lil'dummy, by that reasoning, why would they care out in California who was the winner of the run-off election in Georgia? And why would the demon-rat machine funnel upwards of 23 million dollars to the Awfulsoff campaign in a failed effort to buy off the voters with massive loads of happy horse$hit ?
KKKAL, MORON. I worry about my district, not other districts stupid. Are you comprehending. A repub was replaced by another repub in a district I could care less about. If you see this as some type of win for your cause then you are fool.
if pajama boy awfulsoff had won, it would be of great significance and very important to lil*dummy. But watch it'll say you don't know lil*dummy and he will have to have the last word. lil* dummy of course you care, stop your bullsh1t spin dance lie fest.
JARASAN, go finish watching your porn pervert. You know you can't stay up too late, you got to go to work for many years before you can even think about retirement. YUK YUK YUK YUK ...SUCKER!
Well then Lil'dummy, I guess I must "be fool" as I most certainly do see tonight's Handel win as another YUUGE victory for the Republicans. It sends the message to the White House to continue full speed ahead to continue with the agenda of Making America Great Again!
Every time you demon-rats get your hopes up and think you have a foot in the door, Donald Trump slams the door and tells you to scram, LOL
KKKAL, you mean MAKE AMERICA GREEDY AGAIN. The only difference is that there is not going to be any improvement or gain for you. I'm sure you are not part of the upper class. SAD:<
WTF are you talking about, Lil'dummy? There's already been a YUUGE across-the board improvement for the entire country since Odumbo was evicted. Even for you, even though you will refuse to acknowledge it.
I'm conflicted between Lil'sleazey, Lil'sleezebag or Lil'dummy. Which do you prefer?
KKKAL, exercise your muscle head fool. Has your cost of living changed? What legislation has he signed of late that will improve your condition. Oh, I forgot, you're waiting on the promise. How gullible can one be?
Lil'dummy, I don't expect Donald Trump to pay my mortgage or buy my groceries, pay my phone bill, put gas in my car, etc. By the way, have you turned in your Obama phone yet?
I'm leaning towards changing your name to 'lil'dummy', but still waiting on your input before finalizing the change. Do you have a preference?
KKKAL, just as I had expected. You are not old enough or mature enough to hold a conversation with me. SAD:<
Lil'dummy, that's hardly a realistic expectation given the fact you're as old as Methuselah!
KKKAL, with age comes wisdom. Therefore it is impossible for you to be on my level. In fact, I have to dumb down to get on your level.
KKKAL, your eyes getting heavy. We're just getting started...I can sleep late today.
Lil'dummy, this situation is not advantageous for me. It's somewhat analogous to the progressive stages of a terminal disease. Every time you make a comment that I bother to read, my head hurts and I feel my IQ drop another 2 points. I can't keep doing this!
KKKAL, I wonder what your IQ is? It can't be very high with limited cognitive ability. You think!
No doubt it's getting lower day by day being exposed to your unrelenting assault of stupidity upon the neuron receptors of the cerebrum; they can can only take so much abuse!
Lol @ the pub peanut gallery chiming in. The same 5 or so idiots trying so hard.
WTF? It was your bird-brain comment that started the latest descent into mind numbing insanity of the demon-rats!
amberjack ran out of molly.
Karen said "Don't worry people, I've got this handeled"
KKKAL, you really don't know anything about the 6th district. In fact, you couldn't afford to live there with your pension. It's for the rich with high six or seven figure salaries. These people are not worried about whether they'll have health insurance.
Jarash1t for brains knows a hell of a lot about drugs. He needs to get on some meds because his gibberish right now isn't working.
Lil'dummy, I don't recall ever saying that I could afford to live there, but yes, I do know a thing or two about it. It's not even relevant what I know or don't know about it, but I have a friend that used to live in Alpharetta before he moved and bought a beach house in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. Newt Gingrich used to live in the 6th district. What matters is that the voters of the 6th district said "NO" loud and clear to the weaselly looking beady eyed Awfulsoff demon-rat that tried to infiltrate the Republican stronghold. Too bad for you he didn't win. He would have worked tirelessly to bring in low income Section 8 housing projects along with higher crime rates to the district. After a few years of plummeting property values and urban blight setting in, you could have finally packed up and got out of Decatur!
KKKAL, you are so dumb. You align yourself with their beliefs or else. The 6th district is going through a transition. Many millennia are moving to the 6th district, which is why the race was so close. Many of them are independent and only vote for their self interest. Whatever party win them over will win in future races. There are no section 8 houses where I live, what makes you think section 8 houses will move there? You are so immature. SAD:<
Lil, dummy, the race was not so close. The problem was that there were too many Republicans in the face that split the vote for Handel and forced a run-off. The dims tried to buy the vote after that by pumping 30 million dollars into Georgia but that didn't work either. Get your facts right, Lil'dummy. It will be another case of "there goes the district" if a demon-rat ever does win the congressional 6th district.
KKKAL, The politics is much different than the hick government you are use to. Blacks have rights, can vote, and can stay anywhere that their money can afford them to stay. Atlanta has no cast system like Albany. You poor crooked cop. SAD:<
Another irrelevant and nonsensical post from Lil'dummy. Why must you always default to the race card whenever I bring actual facts to your attention? Oh, that's right, you're a demon-rat, duh!
KKKAL, my comments make far more sense than your asinine comments. You try to be more than you are, but lack the goods to back up anything that you say.
I'm going to play my numbers, but I'll be back.
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