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Thursday, June 29, 2017


Congress Reacts to Trump's 'Morning Joe' Tweets

Guess they've never seen South Park.
THICK SKIN is a prerequisite for the job of POTUS. None of his predecessors gave in to the many criticisms that came their way. He has to be above the fray. To engage in tit for tat behavior is unbecoming the office of the President.
barry had some of the thinnest skin, directly naming people like hannity, limbaugh, and the supreme court during a SOTN speech. Bushie had thick dense skin, on the other hand jebbieb doesn't nor hilldebeast have thick skin. billy bones also has thick skin.
Your attempt to justify Trump's atrocious behavior is obtuse.
If leftists didn't have double standards they would have no standards at all.
This is about a thin-skinned president with juvenile behavior. ALL former presidents handled adversity with grace, dignity, and class.
Lil'dummy, you're really one to be talking about "grace, dignity and class", LOL, WHAT A JOKE! Total hogwash coming from you. President Trump does in fact possess all of those particular attributes, but he also FIGHTS FIRE WITH FIRE. Who gives a rat's azz about those two leftist morons having their feelings hurt? Demon-rats and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) have over the years been given a free pass on making reckless accusations and being allowed to say all manner of vile, false, and slanderous things about Republicans. Without repercussions. Until now. Your side would just keep dishing it out and the timid Republicans would keep taking it all on the chin since nobody ever dared muster enough courage to oppose the all-powerful "elite" status of leftist controlled media. They had the power to make or break a politician or candidate. Those days are over, Lil'dummy! The leftists are still bewildered and shell-shocked that a strong Republican President would dare to stand up and fight back against their traditional tactics of slander and vilification. I find it very amusing and entertaining to see the childish reactions of the demon-rats as they continue to get a much-deserved dose of their own medicine. Go Trump!
Bleeding heart leftists, is now prohibited language. Yeah, lil*poopy I remember how gracious and respectful you've been with women especially with emilyg, and sully. Remember lil*poopy what you post here on the blogs is memorialized. lil*poopy STFU you ignorant SFBrains. You don't practice anything you preach, you are a fuqued up hypocrite bu11sh1tter.
KKKAL, you and cowardly JARASAN are typical repub wuss. You two see nothing wrong with the POTUS acting childish. Also stupid azz JARASAN I am not in public office, my name is an Avatar, and that's all you know about me. I respond to anyone that attacks me, man or woman. What I say on the LP does not have the same impact as the POTUS. I'm happy to know that you two fools think it does. Your thin skin is what makes you two relate to TRUMPSKI. A pervert and a crooked cop, imagine that. SAD:<
lil*poopy I was correct all along you are nothing of what you say you are, you are just a rude repugnant troll with an avatar. Your avatar should be a heaping pile of sh1t.
JARASAN, let's face it. Your vocabulary has increased thanks to me, but you're still a sorry stank pervert.
lil*poopy a heaping pile of sh1t avatar has no teaching skills, so get off the night train and sober up.
JARASAN as usual you sound obtuse. What could you possibly know about teaching? You never went to college fool. SAD:<
Lil'dummy, I want to take this opportunity to reassure you that the drivel you post on LP makes no impact whatsoever on any rational person other than to cause that person to marvel in utter disbelief at the unabashed display of heretofore unknown depths of stupidity, foolishness and arrogance.
KKKAL, I'm glad you finally realized that I don't give a pluck about you or pervert JARASAN. You two seem to have the same mentality. Both of you are immature morons in a grown-up world. SAD:<
Also, to show how dumb and thin skinned you two are take another look at #2. It is a declarative sentence that states a fact. SAD:<
Whatever, Lil'dummy! I understand how it is in your world. It's perfectly fine for your side to make up bull manure and dish it out on a daily basis to suit your anti-American agenda, but then ya'll wig out when you suddenly find yourselves on the receiving end. President Trump is such a mean bully! That's the funny part, sitting back and watching the crybaby democrats getting hysterical and trying to figure out what just happened, Lol
KKKAL, what did you people do to Obama for Eight years? You said all manner of things about him and his wife. And you are still doing it. So why are you people complaining after six months? You repubs like to tear people down but can't take it when you get some of the same crap back. Well, you have three and a half years of it left.
Major correction, Lil'dummy! 7.5 more years of Draining The Swamp and Making America Great Again! Followed by a Ted Cruz or Rand Paul win, Lol. The anti-american demon-rats are toast in the foreseeable future.
By the way, Lil'dummy, a little friendly advice: Stop parroting the things I just said in the previous post. That dog don't hunt. Try to be more original. That's all.
Now ya'll are worried about President Trump; wait until a true thoroughbred conservative (Ted Cruz) gets elected; you will be begging for Trump to come back! LOL
Sorry, but Trump is 71. The oldest man ever to be president. I doubt very seriously if trump will last. The pressures of the president will start to effect him. It has only been six months and he is losing it. Trump has thin skin, this will work against him. Ted Cruz is the most hated man in the senate. He has no personality and is dull. Rand Paul does not have a chance. He is too far right. Trump is going to be his own worse enemy. SAD:<
By the way KKKAL, you don't know enough for me to want to parrot you grasshopper. SAD:<
Think again, Lil'dummy! Trump re-directs the non-stop negativity of the demon-rats and heaps the burning coals back under your treacherous and conniving anti-American behinds; thereby becoming stronger and more committed every time until he passes the baton off to Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. Then you you will be pleading for Donald Trump to come back; Lol, I can hardly wait!
KKKAL, you are putting the cart before the horse. We have to have fun with thin-skinned Trump before we can even think about a Cruz missile or Randy Paul. LMAO
Enter Ted Cruz or Rand Paul at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after Trump steps down. You useless idiots will then be pining for the "good old days", and talking about how great President Trump used to be, LOL. Priceless!
KKKAL, you're right we will be reminiscing about Trump in the past tense. We will be laughing at how Trump single handedly duped his supporters. SAD:<
You delicate snowflakes and dummies in general need a full 8 years of Trump before you can even begin to contemplate a Ted Cruz Presidency, LOL
KKKAL, Trumpski might survive his first four before senility sets in. LMAO
Lil'dummy, might I suggest that you go ahead and hit the sack? And have pleasant dreams about the implications of the future Ted Cruz Presidency. LOL
Trump likes to talk about people's facial features. Is he on drugs or does he realize that he has an Orange head? His skin can't be stretched any further. He's already used up the skin off his azz. LMAO
If I dream tonight it will be about me winning the Powerball or Mega-million... To dream about Trump would be a NIGHTMARE. $#^!
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