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Thursday, April 13, 2017


U.S. drops 'mother of all bombs' against ISIS in Afghanistan

No, The Mother Of All Baffoons authorized them to use the MOAB just to flex in this instance...that's it. I'm not discounting the fact that a Green Beret was apparently killed but, let's keep this $hit REAL in context, okay. Did we not just lose a SEAL over in Yemen? I don't remember any high level retaliation from the Pentagon on that deal. Nope. Then, there's something else that went down which everyone except my favorite reporter was afraid to touch on. *Some of those Tomahawks actually hit where OUR Special Ops guys had established a secure command post in Al-Tanf. But, with them NOT KNOWING what was about to happen, those missiles rained in and they had to leave to avoid immediate retaliation. In the end, though, they were able to ward off the opposition and reclaim the post.

Now, I'm kinda seeing this MOAB deal as a distraction because because I'm almost certain Trump knew what was about to come raining down on him. I'm gonna leave a couple of really, really good links which support what's been said all along while also elaborating. Adam Schiff was all over this along time ago in an effort to properly corroborate and vet it before going public.

So, what's gonna happen now is that Rush will say, "See, Trump said that the UK (Brits) and the Obama Admin were all in on this, folks! Obama told the British to spy on Trump since he couldn't do it directly!! They were in cohorts!!! Folks, all along, Trump said that he was being surveilled at his towers and this proves it!!" He'll go on and on with it while purposely dodging and misleading the fact that Trump's guys were in European cities corroborating with the Russians on our election and were being closely monitored IN THE INTEREST OF ALLIANCES. You'll see. Hey, wait a minute. Why hasn't Rush covered how neither Republicans nor Democrats on the investigation team "found nothing unusual or illegal" about Rice's actions in her work? This guy hasn't said a word on this after hanging her out to dry over bad Benghazi information as well. Anyhow, when the Brits realized the scope and magnitude of what was actually happening, the DIRECTOR OF MI6 (their CIA) immediately forwarded the intel straight to the hands of John Brennan..literally. Brennan was so taken by what he saw that he then immediately and personally briefed eight top officials on the matter which is then where the FBI came in with the FISA's. It's also worth noting that our intelligence was quoted as 'asleep' on the initial onset of this matter.

Guess what? Everyone is reporting the validity of the developments EXCEPT....FOX NEWS!! Wanna know why? Because they dropped the person who said that Obama went outside of the Chain of Command to have Trump spied on which asserts that Obama used the Brits. This person is Judge Andrew Napolitano and he's just another truth distorter for Fox but, they didn't want that kind of liability knowing it wasn't true. They booted him because they knew Trump's boys were meeting in European cities corroborating on swaying the election...and BEING SURVEILLED BY THOSE WITH JURISDICTION TO DO SO. You won't get such details from the sheisty righties because telling the truth is too much like right. Except for Wilbur Ross and Rex Tillerson, every single guy with crooked Russian ties is gone. Wilbur Ross is tied to Deutsche Bank money laundering, though.

*The more war-prone conflicts Trump can have now, the better. He's praying that Kim Jong Un tests another missile so he can activate our anti-missile system for show and tell- flex purposes...while HOPEFULLY also taking eyes off of all the above developments. Enough for now, way too much information...not enough time or space for it.

Judge Napolitano Vindicated? British Intelligence Was Used By Obama Administration to Obtain FISA Warrants On Trump Team

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