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Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Can Democrats Cuss Their Way Back To White House?

No, and we don't need to. With all this business of republicans intentionally avoiding, down playing, and hood-winking their constituents, they'll now see the differences in us.
"....they'll now see the differences in us."

Yes, there's a lot of differences between Republicans and Democrats. I have no love lost for the Republicans, but the Dems are not just the party of infanticide upon demand, they want it for the rest of the world and they want us to pay for it! Dems think "profit" is a dirty word. Dems have tried their best to bankrupt the country with ineffectual welfare programs...all to garner votes. Dems accuse Republicans of fear-mongering, but they wrote the book on that, esp. when any conservative speaks of concern for social security. "They want Grandma to eat cat food!" (they're also the Kings of Hyperbole)

Dems say Repubs are intolerant, yet they are the ones to shout down anyone who disagrees with them...ALWAYS the ones! (they want to prosecute those who disagree with them, particularly in the case of AGW) The Dems don't care about our borders; no, they want the floodgates to be totally open solely in order to grow their voting base. Plus, they don't care where the votes come from...they're masters of voting fraud, historically always have been.

Dems are Socialists to the core. The states that vote Dem are colored blue, yet they're the ones they need to be colored red...commie red.

When Republicans object to a Democrat-sponsored bill, they're "obstructionists", but if the shoe is on the other foot, the Republicans won't "compromise"!

The Dems are the party of crooks and liars. Sure, the Repubs have some of their own crooks and have been caught in lies, but the Dems do it effortlessly and continually. When the Republicans have a crook in their party, he's either prosecuted or drummed out of their ranks. The Democrats re-elect their crooks. Spitzer, Frank, Murtha, Jackson,Blagojevich, Condit, Barry....I could go on for paragraphs full of the Dem. crooks, but won't. Let's not forget the "Lion of the Senate", Teddy Kennedy...not only a murderer, but a coward, drunk and philanderer. How many times was he re-elected after he drove off that bridge?

Yep, the Dems are the party of liars and crooks....and hypocrites If you had objectivity, Loser, (how apt!) you'd admit they are. Can't expect much else from a partisan hack, though. -spit-
I'm sure glad that mikeintexas got that off his chest! I actually like his very last paragraph the most because it shows just how very angry he was, and, that he's easily prone to becoming emotional. Not sure if he chews but, he made it clear that he really needed to spit after all that.

"You're a Michael Berry listener and a 'hardcore' Trump supporter. We both know how things were so peachy beteeen you all and him....right? Sure, we do. You have ultra thin condom skin too, buddy. I ain't mad at ya, though.
I always get angry at people lying, Loser. Nothing wrong with being "triggered" by perpetual Progressive prevarication. You won't find me in any safe space, though. I'll be right here, in your face...spitting in it, actually.

I honestly didn't know who Michael Berry is until I looked him up just now. First place, I don't listen to talk radio, esp. political talk. (and no, I don't watch Fox, either) It's just Texas Overnight when I'm awake past midnight and sometimes KRLD "The Fan" during football season. In the second place, I'm not a Christian. I am an "optimistic Agnostic". In the third place, I never was a Trump supporter, although I freely admit I voted for him. Why shouldn't I have? When the alternative was as horrifying as it was, there was no choice.

Thanks for verifying that everything I said is true; I didn't try to rebut any of it, so I was right, right?   You also mistake being fed up with having thin skin. Typical Dem - clueless.
-"I'll be right here, in your face...spitting in it, actually.-"

No, thank you mikeintexas, for driving my point home. Typical hardcore Trump supporter talk, and, such an action if circumstances presented themselves. So, mikeintexas, do you go around spitting in all liberals and Dem's face when they hold similar positions as I do? Hmmm? You do know, mikeintexas, that to spit in someone's face is an assault, right? Especially when they've done you no harm or even threatened you. Just merely spoke their mind based on strong, fact-based opinions. You know, mikeintexas, I've NEVER 'cyber-threatened' anyone on this site in any way, shape, or form. But, I've known people here from the past just like you that do. The head of this snake was rdgrnr whom I'm certain you're very familiar with. He'd routinely talk about how he'd 'kick someone's teeth in' purely on the premise of that person speaking their mind on politics.

Here you are spitting in my face, and, not a word in my original comments had a thing to do with you or anyone else. I spoke explicitly to the article, right? What you did, mikeintexas, is exactly what that old white Trump supporter at that rally did to that black guy being escorted out by police....with his hands behind his back. He hauled off and punched him and I'll bet any sum of money that you applauded that action based on whatnyou've done to me here. Trump offered to pay his legal fees as a reward. Buddy, you are chock full of hatred... and a bonafide racist. You hate me so much, for THE FIRST TIME YOU'VE EVER ENGAGED ME I MIGHT ADD, that you spit in my face. It's one thing to call names and/or describe a person negatively and something completely different to signal spitting. Would you spit in a fellow Trump supporter's face that disagrees with you or Trump? I think not. You're a liar about not listening to Michael Berry, and, talk radio in general...bald faced liar at that.

You came at me the same way that you and those Trump supporters like you went after Michael Berry. When he began to rightfully and truthfully calling Trump out on all his dirt, YOU ALL began talking about him, his wife, and his kids....the man's family in a nasty, ugly way. Then, you all began THREATENING him and he had the messages to prove it. This is YOU, mikeintexas...YOU. Based on your actions here, you fit this exact profile. I suppose you'd haul off and spit in a liberal woman's face, too, for opposing you substantively. Gender makes no difference to you. Buddy, you have some serious emotional issues and you need help. I've made it perfectly clear in the past that I HATE NO ONE HERE, just possess a strong difference of opinion based on facts and reason which I outline in my commentary. I've also disclosed here that I do like a percentage of good Republicans, and in fact, I actually enjoy the people here although we rarely see eye to eye and I take a shot at 'em every now and then. It's no secret. However, I threaten them with facts and information which normally dispels a lot a what they post in their blogs...that's it.

I appreciate the way you went right down the list on what's all wrong with your republicans, and, how you'll be spittin' in my face. Fair game...and I will play with you. Have a good evening.

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