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Saturday, December 23, 2017


WH denies NYT report claiming Trump said Haitian immigrants 'all have AIDS'

Trump just became popular with Dominican people. He's trying to boost his ratings. Lol.
He's already quite popular with the Haitians after the colossal screwing over they got at the greedy and merciless hands of the Clinton Crime Syndicate.
I think Trump could easily click with the Dominicans anyway. They love their nicknames and Trump is "El Maestro de los Apodos". I think maybe Boruga already has a snappy little song about him.
Trump is a nationalist bigot.
Beats the heck out of being the officially recognized National Idiot any day.
You love Trump because you believe in his racist ideology and because you are an ex-cop with a sordid past when it comes to the individual civil rights of people of color. You are also a SYCOPHANT.
Congrats! I see you added a new word to your vocabulary and wanted everybody to know it so you always proudly put it out there in all caps. Glad to see you finally got off MALCONTENT spree! In this particular instance, as it uniquely relates to your sad case, I'm taking the liberty to modify 'sycophant' to the form of an adjective, to-wit: 'PSYCHOPHANTIC', as it occurs to me that you are very aptly described as a delusional psychophantic paranoid troglodyte. Can you wrap your little pea brain around that? LOL
Small mined people think small. You're still a malcontent, that will not change. You still lack creativity. You take what I say and turn it into gibberish by adding your ignorant spin to it. If your vocabulary is that poor, try using your dictionary function. You're just an ex-crooked cop from Albany, GA trying to relive your sordid past.
Look who's back KKKalo...what happened?...KKK meeting went to overtime?

Another loser...he and jarash1t would make great NAZI Aryan brothers.
Is that supposed to be a joke? You recently became a subscriber to a free email service to have the "Word of the Week" emailed to you in a failed effort to make you look smarter on LP blogs, but yet somehow I'm the one that lacks creativity and has poor vocabulary? LOL, put down the crack pipe, Lil'dummy, you're really tripping now! I have more creativity and originality right now at this moment in my little toe than you could muster up in an entire lifetime! I could write a dictionary in English or Spanish, you feeble minded old fool! With you, it's always the same old song and dance, day in and day out. Unchanging. No variety or divergence from your chosen path of willful ignorance. You exist in your sad little imaginary world of Russian collusion, "raycisses" (sic) and bigots. A little man trapped in a box. Pathetic.
Aberjackoff, the truth is that over time, there is a cumulative wearing and tearing effect that takes a toll on a rational thinking person's mind after repeatedly choosing to engage in contact with clueless libtards. It may be great fun and games for a while, exchanging barbs, educating, etc, but its axiomatic that certain undesirable or less than optimal consequences or repercussions will follow such an imprudent course of action. After a few hundred exchanges with a libtard, some of the dumbness invariably starts to transfer over and adversely impacts (to a certain extent) the rational thinking person's mind. Continued contact with a libtard beyond that point is ill-advised and may actually cause one's IQ to drop a few points. Then it becomes necessary to back off and take a break from all the incessant ignorance and foolishness that you libtards love to propagate, prosecute and perpetuate. Too much exposure to such nonsensical drivel is truly a counter-productive, unprofitable and unhealthy habit. But I'm refreshed and good to go now. LOL
This is what I mean by MALCONTENT KKKAL. You are full of gibberish and try to equate it with being smart. My educational level will put your self-education to shame any day. Stay in your lane you racist ex-beat cop from Albany GA.
Good riddance KKKalo...Don't let the door hit you in the butt.....One less Nazi MORON on LP to deal with....Go back to your Hitler skin head party house...
Lil'dummy, you are a flaming Demon-rat SICKO-PHANT and have the educational level of 4th grader at best. I'm already well aware of the fact that I'm wasting my time with you as anything communicated above 4th grade level , you interpret by default as "gibberish". You have no capacity for understanding or even grasping abstract concepts of advanced thought patterns that are expressed via intricate complexities of written language. You view and filter everything in your periphery through the prism of racism and bigotry. That is a huge problem! Thank heavens you are no longer contributing to the long standing and well-documented problem of functionally illiterate kids being churned out of the DeKalb County School System just for the sake of the numbers. Quality was never factored into the equation. I feel sorry for those unfortunate kids that had to suffer through and endure your dumbed-down classes that were by design infused with unscrupulous inculcation of hateful, divisive and false left-wing rhetoric. All they had to do for a passing grade was show up a few times a week and try not to go to sleep while you were droning endlessly on and on while giving your spill about social injustices or whatever. Those poor kids have you to blame for setting them up for the surety of future failure and remedial instruction, due in large part to the fake teacher's incompetence, ignorance, apathy and entitlement mentality. Some of those kids later drifted down here to attend college but they weren't properly prepared and couldn't make the grade. They started getting in trouble and got sent back home to hang out at the scenic South DeKalb Mall. Indeed, the DeKalb County School System was relieved of a huge burden and liability when they finally pushed you out the door. I have it on reliable authority that they all despised you and were very glad to see you go! I'm sure things have improved since your departure.
Amberjack, WTF are you talking about? Can you not read? I said I'm back in the saddle and ready to ride and you say good riddance, Lol

Oops, my bad! I did write more than two sentences. I guess I lost you after that. Are you really smoking weed on Christmas Eve? Wow! Some real dummies I'm dealing with here!
KKKAL, people like you amuse me. I did not know your type of ignorance was still around. If you had the education that I have you would have been a captain...since you didn't you started at the bottom and didn't advance beyond sergeant, providing you were able to pass the test. How many times did you have to take it dummy? You retired hated, lonely, and paranoid for all of the police brutality you were involved in. I can go anywhere I want and when my grown students see me they still treat me with respect, white and black. You can't say that sucker. LMAO
Listen, I don't know who you are kalo, but you seem to me and I'm being as honest as I can, that you want to sound as if you're "ultra-right" or heavy right sided in terms of politics. And as that it is no surprise to me personally for your tone or your personal attacks, which believe me in terms of me mean nothing. I will say however, that it sounds like you're taking things a little bit personal, and for that reason alone you're arguments have no standing at all with the likes of me. I am not an 11 year old kid ok.
I was just joking around. Trumps approval ratings are sinking through the bottom of the ocean and ni matter what he does that cannot be ignored. Trust me no matter what it just can't. And if you're trying to sound like him well them learn a lesson while you're at it.
Trump made those comments about the Haitian and Nigerian people because they are black. He has a history of discriminating against people of color. He is a pathological liar and a bigot and nothing will change my mind about him. He is the worst president in history.
What a load of crappola! That much I can say! The accurate version of your wasted years in the school system is outlined above in Post #14. Despite your weak denials, you know very well you were a poor excuse of a teacher and were despised across the board by students, faculty and staff. As evidenced by your on-going ignorant posts, bad grammar and misspellings, your education is clearly woefully inadequate/deficient, not up to par with minimum standards. You were a liability to the Board of Education. You never would have even landed the job if it had not been for federally mandated quotas in place at the time You did the bare minimum to get by without getting fired. Stop lying to people about how great you were and come to grips with reality. If I had been as "smart" as you claim to be, I would have been lucky to get a job cleaning sewers in the sanitation department. I retired as an accomplished and highly acclaimed Detective after 15 years in CID. I was also a work group coordinator that managed and oversaw on-going active investigations for my section. I worked all type cases but specialized in investigation and prosecution of complex white collar financial crimes that are far above your head and comprehension. All in all, you were lucky to have a job that did not require utilization of skill, knowledge, ability and intelligence to collect a check on the taxpayer's dime. Useless idiots such as yourself abound in the workplace and require close supervision to motivate any degree of initiative or achieve even the smallest modicum of productivity. Your former students harbor deep resent against you for being cheated out of an education that hindered and held them back from being able to get a college education. I've talked to some of them in the Admissions Department. You should be ashamed for your part in setting them up failure in college academics because you failed to do your job before they got here. Disgraceful!
@soledad, neither am I an 11 year old child. It was unnecessary to explain that you were joking around. I obviously already knew that and my initial comments were made in the same manner. I could really care less about Trump's ratings in the Dominican Republic, but you are sadly mistaken if you are buying into the mainstream media polls that would have you believe that his ratings in the USA are sinking. Need I remind you these are the same pollsters that gave him no chance of winning the presidency last year? To the contrary, Trump is becoming more and more popular and will most assuredly win a 2nd term if the libtards don't succeed in their plans to take him out by force or violence. You people need to wake up and face reality! People are sick and tired of the leftist liberal agenda. Your pal Lil'dummy is doing what he always does, butting in to spout off nonsense and instigate hostilities. If you've been paying attention, you would have noticed that his every post is about how smart he is, and everybody else is a racist bigot, LOL, give me a break please!
Lil'dummy, you need to stop spreading lies and fake news about unsubstantiated rumors about "racist" and "mean things" Trump allegedly said that were actually never said and were put out there by anonymous Deep State Odumbo operatives whose sole mission is to undermine Trump and force him out of power. You people are so naive, gullible and devious as to defy belief. Cite your sources when making such outrageous claims. In case you missed the memo, CNN is fake news.
KKKAL, you are a bonafide MALCONTENT and SYCOPHANT. Get your head out of Trump's AZZ. You are the only fool on the thread that worry about spelling, how pathetic. You can't help it. That's what malcontents do when they don't have anything to say. You need to stay away from those repub wacko sites. You're quoting them word for word. You have become an indoctrinated, crooked, and paranoid ex-cop.
Proverbs 1:7- "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction"
Yeah I kind of got that you know, but even though I was joking a little, perhaps I wasn't at the same time. I mean it's sad how different dominican people view themselves from Haitian people. Even though they are the same people. But it's not like you can go around saying that you know what I mean. And perhaps that's also me commenting on how sad or perhaps uninteresting all of the arguments that are going around placing blame on one another when really since you speak of proverbs we are all part of the human race the same race and perhaps we should be thinking of helping each other one and all instead of arguing and placing blame and stereotyping. Anyways, I hope you get my point. Happy holiday.
KKK, All I was interested was the part where you wrote..."You were ready to go"....The rest is the usual garbage that I don't bother to read....Too bad...I already threw you a going away party...

Whatever, stick around, it's fun to make a fool out of you and your Nazi cohorts.
KKalo is so smart, he can only write one huge paragraph...

Amerjackoff, you're not up to the task of sparring with me and never will be. You are at most a minor annoyance, a pesky little dirty mutt excitedly yipping and nipping at my heels as I pass by. In other words, you are IRRELEVANT in the overall scheme of things. For Heavens sake, dude, let's just be honest. You are a pot smoking libtard with no motivation or purpose in life, you have poor reading comprehension ability, you LOVE to sling the word "Nazi" around in all your posts even though you have not slightest idea what the means or what a real Nazi is, you think God and Jesus are mythical characters from fairy tales, you think Lil'dummy and Lucky Liar are smart people, so and so forth. I strongly suspect you wear ANTIFA shirts in public. With that set of "qualifications", you're going to have to stay on JV team of Misfits and Losers. Sorry.
@soledad, I get your point, no problem. You are much more civil and better educated than some others around here that love nothing better than starting up junk and carrying on non-stop about Russians, racists, bigots, KKK, nazis, etc
Typical Pubtard Nazi who thinks he's above people. GO EFF're nothing to me but a pice of sh1t for a human being...loser moron racist Sh1t for brains. raw sewage from the pits of the gutter...

You and your band of losers on LP will never get rid of me. Keep it up, It's so easy to put down little punks like you. I bet you're a wimp IRL...One of those tough behind the internet...You wouldn't say one word to me IRL before I'd knock the living sh1t out of you...tough guy.

Crawl back to your sh1t hole....human waste garbage you're not better than me, in fact your les than the crap I took this morning in my toilet bowl...
Triggered snowflake? LOL, I love it!
Amber pay no attention to knuckle-head KKKAL. He's a MALCONTENT and AZZ Kisser. His sole purpose is to get you off subject so he can engage in frivolous commentary. He's just a bald head bigot ex-cop from Albany GA that feels lonely and forgotten. SAD
Amberjackoff is melting down fast! He used to not be so easy to trigger, but he's clearly become increasingly unstable and volatile. Who or what pushed him off the deep end?
KKKloves getting beat up by me...what a loser you're about to beat the loser level to jarash1t...very close...lowest scum of the earth.
Run along now lil'Amberjackoff, you wouldn't want to arrive late for the ANTIFA meeting. There will be plenty of time later for dazzling the internet community with your brilliant commentary on dealing with those pesky NAZI BIGOTS. Don't forget to put on a clean shirt. Have a good time and take along enough weed to share with your buddies. Be sure to post back and let us know how it went. Off with you now I say!
Amber, it's easy to tell when KKKAL has gotten his AZZ kicked by you...he starts repeating the things you say and talking nonsense. He's just an ignorant creepy ex-mall cop from Albany, GA that rode around on a scoter and bothered teenagers. LMAO
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