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Sunday, November 19, 2017


Trump blasts father of UCLA basketball player detained in China as unappreciative of him

Bannon with his race-baiting article. Nice try. LMAO
Where have you been speedy, the father has been acting like an azzhole, acts like it was no big deal, has no idea his son could have died in prison.
Those three bball morons are an embarassment to the USA, they got off easy.
That type of attitude shows why there are over 70% of Black homes fatherless. He is only interested in the endorsement money, his sons will bring in. SAD
CARBO your statement is asinine and baseless. These young men have fathers. What percent of whites are fatherless? How do they fair? How many become serial killers, pedophiles, on drugs, make drugs, arson, extortion, wife abusers...the list goes on and on. You have too much dirt in your own house to try and tell someone to sweep theirs. So STFU old RACIST FART.
Speedy, I have form some solid opinions about you. You continue to not face the truth about Black fatherless homes, which leads me to believe you came from a fatherless home in New Orleans, where you lived in the "hood". I don't believe you have a college education. The only reason, I believe you were in the military is because, in the late sixties and early seventies, each branch of the military was required, by law to enlist 100 thousand Blacks, regardless of education.
You are exactly right CarBob.
Sleazy at it again telling others to STFU and we are all racists. Time to change your calling card Sleazeball, it is getting old. Yes, I already know your response, so post it for all to see what type of person you are, if anyone has any doubts. YOU SUCK.
Both of you bozos have proved my point on #1. Carbo, since you or Lethargic don't know me, I could care less what you think or believe about me. It does not change a thing stupid azzez. Jealousy will get you no where, but a good education open doors that were once closed. So keep dwelling on what you think I don't have if it makes you feel good. I'll still be enjoying my retirement. SMHLMAO
I must have hit a sore spot. Believe I just hit the nail on the head. LMWAO
Lejardin is like the Sarah Palin of LP...Ignorant, dumb, and clueless.
CARBO is just a jealous bigot.
Speedy, I am retired from the USAF, retired from Stanford University, retired from Space Systems / Loral. Please show why I should be jealous of an individual from a hood in New Orleans. Since you have a Masters degree in math, show me how to compute an Azimuth. Look up the definition of Azimuth before you try.
CARBO, if you are doing so well, off the subject again, why are you so worried about me. I don't have to prove anything to you, I don't even like your kind. BTW, this thread is not about your old senile decrepit AZZ. You don't impress me at all because I'm doing quite well. LMAO
You were the one who accused me of being jealous of you??? So now you admit you are a BIGOT with this statement, " I DON'T EVEN LIKE YOUR KIND!!"

Your kind refers to old southern bigots from the JIM CROW era. Don't play dumb bubba, and yes you are jealous. I'm Black, successful, worked on the same job for 31 years, and accomplished all this in the South. And you know, there is nothing that you can say or do to change that narrative old man. So take your meds and find someone else to spew your bigotry to. I'm not the one.
Your kind refers to old southern bigots from the JIM CROW era. Don't play dumb bubba, and yes you are jealous. I'm Black, successful, worked on the same job for 31 years, and accomplished all this in the South. And you know, there is nothing that you can say or do to change that narrative old man. So take your meds and find someone else to spew your bigotry to. I'm not the one.
You cannot or will not prove a single thing you claim on this site. You are a BS artist from the hood. You can thank the almighty, that this isn't my site. I would ban your a$$ for being a BIGOT!! You are just as bad as the KKK. They ran their bigoted a$$es, out of Robeson County, N.C, in the late 50's.
Go away Malcontent. You can't be a bigot and run this site. This is a lottery site dumbo. The blogs express the opinions of the blogger stupid, not the blog owner. This is not your blog bigot, it's Truesee's. That is why I blocked your ignorance AZZ from mine. You are a bigot and can't get along with no one that don't adhere to your wacky gibberish. Do us all a favor and go jump off of the nearest bridge. You won't be missed.
Regardless of the father's personal feelings on Donald Trump, it's hard to say Donald Trump was not involved especially since the fact the Donald Trump was on a trip to China at the time and he is the President. So first of all ok. Secondly I have no opinion on what the father said except that it didn't make sense as to why and at what time it was said. I would not take it as an act of class for someone to make that statement at that time. He is the father and is responsible for instilling the ideals and principles in his children. And as the sotry clearly says his son made a mistake. So, like apples and all that ok. Secondly, lejardin or whatever funny name from wherever you call yourself, just like Trump does I believe your talking to yourself. And no one cares so get a clue. The world has enough brown-nosers lejardin. Your nose must be impossible to clean.
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