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Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Obama only president since Nixon who didn't face an independent investigation

So who was going to commission an independent investigation? Comey, Holder, Lynch? Congress would certainly not. Congress would forever be labeled raacissst.
It is nice to see someone who speaks the truth. The press would never have condemned anything any of his administration done and GOD forbid, if any of the trolls did.
So when hypocrite Carbob comments it's a normal thing to do, when others comment it's trolling. How retarded do you have to be NOT to see the hypocrisy in that?...Obviously really retarded....dumbass!!!
@ CARBO, Obama, unlike Trump did not have anything worthy of an investigation. If you are insinuating that Obama was given some type of pass you are out of your senile mind. Obama knew how to get along with the press and be up front with them. He rarely criticized them and never picked a fight with them like Trump. Trump never learned how to pick his fights.
Maybe he'll be the one that ends up in Prison, with Holder, Lynch, Clintons , Podesta etc, long list.
You don't think the nuclear deal with Iran And selling Russia a big share of our plutonium a big deal?? The press never criticized him because of his skin color and you two bigots can't face the truth.
That IRS scandal with the t-party certainly needed an independent investigation, Fast and furious is up there also.
Carbob, you and the whole republican't party are bigots. Dumbass.
That had slipped my mind, thanks JAP69!!! Those two are really dumbasses with no morals!!
never say never. barry will be judged.
I'm sure Obama isn't wasting any time or worrying about any conspiracy theories you people can manufacture. You voted for Trump, he is an embarrassment, he is the one being investigated, Not Obama or Bush. Constantly bringing up Obama or Bush will not change the narrative concerning Trump's collusion with Russia.
That's right Speedy, they realize Trumpy is on his way out, so they're getting desperate.
lil*poopy & amberjackoff sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G, you two idiots are cementing yourselves in to a f'ing corner of the Nile, when the grand juries convene just go away for a while, join reality, grow brains, get off the crack, get clean with yourselves, and re connect with a higher power. God in heaven please forgive them for they do not know any better.
Crawl back to your gutter you dumbass rat. Sewage filth is what you are Jarash1t for brains. You losers are so desperate...suckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump is gonna be history fool!
amberjackoff you to will be history, sooner or later, sooner would be better, but truly I believe Trump will outlast your lame azz.
amberjackoff I am your personal grim reaper.
Go away malcontent. I told you your mammy needs your help. Crack is her lover now.
Jaracrap, the only thing you are is a brainwashed Nazi wannabe who believes in fairy tales. Even one of your miracles couldn't save you from eternal ignorance.
amberjackoff knock knock knocking on h311s door.

lil*poopy look at the writing on the wall, the end of the demonRATS is near, you won't be saved, you made a deal wit the debal.
Amber, JARASAN is trying to act like he got religion and won't give up his porn magazines and movies. His mammy is even in some of them. Pervert.
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