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Monday, October 9, 2017


Mike Pence's Flagrant Waste of Taxpayer Money

What is Pence suppose to do? Be monitored like a child on where he can go.$200,000-bill-for-a-5-minute-stay-at-the-game...pfffttt
Too bad everyone got accustomed to Obama disrespecting everything America and are offended when someone who is supposed to does in fact.
Okay, here we go. Every hardcore fan knows that the real spectacle of this game was celebrating Peyton Manning's jersey retiring. This was actually a BIG DEAL! Hell, they made a statue of Peyton! If Pence cared so much about attending the game and ceremony, he would've showed Peyton MORE RESPECT than just standing there until those players knelt down. Supposedly, Pence had orders from Trump to leave if that happened but, what does that really say about the 'kneeluation' as a whole?

Here's the real deal, people. KNEELING is now SEARED into their brains and visual databases constantly reminding them of.......Kapernick. The knee is now symbolic of something very meaningful now which means Kapernick and all his kneeling brotherhood actually WIN! Pence and Trump spent nearly $250K of taxpayers' money just to implement this dumb@zz STUNT. But, guess what? They accomplished exactly what they intended with getting Pence's walk-out into the mainstream primetime. Neither Trump nor Pence give two $hits about Manning considering this 'play' that they ran. Hell, Trump was swinging a golf club when this went down.Neither do they give a $hit about WASTE which they claim to be so against. Oh, but guess what? Not a single fan followed Pence out the door because they understand that it's MUCH BIGGER than what it appears to be. See, Trump and Pence were playing politics against the 49'ers and, specifically, A HAND FULL OF TALENTED, EDUCATED, RICH, and HIGHLY INFLUENTIAL BLACK PLAYERS. They simply want to CONTROL these men by using the flag and the anthem when, IN FACT, it has nothing to do with either.

*A few black men kneeling have completely DOMINATED Trump's mind when Kim Jong Un has telegraphed his next missile test which has the ability to reach our mainland. Iran will restart its' nuclear program if Trump RENEGES ON THE U.S.'s PROMISE TO ABIDE BY THE DEAL....WHICH THEY'RE IN FULL COMPLIANCE WITH. Guess what, America? Trump just might renege, too, because it would be in HIS best interest. Oh, and remember those sanctions we dropped on N.K.? According to Trump, ANYONE COUNRY that continues doing business with N.K. will also be isolated. LMFBAO!!! Yep, CHINA is STILL right there with N.K...and Trump can't do a phuckin' thing to China without HURTING HIS ENTIRE FAMILY'S BUSINESS TIES TO CHINA. Connecting all these dots requires an open and focused mind.

So, Kapernick said he'd stand for the anthem IF the NFL offered his job back. Good move, Kap!!!! You've made your point and have given the knee new significance nationwide so, if they want you to stand which is why all this started anyway, you STILL win. All this while Trump is calling for tax break REMOVAL for players that kneel. LMBAO again!! This would be textbook discrimination, on many levels for those who don't know, and would result in quite the legal disaster....with our POTUS front and center as INSTIGATOR in CHIEF. Y'all want some blatant hypocrisy before I close here? *They fired Tom Price, and rightfully so, for flight abuse while 'biggie sizing' the same abuse with that 250K trip and walk out.

*Yes, they KNEW those bruthas were gonna kneel from the start. At least those bruthas were GENUINE with what they did. Pence's deal was PURE THEATER...ON OUR DIME.

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