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Thursday, October 19, 2017


George W. slams Trumpism, without mentioning president by name

GW has just stepped in it.

"Bigotry seems emboldened. Our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication." Bush declared.

I don't see that as a slam against "Trumpism" - whatever that is - but more of a description of today's leftist, run-of-the-mill Democrats. He goes on to mention "bullying and prejudice" and "cruelty and bigotry" and that DEFINITELY describes the left in this country. The clincher was when he says "we need to remember our values"...which is aimed at the left, because they have abandoned all traditional values, those that made this country great.
Even georgie sees thru the BS....ahahahahahahhahahhaha
Looks like georgie believes the russian collusion is real....THANK YOU GEORGIE PORGIE!

All of this, he said, is even more important in the face of the attacks outsiders have made on American democracy. Citing the conclusion of all the American intelligence agencies about Russian interference in last year’s elections — which Trump has repeatedly dismissed himself —the former president warned against “subversion,” calling for stronger election security protections and cybersecurity, and a recognition of what is being attempted.

“This effort is broad, systemic and stealthy. It’s conducted across a range of social media platforms,” Bush said. “Ultimately, this assault won’t succeed. But foreign aggressions, including cyber attacks, disinformation and financial influence should never be downplayed or tolerated. This is a clear case where the strength of our democracy begins at home.”
Big time Jarasan. The more I learn about what went down during the Bush presidency the more I see the road was paved for Obama to mow us flat & Hillary to come in to finish us off.
Amber most repubs are in denial. They voted for a man that was controversial before he was elected in the hope that he would change as POTUS, NOT! He has had almost 8 months of turmoil and it's not getting any better. Its very hard to view Trump as POTUS. He's wishy washy in making decisions and is a pathological liar.
True this point they're just saving face, and they're running out of face space....they have maybe the eyes and nose left before theyrun out of space and then have to layer on a new face such as a
Trump is brilliant. My space alien buddy "I" even says so. "I" said Trump is the talk of the universe.
You talk to aliens and ride on their space ships huh?

Look here folks....this is what happens when you become a delusional
coming from amberjackoff, a delusional prick, STFU.

Comment by amber123 - Today, 7:06 pm
Space aliens were earthlings before they left this planet. Didn't you know that?

Go away JARASAN. Just say no to freakizoid parties. You better hope you never have to take a piss test.
Jarash1t probably talks to little gobblins and rides on their backs...ahahahahah

This is the republican party folks!!
Don't call any of these leftist traitors a "prick", jarasan.

A prick is part of a man, you see; it doesn't apply to them.
Excellent point!
Go away malcontents. Like wow, an in-bred trying to give a pervert advice. That's like a MORON trying to call someone STUPID. LMAO
Sleezy is upset b/c he knows I'm always.
Malcontent I have nothing to be upset about. Your screwed up DNA is affecting your ability to see things clear or comprehend.
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